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Moments and Memories of WHS



Jane Masters directs WHS,
JHS playing
My Old Kentucky Home
This year the Whitesburg
High School Marching Band
has attended several competitions. The first of these was
the Mountain Heritage Festival, in which the band competed at the Fleming-Neon
High School football field.
On Oct. 1, the band traveled
to Mason County, where
they performed along with
26 other bands. The band
also attended the traditional
Prestonsburg Competition,
where they placed third in
their class. Other times of
performance were home
ballgames and homecoming
parades. Mr. Lester comments that the 1983 W.H.S.
Marching Band was one of
the finest in years. The band
will now devote their talents
to concert and jazz band.
JROTC news
The Junior Reserves Officers Training Corps have
been very active in the past
few months.
The cadets made their
first public appearances at
the “Mountain Heritage Festival” were they received a
2nd place trophy as crowd
pleasers. They also marched
in the Homecoming Parade.
The JROTC color guard
has performed at all home
ballgames and also presented the flags at a campaign
rally for Martha Layne Collins. The color guard commander is Renna Sexton.
Members of the color guard
include: Weapon Carriers –
Tammy Trent and Mia Martin and Flag Carriers – Debbie
Gibson and Carolyn Sturgill.
The drill team has been
selected recently and has
been practicing. The drill
team commander is Steve
Boggs. The JROTC cadets
recently traveled to Eastern
Kentucky University were
they witnessed military exhibitions and watched the EKU
vs. Tennessee Tech game.
Everybody seemed to have a
good time.
Recently the promotion
board and cadet-officer of
the month board were established. The board is made
up of JROTC cadet leaders.
Each cadet that wishes to
be promoted to a higher
rank must appear before the
board. If a cadet wishes to be
considered for cadet-office of
the month, he or she must
also appear before the board.
The August cadet of the
month is Miss Natalie Gibson. Sergeant Sturgill made
the selection personally because the board had not been
selected at the time. She was
selected on the basis of her
help in the progress of the
Club news
The Runners Club recently elected officers and are as
follows: President – Jeff Collier and Sandy Brown; Vice-
President – Sonny Bates,
Secretary – Sandy Luther and
Treasurer – Tim Smith.
Activities lined up for the
club were the Whitesburg
Mile and the Turkey Trot.
The runners club is designed to help students
better their physical abilities. The meetings consist
of proper nutrition training
and discipline.
The Outdoor Club
The sponsors of the club
are Miss Kathy Hall and Mr.
Rick Adams. During the first
meeting, Miss Hall mentioned just a few of the things
we will be doing. These included: survival techniques,
cooking outdoors, and learning basic camping skills.
Also, on the agenda was
the election of officers. Officers include: President –
Roger Carter, Vice-President
– Tony Frazier, Treasurer
– Randy Niece, Secretary –
Jamie Creech, Sergeant at
Arms – Tracy Frazier, and
Recorder – Brigette Combs.
Calligraphy Club: The
first meeting of the club was

The ’83-’84 varsity cheerleading squad was chosen by three judges and are senior Beth Lucas; juniors Mary Page Polly, Trina Jenkins, Tracy Holbrook, and Denise Simmons; sophomores Charlsea Miller and Wendy Williams; and freshmen Missy Campbell, Shannon Page, and Leana Caudill.

The ’83-’84 varsity cheerleading squad was chosen by three judges and are senior Beth Lucas; juniors Mary Page Polly, Trina Jenkins, Tracy Holbrook, and Denise Simmons; sophomores Charlsea Miller and Wendy Williams; and freshmen Missy Campbell, Shannon Page, and Leana Caudill.

held in early October. The
club seemed to have many
interested students, the room
was over flowing.
Mr. Arthur, the club advisor, handed out copies of
simple calligraphy to practice by.
The second meeting of
the club met Nov. 9, 1983.
Mr. Arthur assigned work to
be done at home. The work is
to be a funny saying written
in calligraphy to be turned in
at the next meeting. He also
gave tips on calligraphy.
Varsity cheerleaders
Here at Whitesburg High
great cheerleading squads
have become a tradition
and this year is no exception. With the help of new
cheerleading sponsor, Sally
Hubbard, the cheerleaders
are working exceptionally
hard to obtain their goals.
Mrs. Hubbard feels they
are working very hard and
moving along quite well.
They have learned 30 new
sideline cheers and 3 new
floor cheers and are working
on their routine.
The competition lined up

is the District and Regional.
There will be no traveling
because of financial difficulties.
Christmas comes to WHS
Once again it’s that special time of year, Christmas.
It’s a time for snowballs,
sleigh rides, bright lights,
and fireplaces. We took a
survey of what Christmas
means to WHS and here are
some replies.
Lou Eversole – A time to
thank God for all your blessings and someone to love.
Patricia Fields – The time
when we celebrate Christ’s
birthday and show our love
for him.
Mickey Sexton – Full
stockings hanging over a
blazing fire.
Brigette Combs – It’s a
time for loving, sharing and
Lisa Hall – Christmas is a
time for giving, sharing, and
showing those special feelings toward your loved ones.
Mia Martin – The day
Christ was born, that’s why
we celebrate Christmas.
Tim Roark – When all my
family gets together.
Pam Fields – A day to
spend with your loved ones
and celebrate the birthday
of Jesus Christ.
Lonna Buchanan – A
time of love and sharing
with others.
Tena Dubois – When the
whole family gets together
and has Christmas dinner
and watch each other open
Gail Sturgill – A day that
we celebrate the birthday of
Jesus Christ.
Kathie Bentley – That one
day out of the year people
are giving and receiving love
and happiness.
(The above articles from
the 1983-84 Black Kat Newspapers and the 1984 Yellowjacket Yearbook.)

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