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Class Prophecy – Part 4

The new host of Let’s Make a Deal will be Brenda Kilgore. Lisa Kimberlin will be a country music sensation. Mark Larkey will play for the Arkansas Aardvarks. Whitesburg’s new music teacher will be Carol Little. Eddie Logan will be the governor of Kentucky in 1984. Ardella Lucas will be the sheriff of Letcher County in 1984. The new salesman for “Shady Window” window shades will be Jerry Lucas. Dr. Reta Lucas will find a cure for arthritis. Sherry Brown will marry someone named Lucas. Bill Maggard will sell his Suzuki and buy a Yamaha shop. Dallas, Texas will elect a sheriff in 1987 named Dallas Maggard.

After paying numerous fines for disturbing the peace, Herbert Maggard decided to take singing lessons. Ten years from now, the light heavyweight champion of the world will be Larry Maggard. Mamma Leona’s new chef will be Paul Maggard. Vickie Maggard will work for NASA studying Martian rocks. The 1988 winner of the Indy 500 will be Jim Marcum. Belinda Mason will become a marriage counselor.

Danny Stidham is head of Stidham’s Supermarket. Barbara Jean Sturgill is president of Sturgill’s Selective Service in charge of screening prom guests. Henrietta Sturgill gives voice lessons. Lucille Tackett is manager of Tackett’s Turkey Tacky Farm.

Scouts honored

March 7, 1976, two Whitesburg High School seniors, Vince Yinger and Johnnie Ramsey, were presented with scouting’s highest progress award, the Eagle Rank. They are both members of the Boy Scouts of America’s Troop 9.

Vince Yinger is 17 years old. He is the son of Patricia and Richard Yinger of Cowan. He has been on the football team for 3 years.

Vince entered the scouting program at age eight. He has earned 30 merit badges and six skill awards. He has attended scout camp, Camp Shawnee, four summers as a scout. Two summers ago, he made the trip to Philmont, the National Scout Ranch, in Cimarron, New Mexico.

In the fall he plans to attend the University of Kentucky and study agriculture.

Johnnie Ramsey is 18 years old. He began scouting when he was nine years old. In the summer of 1974, he made the trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico.

Other activities include serving as Master Councilor during 1975. He has been a member of the Whitesburg band for six years, the last two as head drummer. He also attends Letcher County Vocational School.

Spring Concert

On Sunday, May 30, the Whitesburg High School Band presented their annual Spring Concert. The concert, held at the West Whitesburg Elementary School, consisted of four parts.

First, the middle school performed four numbers — It’s a Small World, King of the Road, Fun Way March, and Big and Dixieland.

Next the Whitesburg High School Band presented a program of seven tunes. First Ceremonial Prelude by John Cacavas, followed by Highlights from The Music Man. Next came two tunes which the band played at concert contest at Pikeville, receiving a superior rating and trophy for their performance. Jacomo by Frank Erickson, and Landmark Overture by Jim Andy Caudill (a native of Pike County). In honor of the bicentennial, an arrangement of Battle Hymn of the Republic was played.

Last, but not least, came two snappy little tunes. Merry Men, a selection of various Robin Hood tunes, and Instant Concert, a collection of 31 different tunes, by Mr. Harold L. Walters.

The third portion of the program was the drawing and giving away of the C.B. radio which the band members had sold chances on for several weeks. The recipient for the radio was Mrs. Creeda Bates. In her absence, the radio was accepted by her daughter, Robyn.

The concert was ended by performance of the stage band, playing three numbers. Pop Goes the Weasel, All About the Blues, and a new number, Tribute to the Duke (Duke Ellington).

(The above articles from the 1976 Yellowjacket Yearbook and the Black Kat Newspapers.)

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