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Have you ever wondered who cleans up the spitballs you shot in English class? The butter you “accidentally” dropped under your friend’s shoe in the lunchroom? Well, “custodians” are what they’re called, but in reality, they’re sweepers, dusters, wipers, dumpers, fixers, and all ‘round Mr. Cleans. Without this group of hardworking men, the environmental quality would soon discourage any furthering of education.

Mr. Ben Caudill, a newcomer to WHS, is the tall, soft-spoken man who daily keeps order in the gym — not the lawful type of order, but order created with a broom, mop, and lots of elbow grease.

And who takes care of the butter on the cafeteria floor and those paper wads in study hall? Mr. Eugene Holbrook — that’s who! Mr. Holbrook is a Craft’s Colly resident, likes art, and commented on the NYC as “a fine thing. It helps out a lot.” He has been a member of the WHS janitorial staff for three years.

Mr. Carl Trent is in charge of keeping everything neat in the lower English building. The hall here is practically spicand span. Mr. Trent, with seven years of experience at Whitesburg High, is also a resident of Craft’s Colly. When asked about his hobbies, he says that he quit them all a few years ago. Don’t ask why.

The “Snake Pit”, the office, the classrooms, stairs, and halls of the high school building, are all under the meticulous care of Mr. Marion Holbrook. Mr. Holbrook is a veteran of eight years at WHS, lives on Craft’s Colly with his son, Eugene, and farms as a hobby.

And finally, Mr. Bill Sergent, the senior sweeper of the custodial staff, is stationed on the upper floor of the English building. With 14 long years of cleaning at Whitesburg, he has probably been here longer than most of us. When asked if the school had changed for the better, Mr. Sergent made a very nice comment; he replied “yes.”

More of the class will

Frenda Anderson wills her ability to write love letters to Wade Kirkland. Verna Kaye Bailey wills her hair and big brown eyes to Mary Breeding. Tommy Cornett wills his ability to skip without Mr. Horn catching him to Bill Boggs. Tony Baker wills his terrific set of hair to some kind of use. Darrel Banks leaves his ability to pass everything by one point to anyone who will take it. Earl Banks wills the back seat of the bus on the senior trip to Ron Shackleford for he deserves it. Kathy Banks wills a pair of binoculars to Mr. Horn in the hope that next year he will not miss a thing. Debbie Bates wills her ability to steal doorstops and get away with it to all next year’s seniors. Vera Brown wills all her future happiness to Freda and whoever it will be. Terry Blair wills his clown suit to Lonzo Day. Lana Caudill wills her simplified editions of Jack Be Nimble and Other Complete Poems for Children to Floyd Mercer. Nancy Caudill wills her long, black hair to Vaunette Baker. Cecil Collins wills to Thomas Collins his secret treasure chest which he is unable to locate. Donna Collins wills her typing paper to Karen Collins and Brenda Caudill in hopes that they will never be without it again. Linda Collins wills her shorthand ability to Mrs. Welch with hope she will always have a student like her. Steve Collins wills the popcorn machine to Henry Williams. Connie Shell wills her Health Occupation uniform to Loretta Barnett for next year and hopes she will like the monkey suit. Marilyn Wilson wills her natural blonde hair to Janice Holbrook.


The 150 Whitesburg High School seniors marched proudly in caps and gowns down the aisles of the First Baptist Church of Whitesburg on Sunday, May 21. The event started with the invocation given by Rev. Leon Wesley. The choir provided special music singing “Honor Him, Sing Alleluia’, and “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”. Rev. Jim Erwin delivered the address and Rev. Bill Mackey the benediction. Last of all, with smiling faces, the Senior Class marched proudly out.

Class History

Freshman year

We had finally made it, now we were freshman, 237 strong and proud to be called “Greenhorns.”

The election of class officers brought victory to Larry Watts, Terri Cook, Maggie Fields, and Ann Eversole.

Maguana Blair was our homecoming representative. The freshman class members of the marching band were Artie Pender, John Mounts, Janet Frazier, Freda Brown, Ricky Collins, Randy Breeding, Ada Fields, Maggi Fields, Joan Ramsey, Lee Anna Collins, Caron Crawford and Mark Everidge.

In the Fall Festival, Monroe Hensley represented our class by singing a song.

The B- team cheerleaders who represented the freshman class were Estella Buttery and Ann Eversole.

The B-team basketball players were Gary Mullins, John Jr. Collins, James Hampton, Ricky Brown, Randy Breeding, Mark Hart, K.O. Holbrook, Stanley Collins and Don Hogg.

Danny York shared a spot on the varsity football team.

The junior varsity football players were William Collins, William McCool, Ray Fields, Gary Mullins, Keith Mohn, Carl Breeding, Larry Watts, Monroe Hensley and Bobby Baker.

The Conservation Essay was won by Randy Breeding.

Miss Freshman was Pamela Vance and Mr. Freshman was Stuart Reynolds.

Our freshman year finally ended. We’d lost several students, due to marriage, failure, and a road too tough to climb, but those who had climbed the long and winding road were ready to proceed slowly to reach the summit.

( The above articles from the 1970-71 Black Kat Newspapers and the Yellow Jacket Yearbook.)

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