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Moments and Memories of WHS



Senior Awards Day

Dugan Award, Pam Hall; Harris Award, Rocky Craft; Library Award, Trisha Baker; Writing Award, Ray Gish; Typing II Award, Cora Morton; Biological Science, Pam Hall; Basketball Award (Boys), Donald McCall; Track (Boys), Gary Boggs; Cross-Country, Greg Lucas; Edgar Banks Science Award, Jimmy Benson; Jeff B. Mayes Scholarship, Pam Adams; Mathematics Award, Ray Gish and Karen Buntin; D.A.R. Good Citizens Award, Pam Hall; Outstanding Boys P.E., Mike Cornett and Rodney Smith; Baseball Award (MVP), Bobby Pike and Jimmy Benson; John Phillip Sousa Award, Betsy Adams; Editor of the Annual, Cora Morton and Leshia Adams;

Distributive Education, Judy Wright and Barry Amburgey; Miss Yellow Jacket, Pam Hall; Presidential Scholarship Award, Ray Gish; Scholastic Honors: Valedictorians, Pam Adams and Karen Buntin; Christian Appalachian Annual Community Service Scholarship, Cora Morton; Cheerleaders, Lisa Gibson, Telena Short, Denise Collins, Teresa Wright, Heather Bradshaw, Georgia Taylor, Adrienne Spangler; Vocational School Awards: Carpentry, Charles Kilgore; Health Occupations, Arlene Ross; Mine Technology, Kevin Wurschmidt; Electricity, Chris Gibson; English Award, Pam Adams; Social Studies, Trisha Baker; Black Kat Editor, Ray Gish; Band Award, Barry Miles; Track (Girls), Tiphanie Bates; Home Economics Award, Mia Ferguson; Basketball (Girls), State Awards were presented to seniors Trisha Baker, Damaris Adams, Thelma Witt, Pam Hall, and Tiphanie Bates.

Prom King and Queen: Kaye Gose and Mark Cook.

Prom King and Queen: Kaye Gose and Mark Cook.

Tiphanie also received her certificate for the 2500 point club, her All-State certifi cate, and she was named to the Kentucky-Indiana All-Star Team. The entire team received a plaque in recognition of their achievements from Knott, Letcher and Perry Independent Coal Operators Association, Inc. The top 10 percent of the class consists of: Pamela Adams, Ray Gish, Jimmy Benson, Debbie Kincer, Tony Sergent, Bonnie McAuley, Jatanna Adams, Patricia Baker, Beryl Russell, Arlene Ross, Karen Buntin, Pam Hall, Allison Manning, Rocky Craft, D.A. Combs, Sharon Burton, Ronald Polly, Kim Kincer, Cora Morton, Chris Gibson.



The 1983 Junior-Senior Prom was held on April 29 at the Whitesburg High School cafeteria. This year’s theme was “Southern Nights” and the music was provided by ‘Image.’ The welcome was given by the junior class President Randy Niece, and the response was given by Dougie Holbrook, the senior class president. Serving for the prom were sophomore hostesses Balisa Baker, Missy Barker, Brigette Combs, Tonya Cook, Milette Fields, Donna Gilbert, Lori Holbrook, Trina Jenkins, Rhonda Maggard, Tammy Martin, Cheryl Mullins, Lacy Polly, Mary Page Polly, Denise Simmons, Teresa Thomas, and Cyndee Wilson. Receiving the honor of the 1983 Prom King and Queen were Mark Cook and Kaye Gose. A big thanks goes to all those unnamed people who were “behind the scenes’ in planning and decorating for the prom. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Senior class officers: President, Dougie Holbrook; Vice-President, Kim Kincer; Secretary, Mia Ferguson; Treasurer, Kaye Gose. Senior Superlatives: Most Courteous, Mia Ferguson and Jay Wynn; Best Dressed, Pam Adams and Mark Cook; Most Likely to Succeed, Karen Buntin and Ray Gish; Nicest Smile, Betsy Adams and Jay Wynn; Most Popular, Teresa Wright and Tony Sergent; Eyecatchers, Lisa Gibson and Jimmy Benson; Most School Spirited, Kaye Gose and Luke Craft; Most Athletic, Tiphanie Bates and Mark Bates; Personality Plus, Kim Kincer and Mike Wilson; Jacket Jokers, Kim Kincer and Mike Wilson; Best All Around, Tiphanie Bates and Clifford Brown; Most Talented, Betsy Adams and Barry Miles.

1983 graduation — The graduation Ceremony for the 1983 senior class of Whitesburg High School was conducted at the Whitesburg football field on May 27. The valedictorian speeches were given by Miss Pamela Adams and Miss Karen Buntin. The guest speaker was Dr. Troy R. Eslinger, president of Lees Junior College. The grand marshals were Jamie Estep, Dianne Hylton, and Tabitha Mullins. The class motto ‘Climb Every Mountain,’ somehow perfectly fits the hopes and ambitions of each graduate. As we prepare to leave home and face the world on our own, we will always remember our classes we shared at WHS. We will also look back fondly at the many fun times we all shared during our four years at Whitesburg High School —“Senior Class of 83”.

Yearbook Dedication

In many ways, Whitesburg High School is a better place because of Mrs. Betty C. Horn. Many students have been given guidance and assistance, which enabled them to attend college. Many parents and students have benefitted from college night.

Many students have been given a kind word, which enabled them to cope with the problems of everyday life.

Many athletes have been cheered to victory by the staunch and loyal support of a #1 fan. Mrs. Horn exemplifi es the true spirit in which we as a community should follow. Her presence is seen at all functions from school board meetings to commencements.

Because of this dedication since 1962, we humbly dedicate the 1983 Yellow Jacket to you, Mrs. Betty C. Horn

1983 Baseball

The baseball Jackets had a very successful year, finishing with 21 wins and only 6 losses. The Jackets were champions of the Eastern Kentucky Mountain Conference after beating Elkhorn City in 11 innings 3-2.

Good luck to the graduating seniors, especially those who will be continuing their baseball careers in college, Jimmy Benson at Clinch Valley College, Bobby Pike and Howie Mason at Alice Lloyd College.

The seniors are: Jerry Shepherd, Jay Wynn, Jeff Lucas, Jimmy Benson: All E.K.M.C., All E.K.M.C. Player of the Year, Am. Association of College Baseball Recruiting List; Bobby Pike, All – E.K.M.C., Am. Association of College Baseball Recruiting List, Defense Award of 1983, Greg Boggs- All-E.K.M.C., Mark Bates-All 48th District and Offense Award 1983, Howie Mason- All-E.K.M.C.

Boys’ Track

The 1983 edition of the boys’ track team produced some exciting moments this season. As a team, we were E.K.M.C. runnersup and placed fourth in the region and third in the sectional meet. Mark Bates, Gary Boggs, and Jeff Collier qualified for the state championship with Jeff placing fifth. Jeff and Gary were also named Honorable Mention All-State. Thanks to seniors Greg Lucas, Tony Evans, and Doug Holbrook for their contributions.

The boys’ cross-country team had a very successful season this year. We were runners-up in the region and placed fourth in the state meet. Jimmy Stephens was region runner-up; Jeff Collier and Sonny Bates were named to the All-State Cross-Country team. Congratulations to our seniors: Greg Lucas, Mister Polly, and Greg Burton. Next year we hope to take the next step forward and go for the big one. Eddie Holbrook, Coach.

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