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1955 I Speak for Democracy by Bert Bach

We, as Americans from birth, have long been exposed to the privilege of a true democracy. We have never known anything but a free life, a true liberty, and a right to our own pursuit of happiness. We, with little true effort of our own, have always had a feeling of security. Our ancestors, our great-grandfathers, our grandfathers, and maybe our own fathers have fought, hoped, prayed, and often died for this heritage of freedom we now possess. In remembrance of their blood, their sweat and toil, we must make sure a free and liberty loving democracy, that our children for generations and generations may have the same privileges and freedoms we now enjoy.

The time will soon come, or has already come, for us to carry the torch of freedom forward to victory, as it has often been carried before.

It is up to the greatest heritage on earth, the right of freedom and independence. Our fathers have been able to bear the colds of Valley Forge, the blood at Gettysburg, they stood the strife at Manassas and Bull Run. They avenged the sinking of the battleship Maine. They weathered the storm of a first world conflict. They suffered the balmy hand of fate on the fields of Wake Island, on the sands of Iwo Jima. They carried the torch over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They braved the colds of our recent Korean conflict, but now, the tables have turned, and we must go forward. We must preserve our freedom; we must guard our liberty; we must keep our democracy true; we must carry the torch forward against the threat of Socialism and the chains of Communism.



How little we think about, how little we prepare for, how little we look forward to preserving of this democracy. We must look into this problem of democracy with great earnestness, with great sincerity, for it is truly our fight for freedom. But soon the bell for us will toll, and, whether ready or not, we must continue a fight for freedom which started 178 years ago when our forefathers declared our independence and stated their wish to keep this country free from the bonds of slavery.



The battle for freedom is not over; no, just begun, for even now there are nations on this earth who covet our liberty, loathe our freedom, and despise our means of democracy. The battle for freedom must be won. A victory is compulsory to overrun these threats of socialism and communism.

I love the freedom I enjoy. I love the right I have to think and state my own views without fear of the result. I love my country and my heritage of freedom, and my Democracy most of all. This is why I SPEAK FOR DEMOCRACY!


Exercises Whitesburg

High School

This week marks the beginning of the Commencement Exercises of the Whitesburg High School for the class of 1955. The Baccalaureate Sermon will be preached by the Rev. Clel B. Rodgers, pastor of the Baptist Church on Sunday night, May 15th, at 7:30 p.m., in the Gymnasium.

The Graduation exercises will also be held in the Gymnasium on Thursday night, May 19th, at 7:30 p.m. The speaker on graduation night will be Dr. Lyman Ginger, Dean of the College of Adult and Extension Education of the University of Kentucky. One hundred thirteen seniors will be presented diplomas by Supt. W.B. Hall. The valedictory address will be given by Bert Francis, and the salutatory will be given by Doris Banks.

Other events of the week will be a Band Concert on Monday night, May 16, at 7:30, directed by Mr. Jack Taylor.

Tuesday, May 17, 7:30 o’clock, the 8th Grade Graduation exercises. The speaker of the evening will be The Rev. E. Hampton Barnette, pastor of the Whitesburg Methodist Church.

Wednesday, May 18, at 9:00 a.m. Class Day exercises will be held for the Whitesburg High School seniors.

Friday, May 20, 7:30 p.m. Music Recital by the pupils of Mr. Hugh Adams. All the events, except the Baccalaureate and High School Graduation exercises, will be held in the Grade School auditorium.

(The above article is from the May 12, 1955 Mt. Eagle)

Whitesburg remains champions of E.K.M.C.

For the second straight year, Coach “Pop” Enlow again guided his track team to another Conference championship. Being a little weak in the field events meant that the Whitesburg team had to come strong in the running events, it was here that they proved their superiority. The events were as follows:

100-YD. DASH: 1st place, Carlos Fugate, time 10:5 seconds; 3rd place, Buddy Fields.

1 MILE: 2nd place, Donald Ison.

½ MILE RELAY: first place, Burkie Holbrook, Buddy Fields, Wilgus Sexton and Carlos Fugate, time 1:46 seconds.

SHOT PUT: 4th place, Jim Enlow.

440-YD. DASH: 2nd place, Wilgus Sexton, 3rd place, Cecil Barnes.

880-YD: 2nd place, Jim Enlow.

BROAD JUMP: 4th place, Buddy Fields.

220-YD. DASH: 2nd place, Carlos Fugate; 3rd place, Burkie Holbrook.

MILE RELAY: Cecil Barnes, Burkie Holbrook, Jim Enlow, Wig Sexton, 1st place, time, 4 minutes, 3 seconds.

HIGH JUMP: 3rd place, Buddy Fields.

Whitesburg, total points-35, 1st place; Jenkins 27 points, 2nd place; Elkhorn City-22 points, 3rd place.

Hats off to Coach Enlow and his boys for a job well done. Next Friday, May 13, Whitesburg will defend its crown in the 14th Regional Track Meet. The regional meet means more teams, thus more competition. However, Whitesburg won both the conference and Regional track meets last year and it looks as if another sweep is in the making. So, for an exciting afternoon, meet us at Elkhorn City next Friday and watch the Yellowjackets put on the steam.

(The above article is from the May 5, 1955 Mt. Eagle.)

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