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Summer’s play was varied fare

Summer is over and Whitesburg High is back into the swing of things. The students look back on their fond memories of summer and recollect a few of the things that they did.

|, Marsha Bailey, went to rifle and band camp, laid around the house, went swimming, and learned to drive; James Shepherd went swimming and chased girls; Marvin Boggs went to Cumberland Falls, Cherokee Lake, and Camden Park; Angie Lewis went skating; Carl Stanley stayed in Virginia; Cora Morton, I went to the World’s Fair and the Smokey Mountains; Jay Amburgey played tennis and went to Myrtle Beach; Greg Burton, I worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken, went swimming, and spent a lot of time at Karen’s; Rebecca Bledsoe went to Colorado; Jay Wynn ate Snickers, played horseshoes, fooled around, partied, and laid around the house; Sherry Scott went to Camp Nathaniel, Ohio, and band camp; Sylvain Maggard went swimming, and went to the movies; Denise Simmons worked and went swimming.

Talent show held

Many of Whitesburg’s best performed at a recent talent show held in our gym. The show was open to all those who wished to participate.

The talents displayed included singing by Gloria Terricano, Stephanie Meade, and others while Betsy Adams accompanied. Kaye Day did a great Rod Stewart while “Passion” played. Our basketball girls showed us what it takes to be a cheerleader. And, of course, we cannot forget Heather Bradshaw and Renee Stamper for showing us the art of falling down, over and over again. Ozz Jackson, the master of ceremonies, displayed his talents for color coordination.

The show was sponsored by the cross-country team.

French sweethearts

In February the French Club chose Stephanie Little and Marvin Boggs as their 1982-83 “Sweethearts.” A Valentine party honoring them was enjoyed by the club, at which time they were presented token gifts.

This school year, in addition to the sweetheart party, the club had a Christmas party and went caroling in the halls before Christmas vacation.

The French Club is open to students enrolled in French II and to those who have completed at least two years of French.

More of the senior will

I, Gail Shepherd, will my ability to collect poems to Gail Sturgill. I, Clifford Brown, will my football bruises to Scooter Brown. I, Mia Ferguson, will my ability to look at D.A. Combs without drooling to Lisa Jenkins. I, Howie Mason, will all of my good times in Miss Hall’s class to Tony Frazier. I also gladly will my Letcher letterman sweater to Jack Lutrell, who gave his to Heather Bradshaw. I, Gary Boggs, will my parking place in the teachers’ parking lot to Tony Frazier so he won’t have to walk so far. I, Cora Bell Boggs, will my skipping and fooling around abilities to Richard Boyd. I, Kevin Tolliver, will my long legs to Debbie Imperial and all of my tightfitting jeans to Anthony Ison. I also will my body to the science building. I, Elzie Kiser, will my public speaking ability to Sonny Bates. I, Bobby Pike, will my ability to hit a baseball in the river and my ability to be married while in school to Ronnie Bowling. I, Joey Sturgill, will my back seat in Mrs. Garrett’s room to Harold Trent. I, Stephen Fox, will my ability to play football to Randall Sexton. I, Tim Sturgill, will the piece of chewing gum I left under the study hall seat when I was a sophomore to Roger Boggs, if he is brave enough to retrieve it. I, Damaris Adams, will my vital organs to Laura Caudill in hopes that someday they will become handy. We, Heather Bradshaw and Renee Stamper, will our overalls from the talent show to Darla Banks and Angie Brashears. I, Jatanna Adams, will Monick Wampler one gallon of pink lemonade in hopes that she can drink and be merry. I, Barry Miles, will my ability to play the drums without messing up to Harold Trent.

Vocational school senior honors

The vocational school has compiled a list of its WHS seniors and the various awards they received during their stay there. The list is as follows:

Sherry Carney received first place in the local FBLA Job Interview contest. They also received second place in the Office Procedures contest and competed at the regional level FBLA in the Job Interview contest.

Sharon Burton received two first place awards this year, one in the local FBLA Accounting I contest and one in the local Business Math II contest. She competed at the regional level in Accounting I.

Elzie Kiser received two first-place awards in his junior year. He placed first in both the local and regional FBLA Public Speaking contest. He also competed at the state level that year. In his senior year, he placed first in the local FBLA contest and third in the regional contest. He placed in the top eight at the state level. He was also elected FBLA club morning president. He was runner-up in the Outstanding Business & Office Student award and won the Outstanding Salesman Award for FBLA candy sales.

Charlotte Hall was elected FBLA club in the evening session.

Betsie Adams received the second-place award in Penmanship and third place in Business Communications in the local FBLA Contest in her junior year.

Ramona Cook placed third in Business Math II in a local FBLA Contest as a junior.

Gloria Terricano, as a junior, placed second in Job Interview at a local FBLA Contest. She was also FBLA Club Vice President for the morning session. As a senior, she placed first as a Clerk Typist and second place in Job Interview in a local FBLA Contest.

Laronda Baker was the FBLA Club Treasurer in the morning session as a senior.

Robyn Richardson was the FBLA Club Treasurer in the evening session.

Susanne Ritter participated in Business Communications at regionals.

Jeff Brashears received first place in Job Interview at the regional competition.

Marty Brown held the office of senator in VICA State Conference.

Mary Ann Halcomb placed third in the drafting contest at regional competition. She was also VICA reporter.

Paul Maxsom placed third in drafting at the regional competition.

Tony Evans and Chuck Morris participated in the Hillbilly Competition at Nationals.

Arlene Frazier Ross received the Outstanding Health Services Student Award in nursing.

Chris Gibson received the Outstanding Student Award in Auto Body.

In the Open-Closing of the first regional the officers were as follows: President, Chuck Morris, Treasurer, Jamie Kincer; Secretary, Tim Sturgill, Chaplin, Maryann Halcomb, and Parliamentarian, Mark Cook.

The club officers were Tony Evans, President ; Ruby Cress, Secretary; James Owens and Archie Field held offices also.

Kermit Brock won an award in the first regional in Job Interview.

(The above articles from the 1982-83 Black Kat Newspapers and the 1983 Yearbook.)

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