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Moments and Memories of WHS




Bye-bye band! Senior farewell band concert

The Band Boosters sponsored a farewell Band Concert for seniors on Sunday, May 21, in the Whitesburg cafeteria. Under the direction of Miss Mina Breeding, the band played “Montage” “Overture in B Flat” and “Sonnet and Dance.”

The WHS Chorus sang “We’ve Only Just Begun”, “California Dreamin”, “If Ever I Would Leave You”, “Now Let Me Fly”, and “Close to You”.

After a 15-minute intermission, Mr. Burkich gave a brief address to the audience and band members. Afterward, the Band Boosters gave several door prizes. Miss Breeding then recognized the seniors and announced that Randy Breeding was chosen to receive the John Phillip Sousa Award. As a grand finale, the band played “Pageantry Overture”, and “Rhapsodic Episode”.

More of the Class Will

Earl Banks wills the back seat of the bus on the senior trip to Ron Shackleford for he deserves it. Debby Bates wills her ability to steal doorstops and get away with it to all next year’s seniors. Nancy Boggs wills her ability to cry easily to anybody that’ll have it. Shirley Cable wills her money for wine, smile, Ford cap, lollipops, and craziness to Carlos Gilley. Lana Caudill wills her simplified editions of Jack Be Nimble, and Other Complete Poems for Children to Floyd Mercer. Cynthia Spangler wills her ability to know the difference between being invited and inviting oneself to Vaunette Baker. Glenda Miles wills her ability to go downtown every day to Lina Welch. Gary Mullins wills his key to the coach’s office to Glenn Palumbo with the hope that he will acquire many more football jerseys. Carolyn Gibson wills Kathy Collins all her good luck and hope she breaks her leg. Cecil Collins wills to Thomas Collins his secret treasure chest which he is unable to locate. Donna Collins wills all her typing paper to Karen Collins and Brenda Caudill in hopes that they will never be without it again. Gary Combs wills his ability to stay out of trouble to Lyle Frazier. Ronnie Combs wills his long hair and sideburns to Mr. Horn. Tommy Cornett wills his ability to skip without Mr. Horn catching him to Bill Boggs. Marylyn Wilson wills her natural blonde hair to Janice Holbrook. James Webb wills his luck with girls to Doyle Wright. Johnny Redford wills his skipping ability and getting away with it to Brian Banks. Cora Ann Pack wills her ability to keep up in literature to some sorry junior. Ikey Morgan wills his auto mechanic abilities to Brenda Gibson.

Prom King and Queen elected

The age of Aquarius has come to WHS in the form of this year’s Jr.-Sr. Prom held Saturday night, May 20. Decorations, including a fountain and astrological signs, surrounded the happy dancers as they swirled to the music of “Devil John”.

After Junior Class president Mary Martin delivered the welcome and Senior Class vice-president Carl Breeding responded thanking the juniors, Mr. Horn crowned Woody Holbrook and Wanda Gibson Prom King and Queen, completing the evening.

Afterwards, many of the participants made the rounds of the various parties in the area. The tradition of staying up all prom night was carried out in style as could be seen by the sleepy faces of the seniors Sunday night at the Baccalaureate Services.

Class Prophecy-Part I

Walter Kronkite here, reporting to you from Whitesburg where a great historical happening is about to occur. Saturday, workmen here were repairing the badly damaged Main and Railroad streets when they discovered a narrow tunnel running beneath the town. The Pentagon, being immediately notified of the discovery, sent a team of the nation’s five foremost scientists — Addington, Baker, Caudill, Frazier, and Ison — to investigate. A crowd has gathered here at “Hoover’s Carpetland” where the tunnel opens, waiting for the scientists to emerge — and here they come now.

Mr. Scientist, could you tell us please what you saw down there?

The tunnel we went through is what we call a “future-pictograph-timetunnel” and through it we saw the city of Whitesburg as it will be exactly 10 years from today — a booming tourist metropolis. In fact, Rosetta Kiser has established a touring line company of Mack trucks. For the tourists who prefer to do their own driving, Sandra Joseph is the Whitesburg Hertz-Rent-A-Car agent, and for all those who drive their own cars, Comis Tyler is opening a car wash and Randy Holbrook and Charles Hatton have a new grease-your-car while-youwait barbershop. Johnny Adams is the owner and manager of Cram Creek’s first and only garage. Isaac Mitchell is the bartender at Quillen’s Drugstore, which features the ever-popular saloon girl duet —Teresa Baker at the piano and Barbara Ison as vocalist. Every weekend, Jackie Raleigh auctions souvenirs at the world-famous Isom Stock sale. Tourists can also purchase their own custom-made drumsticks at a novelty manufacturing shop owned and operated by Debbie Thomas and a friend. For those who wish a more active form of entertainment, Connie Shell is opening a hobby shop for beachcombers and gives instruction for only a minimal fee.

Whitesburg has become the honeymoon spot of the world, and taking advantage of this, Wanda Taylor has opened a jewelry store featuring only engagement rings. Belinda Sexton is director of the town’s new orphanage.

Cleda Cornett has transformed Linefork into one of the most popular resort area of the nation — second only to Whitesburg. Other tourist attractions include the local harem organized by Don Hogg and the ever-popular meter maids Gwenda Watts and Judy Nease.

FBLA news

The FBLA Club had its annual picnic May 7 at the Breaks Interstate Park. Those enjoying a wonderful day of fun and relaxation were Terri Cook, Nancy Boggs, Ada Fields, Sherry Rogers, Raymona Caudill, Carol Caudill, Linda Webb, Darlene Wynn, Harry Fields, Joy Terry, Miss Shirley Whitaker and Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Welch.

(The above articles from the 1972 Yellowjacket Yearbook and the Black Kat Newspapers.)

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