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Jacket Journal debuts

With the beginning of the 1989-90 school year, WHS students will notice a change in many things including: new principal; new classes, the first golf team; and two new teachers.

With all those changes, you may think there is not room for even one more. However, we, the newspaper staff, have just that in mind.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve given your paper a new look and a new name! The Jacket Journal has, with this issue, officially made its debut in the hallways of Whitesburg High School.

We hope you like the new look of the paper and such plans we have for the coming school year. If you have any suggestions, or a good idea, please feel free to leave us a message in our suggestion box located in the front of the main office.

Our new advisor is Drama and Media teacher, Jeff Hawkins, who is doing a great job in teaching us the basics of journalism.

The editors of The Jacket Journal are Lisa Ann Fields and Michele Back, who are backed by a full student staff including Stacy Morrow, Rachael Kilbourne, Jessie Richmond, Jenifer Hart, Vanessia Fields, Melissa Narramore, Robert Smallwood, Lesley Ison, Carl Bowling, Jennifer Short, Elijah Fleming, Vanessa Adams, Michelle Bentley, Melanie Sexton, Kathy Hogg, Anne Caudill, Kim Caudill, Rebecca Craft, David Sturgill, Jeff Nickels and Angel Adams.

Football cheerleaders have new look for


With the coming of football season comes cheerleading. This year’s squad lacks two things from last year, guys and strength. There are eleven girls on the squad, three seniors and eight sophomores and juniors.

According to Mrs. Barker, the WHS cheerleading sponsor, the squad will have to work much harder this year because of the lack of guys, which also means a lack of strength. She hopes to start a weight program to gain the strength to be able to pick up where they left off last year.

Mrs. Barker said she hoped the squad would be competitive in the region and the state again.

But this will be a much harder task than before because this year more elaborate formations are being utilized.

As always, the Whitesburg High School Cheerleading Squad will be one of the best. We can count on the cheerleaders to support our athletic teams throughout the coming school year and be excellent representatives of our school wherever they perform.

More of the Class Will

I, Robert Smallwood, will all forthcoming English IV students my love for and my ability to get along with Mrs. Lester. We, Monica Caudill, Kim Caudill, Angie Hatton, and Heather Swisher, will Roe Adkins, Chris Hatton, Bobby Maggard, and Chad Holbrook our ability to build a campfire.

I, Virginia Brock, will Randy Shepherd my ability to come to school on a regular basis and stay out of trouble. I, Elmo Hammonds, will to anyone who’s crazy enough, my tattoos. I, Allen Engle, will Norman Lewis my ability to have a decent haircut. I, Brian Pike, will Jeff Hylton my patience and ability to put up with “Little Trombone Picker.” I, David Sturgill, will to everyone my ability to make Mrs. Lester walk the line. I, Kathy Pennington, will Stephanie Adams my ability to keep a boyfriend. I, Richard Roberts, will Coach Gibson my basketball playing abilities. I, William R. Dickerson, will Mike Casolari my boxing gloves for whenever he wants to hit Anthony Lucas. I, Michele Back, will Shelli Jackson my third period student aid job. I, Amy Banks, will Melody Trout my ability to miss school whenever I want. I, Jennifer Lynn Bates, will April Franklin my ability to get into more trouble than she can handle. I, Melissa Eldridge, will Stephanie Adams my ability to recognize all of our cousins. I, Jeff Lucas, will Patrick Halcomb my ability to withstand Joseph Stidham’s dangerous stunts in mining mechanics.

Yearbook Dedication

We dedicate the 1990 Yellowjacket Yearbook to5CXP+2FP=20DT.A breakdown of this equation reveals that: C-1 means competency, a thorough knowledge of subject matter to be taught. C-2 is for courtesy, a kind of friendly way of telling students that the order of business for the day is hard work. C-3 stands for conscientiousness, the giving of one hundred percent of themselves for the sake of the student when they would rather be spending a relaxing weekend tending their flowers, doing civic club work, gardening or angling. C-4 is competitiveness, motivating students to strive toward winning in all their endeavors — in academics as well as in life. C-5 is for caring, letting the students know that they and their concerns are important, telling them that you welcome their phone calls twenty-four hours a day, and that you really did not want a planning period this year anyway.

Times — one helping of Professionalism, having the respect and admiration of the entire faculty and staff;

Plus — two Fine People who love and cherish their two daughters, Kim and Janet, and the two sons-inlaw, Mike and Tom;

Equals — two of Whitesburg High School’s most outstanding and dedicated teachers, Loretta Mayes Arthur and Jimmie Arthur.

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