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Moments and Memories of WHS



DECA members tour
radio station

Members of the Whitesburg High School DECA Chapter participated in radio announcements at WTCW concerning the Commonwealth of Kentucky Clean-Up week.

Those members were Regina Bates, Aline Nease, Darlene Maggard, Barbara Caudill, Daniel Jones, and Linda Watts.

Fred Bowen, an announcer at the station, gave the members a tour of the recording area.

Greg Yaden did the recording for the members of the Whitesburg Chapter.

The DECA members would like to thank Don Crosswaite for the use of the radio station.

State DECA reporter

Sharon Martin, State DECA reporter and a member of the WHS DECA Chapter attended the LDI Leadership Development Institute, held in Reston, Virginia, Sept. 28 – Oct. 2. Throughout the Institute the National Staff worked with students attending on how to develop leadership ability, along with giving them a chance to work in groups, learning how to respect others and to able themselves to go back to their respective chapter, and help them to become better leaders. During their stay at the Institute the Grand Opening and dedication ceremonies of the National DECA Chapter was opened Sept. 29, 1976.

All Festival Band

Students from all over southeastern Kentucky met on Sunday, Oct. 24, where they auditioned for positions in the All-Festival Band, to be held Nov. 21-24 at Somerset.

Of the 16 WHS students auditioning, 14 received chairs, with 3 students receiving 1st positions. Those receiving positions were: Debbie Williams, Daveena Sexton, Gina Howard, Konna Reynolds, Paula Kirkland, Lynn Caudill, Gary Sturgill, Pat Miller, Ransom Holbrook, Sabrina Melton, Paula Caudill, Mark Baker, Phillip Waller, and Jimmy Adams.

Football game

On Oct. 1, a cold and rainy night, the Whitesburg Yellowjackets won a game that got off to a bad start. The Jackets were plagued with penalties right from the start.

The Pirates scored first on about the 12-yard line after the Jackets gave up about 30 yards on penalties. The Jackets just took a deep breath and took the ball in to score making it 6-6, after both Whitesburg and Fleming-Neon failed to score extra points. The Yellowjackets came back in the second quarter and scored making it 14-6.

The Pirates who had been credited with a good team scored again in the third quarter. The Jackets were unable to score and at the end of the third quarter the score stood at 14-12. The Jackets came right back in the fourth quarter to score and clinched the game with a score of 20-12.

The scores came by Steve Meade on a one-yard runoff tackle. Eddie Morgan scored for 18 yards up the middle. Johnny Ison scored on a 71-yard kick-off return. This was the first return for a touchdown this year. Roger Yonts scored a two-point conversion after Morgan’s touchdown making the final score 20-12.

Richard Chase visits WHS

Richard Chase, master storyteller, known as “Uncle Dick,” paid a visit to the Folklore classes. Uncle Dick has written several books of tales which he has compiled. Two of the better known are Jack Tales and Grandfather Tales.

During his visit, he told several tales and had a sing-a-long with the students.

Later on in the day, he met with the Drama Club to discuss the possibility of getting together a few one-act plays of some of the better-known Jack Tales. He agreed to get the scripts and to speak to the people in charge of the Outdoor Theater at Van.

Message from the Principal

The essence of cooperation has been the force that has held us together this year in overcoming the many odds against us. We have weathered the worst winter in many years when our school has been closed for weeks at a time.

In the realm of student activity our sporting events have included an exceptional football team that has won both the district and regional tournaments, and improved girls’ and boys’ basketball teams. Our cheerleaders and band were outstanding with the cheerleaders winning the 14th Regional championship and the band boasting three All-State members. The Vocational School provided an excellent curriculum and DECA again won many awards.

Administration, staff, faculty and parents were vitally aware of the needs of the students and that education must prepare a young person for a worthwhile career and a firm basis to meet the higher challenges of life. Jack M. Burkich

(The above articles from the 1977 Yellowjacket Yearbook and Black Kat Newspapers.)

Note: I would appreciate getting any copies of the Black Kat Newspapers for the years 1974-77 to use in this column. They would be copied and returned. My email address is, bennett.welch@gmail.com, or 1638 Hwy. 2035, Whitesburg, Ky. 41858.

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