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Moments and Memories of WHS




From the Black Kat

Current Hits: Heartbreak Hotel-Whitesburg High School; Over the Mountain-Cumberland River Gang; Look at the Stars-Sputnik Gazers; Chances Are-Teachers About Semester Exams; Ring My Phone-Mr. Burkich to Parents of Un-Excused Absentees.

Milk is now being sold in the high school hall instead of soda pop. The county board thought that drinking pop affected the students’ appetite, and it was voted to have all the pop coolers in the county schools taken out.


Campus chatter

Our thanks to Scholastic Roto for sending free of charge 875 copies of their magazine which we circulate to the students with the Black Kat.

The last three days of March, high school students from Kentucky will swarm upon the state capital in Frankfort and take complete charge of all activities there. A Governor will be elected from the boys — others-will serve as Senators, Representatives and Pages. Sponsors from HI-Y and Tri-Hi-Y, Mr. Holbrook and Mrs. McCleese, will accompany Jimmy Stamper, Bill Stout, Hiram Wright, Jimmy Combs, Larry Burton, Bokey Boggs, Wanda Cornett, and Carmolyn Blair.



Bright students from the Science Department, taking the Science Scholarship Test are Coy Holstein, Elaine Sturgill, Randy Fields, Mahala Reynolds, Janet Meade, Linda Whitaker, Sherry Conatser, Sandra Bloomer, Linda Frazier, Barbara Adams, Ellen Armstrong, Vicki Moore, Gay Amburgey, Sheila Brown, Barbara Pratt, Roger Varney, Stephen Brown, Gloria Craft and Della Colwell.


Senior Popularity Poll Choice of Black Kat Staff: Best Dressed Boy and Girl- Michael Adams and Cecilia Newsome; Most Likely to Succeed-Steve Yontz and Sherry Conatser; Best All Round Athlete-Ty Hall; Best in Football-Ronald Day; Best in Basketball- Billy Sexton; Best in Science Gay Amburgey; Math-Sandra Bloomer; Art-Allene Hatton; Band- Darrell Holbrook; Voice- Barbara Adams; Drama- James Fields; Instrument- Eugene Holbrook; Best Personaliy-Ronald Adams and Mahala Reynolds; English Lydia Hammond; Best Emcee-Gary Garrett; Most Friendly-Doug Profitt and Sonja Boggs; Most Progressive Leader-Randy Fields and Vicki Moore; Sweetest Girl-Della Colwell; Biggest Comedian-Ricky Banks; Biggest Commedienne- Tootie Brashears; Prettiest Girl-Barbara Williams; Most Handsome Boy- Frank Johnson; Best TV Program-Mr. Novak; Best TV Star-John Gavin; Best Movie Stars-Kirk Douglas and Mitzi Gaynor; Best Assembly Program-Senior Play; Best Movie of 1964- Pink Panther.


Folk Dance Club

The Whitesburg Folk Dance Club encourages the preservation of our cultural heritage through enjoyable participation in authentic folk activities. The Whitesburg group includes the following students: Sharon Garrett, Phyllis Day, Kyleen Campbell, Susie Day, Patsy Day, Sandra Day, Linda Biggerstaff, Linda Ferguson, Marcy Frazier, James Earl Mohn, Junior Holbrook, Bobby Dan Blair, Jeff Hunsaker, John Bill Brown, Jack Cox, Gary Adams, Joy Pritchard, and David Jones, under the capable direction and training of Mr. Dan Polly.


New cafeteria opens

April 8, 1968, the students at WHS had the privilege of eating their first meal in their new cafeteria. We, the students, are lucky to have this privilege and should respect the new building by keeping it as neat and clean as possible.

Spring festival

“Around the World in Eighty Days” was presented by the Junior class, April 1, in the WHS gym. The response was tremendous. Our congratulations go out to Ralph Coldiron, Martin Mullins, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hammock on their performances. Congratulations also go out to the costume department for their outstanding costumes. All participants did an excellent job.


Changing times at


Guess what everybody? Girls can wear pants at WHS! Our illustrious Student Council actually got the teachers to vote to revise our dress code. Thank you, members of the Student Council and Mr. Frazier. And thank you faculty for voting unanimously.

The male percentage of our school was disappointed because the change did not include anything for them, and as normal red-blooded American boys, they like legs, which they don’t see much of anymore. Our red-blooded American girls were disappointed too, because they like blue jeans, which they don’t see any of at school, because blue jeans aren’t considered as pants in our new dress code. I think I would be accurate to say that nearly every girl on the hill owns at least one pair of blue jeans, if not more. If blue jeans are acceptable in practically every other place that teenagers gather, why are they forbidden at school?


City Government Day

Whitesburg High’s American Government class participated in the annual Rotary-sponsored “Student Government Day” on March 12. Members of Mr. Ison’s class filled the roles of city and county officials. This educational activity has once again proven successful, and the class extends its thanks to all who made their participation possible. Those participating were: County Judge, Denise Collins; County Court Clerk, Tawny Acker and Libby Brown; City Manager, Mike Hansel; City Clerk, Cathy Frazier; Circuit Court Clerk, Diane Sexton; Magistrate, Donna Hale; Traffic Cop, Sally Smith; Tax Commissioners, Sandy Roark and Brenda Gibson; Fire Chief, Joe Combs.

This past year the American Government students were responsible for registering all students of voting age. This year, again, the class would like to urge all voters to register, so they will be eligible to vote in the coming election.


Band members visit Morehead

On February 14- 17, Joyce Sturgill and Sheryl Garrett participated in the Morehead Band Clinic. Mr. Lester took both girls to Morehead Thursday and they were required to audition in front of judges in order to be placed in one of the seven clinic bands. The bands had rehearsal during the day on Friday and Saturday in order to prepare for the concerts to be given on Sunday. Mr. Lester played in the Clinic Director’s Band Sunday along with the other bands.

There were around 600 students there representing approximately 70 different high schools.

While the girls were there, they were able to hear the Morehead Percussion Ensemble, the Morehead Jas Band, and the Morehead Symphony.


The Junior-Senior Prom this year was held on May 3. The music started at 8:00 and ended at 11:30. It is a tradition at Whitesburg High School to let the Juniors host the Prom. This year their theme was the “Last Dance”. The band was called “Majic” and they did a terrific job. The big moment arrived at 10:00 p.m. when the Prom King and Queen were announced. Bobby Roe and Mitzi Hammock were chosen to reign as the new King and Queen. The Seniors would like to thank the Juniors for hosting such a great prom.

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