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Moments and Memories of WHS



The following articles are from the 1925-26 school year.

With the

Junior Woman’s Club

Bright and early Saturday, Sept. 18, the streets of Whitesburg rang with songs and laughter. On inquiry the people found that the Junior Club had turned out in full force to clean up the town. They worked industriously for about three hours, after which Whitesburg took on a very different look. The streets have been swept, papers burned, trash hauled off and everything detrimental to the city’s appearance was cleaned up.

On Sept. 18, Miss Mary Gee Davis entertained the old members of the Club at her home, being assisted by Miss Alma Day and Cova Baker.

Miss Hazel Fields entertained the new members at her home on Sept. 23. About 30 guests were present.

Seniors elect annual staff

Yes sir, Whitesburg High School is going to publish an annual. We know, because the staff has already been elected and the seniors have gone to work in earnest. Although everybody recognizes the ability of each one of the Seniors of 1926, still we all must admit that “without you they can do nothing.” And who is you? Why, YOU! Or YOU!! Every high school boy and girl, all the class as a whole, the faculty, the grade children, and you, Mr. Citizen. Why, we want to publish an annual that everybody will be proud of as long as they live.

The seniors have wisely chosen as editor-in-chief Vergil Lewis, who has proved his worth and ability throughout his past years in school. Upon him will depend a great deal of the responsibility and work, but Virgil is equal to the task.

His staff is as follows: Associate Editor (to be chosen); Business Manager – Earl Day; Circulation Manager – Wm. Ewen; Advertising Manager – Gordon Gault; Athletic Editor – Bruce Hayes; Literary Editor – Eunice Combs; Art Editor – Verna Back; Alumni Editor – Poppy Hughes; Local Editor – Herbert Haynes; Calendar Editor – Eva Peters; Music Editor – Verna Back; Society Editor – Oma Fields; Joke Editor – Victor Banks; Faculty Advisor – Miss Earle.

Commencement exercise

On Friday night, May 21, the last entertainment of the school year was given at the auditorium. This program was presented by the expression department under the direction of Miss Grace Harris. The first part was given over to individual readings. Mrs. French Hawk read “A Set of Turquoise,” a dramatic play in three acts. The main feature of the evening was Shakespeare’s “Mid- Summer Night’s Dream.” The play was adapted to the needs of the class. The cast of characters was wonderfully chosen and some showed special talent along dramatic lines while all showed they had received thorough training in their parts. The rendition of this play was indeed excellent and Miss Harris deserves praise for teaching so difficult a drama to children of this age. All who saw this play were indeed fortunate for it was one of the finest plays of the season.

Wednesday night the Commencement exercises were given, consisting of a beautiful processional composed of the faculty, speakers, seniors, mascot, and board of trustees, speeches and music by the seniors, address to class by Rev. A. S. Petrey, and presentation of diplomas by Prof. Harris.

Tuesday the senior play, “Out of Court,” coached by Miss Grace Harris, was presented. All the seniors acquitted themselves nobly. Especial mention might be made of Verna Back and Vergil Lewis, who played the leading roles to perfection, while the others did the minor parts with enthusiasm and credit to themselves.

“All on Account of Polly,” a play in three acts, was given on Monday night by the juniors. Also, 26 eighth grade diplomas were presented by Prof. Williamson.

On Sunday morning the baccalaureate sermon was preached at the Baptist Church by Rev. W.B. Garriott, of Hazard. His subject was, “For Lack of Vision the People Perish.”

On May 13, the musical recital was held, closing with an operetta, “Nearly a Honeymoon.” Each member of the class chose a partner from the boys of the high school and these sang the choruses. Mrs. Harris, director of the class, deserves credit for her especial work in this operation as well as for her aid in overseeing and drilling all of the other entertainments during the season.

On Wednesday night a patriotic program was given by the sophomore class under the direction of Prof. Hale.

Tuesday and Monday nights were the freshman entertainments, while the grade entertainments were given the week preceding. All the children did well and showed especial training by their teachers.

(The above article is from the May 27, 1926 The Mountain Eagle.)

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