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Moments and Memories of WHS




Whitesburg School weekly lunch menu

Monday, March 27, Canned Beef with Gravy; Jacket Potatoes; Green Beans; Hot Rolls; Butter; Milk. Tuesday, March 28, Oven Fried Fish; Catsup; Peas and Carrots; Buttered Potatoes; Hot Rolls; Butter; Milk; Lemon Ice Box Pie. Wednesday, March 29, Pinto Beans; Mixed Greens; Onion Rings; Harvard Beets; Cornbread; Butter; Milk; Yellow Cake with Chocolate Sauce. Thursday, March 30, Barbecued Beef; Potato Salad; Carrot Sticks; Buns; Butter; Milk; Grapefruit Sections in Jell-O. Friday, March 21, Fried Chicken; Mashed Potatoes; Cabbage Salad; Hot Rolls; Butter; Milk; Easter Bunny.

I am thankful for

I am thankful for my life which God gave me; for my mother, daddy, sisters and brothers, and for my home – Anna Holbrook I am thankful for the teachers which we have, who help us get our education and help us plan for the future. They help us make decisions which we don’t understand. – Yvonne H. Boggs I am thankful for a wonderful country; for my parents who are most dear to me; I am thankful for my friends and loved ones. I am thankful for our wonderful school, our principal and teachers, for the birds which sing; for the snow in winter and the beautiful sunshine and the pretty green trees. Most of all I am thankful for life which God has given me. – Nerva M. Bates



Letters to Santa

All I want for Christmas is Miss Adams. – Trim. Please bring me that good-looking Arthur Franks who goes to Cumberland College. – Wanda Burton Bring me a pretty little sophomore girl, Judy Hall. – Redgie Tyree I want a boyfriend for Christmas (namely B.J.D.) – Marjorie Fields All I want is a “Rock” from Mayking. – Barbara Bentley Bring me a Tiny Tears Doll. – Donna Sturgill I would like a car for Christmas. I have been a swell guy. – Arnold Watson Let me pass French and Biology. – Linda Frazier Please bring me James C. Stamper from Hindman. – Gayle Short I want a little girl who is a freshman. Her name is Cecille Newsome. – Doug Lucas I want a handsome doll from Partridge by the name of Bill Lewis. – Lois Kilbourne I simply want a black Jaguar with white upholstery. – Peyton Reynolds I would like a 1961 solid red Ford. Secondly, a permit to visit Fort Knox and help myself to a few bars of gold. Third I would like to have the first three periods dissolved and have activity period instead. – Hiram I would like very much to have a desk in my room. It would make it more convenient for me to study. – Sherlon Raleigh I would like one white 1961 Ford Thunderbird with the key. -Ted Cook May I have a motorcycle, a black leather jacket, and a pair of black boots for Christmas. – Roger F. Kersey I would like to have a microscope. – Edward Duty I would like to have some good grades in school and some more muscles for next football season. – Billy W. Wright, Jr.

From the desk of the principal

As we roll up the year’s scroll we can review many activities of the school with satisfaction. We are justly proud of graduating 177 seniors — the largest class ever to graduate from Whitesburg High School. Looking into the future I can see the upper fifty percent of this class taking their places in professional life and industry. Many others in the lower brackets will amaze us with their success in certain fields. Congratulations Seniors! Will miss you next year.

In step with the trend of the times our science department has made advanced strides this year in laboratory equipment, scientific books and interest.

Perhaps the best one thing which happened to our school this year was a six-week class of “Evaluative Criteria” conducted by Dr. Paul Street of the University of Kentucky, attended by faculty members, which was a self-evaluation of every department, activity, staff member, and feature, including our physical plant, with a most critical eye for the purpose of finding our greatest faults and needs for an all round better school. In the fall of 1961 a committee from the state level will spend two days visiting our campus, classrooms, laboratories, library, band, gymnasium and office. If we can meet the requirements of this fault-finding committee we hope to become a member of the Southern Association of High Schools and Colleges. This is a great step forward even if we do not reach the goal in 1961- 62 we shall have made a great step in that direction.

(The above articles from the 1961 Yearbook and Black Kat Newspapers.)

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