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Some of the members of the senior class were


76 Bicentennial seniors

1976 is here at last. In case you didn’t know we’re celebrating our nation’s 200th birthday this year. We here at WHS have our very own ’76-ers, the bicentennial seniors. Since we trust they’re all celebrating the spirit in their own way, we thought it would be neat to find out how they feel about being part of the biggest birthday party ever! Here are some of their comments

“It’s better than being a bicentennial junior!” Bill M.

“It’s fur-r-r out!” Judy D.

“I think it’s cool because we are also graduating in an election year, a leap year and I get to vote this year.” Shack

“Give us reason to party more.” Linda C.

“It doesn’t make any no mind to me.” Jim M.

“Maybe we’ll be remembered 200 years from now.” Rhonda R.

“I think it’s overworked.” Don F.

“It gives us more spirit.” Ardella L.

“I think it’s special because it’s something that only happens once in a lifetime-time and I’m glad it happened our graduation year.” Evelyn C.

“I think it’s great!” Jerry L.

Well, for whatever reason everybody was glad to be graduating this year — be it 1776 or 1976. The “Spirit of ’76” is living on!

Diane Holbrook, a WHS student, was recently honored in being one of eight finalists for a Kentucky Consumer Finance Association Scholarship. The $2,000 scholarship would finance the education of a Kentucky student majoring in Distributive Education.

Diane, 18-year-old senior at WHS, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Holbrook of Mayking. Her hobbies include playing the recorder, a Kentucky Mountain folklore instrument, and letter writing.

At WHS Diane’s activities include playing the clarinet in the band; serving as Vice-President of the DECA Club; and being a member of FBLA, Music, Pep, and Health Careers Clubs.

Class Prophecy Part III

Nancy Shepherd has taken Mrs. Yinger’s job as the oldest office girl in the world.

Melinda Slaven has married John Brown and they have “Ten Little Indians.”

Penny Spangler still isn’t worth a nickel.

Georgia Tolliver is coaching the Railroad Street Redheads softball team.

Tammie Wright is now Miss Kentucky Senior Citizen.

Mary Sturgill is head of “Robin Red Breast Bakery”.

Vince Yinger is head of Right Guard Deodorant Company.

After selling a million Scotty burgers, Mercedes Hampton will quit and work for Burger King making Whoppers.

The center for the Milwaukee Bo Winkles will be Jimmy Hatton.

Sherry Hogg will write songs for country music artists.

Billy Graham will feel the heat from the flaming evangelist, Steve Hogg.

Terrella Hogg will win an award for wearing out the most Ford pickup trucks.

The 1980 Women’s Decathlon winner will be Christine Holbrook.

Diane Holbrook will play with the Mayking Sym- phony Orchestra.

The dime store top saleswoman in 1980 will be Judy Holbrook.

Because of a business boom at Jim Brown’s Country Store, Allen Howard will become a business tycoon.

The first person to catch the big one that got away will be Jimmy Hubbard.

James Ison will become a famous coon hunter.

Sonita Johnson will do a TV commercial for Cross- Your-Heart bras.

Hee Haw will have a new star; her name is Wanda Johnson and she will play the trumpet.

Quill and Scroll

Six members of Whitesburg’s Black Kat staff were accepted by Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for high school journalists. The new members are Eula Eldridge, Daveena Sexton, Belinda Mason, Danny Johnson, Mariotti Morgan and Tammy Green.

Requirements for acceptance are: ranking in the upper half of your class, and membership on a high school newspaper staff.

Monieca Adams elected

The Whitesburg DECA Chapter Sweetheart was recently elected. Monieca Adams received the honors for the second year. She is the daughter of Jack and Mabel Adams of Colson. Monieca is a junior and is also a varsity cheerleader.

Mrs. Bobbie Whitaker of The Community Press, and Mrs. Barbara Hampton of the L.C.A.V.C. were the selecting judges. The girls were judged on poise, personality, and attractiveness. They were also interviewed by the judges and asked questions about themselves and their views.

Monieca will now represent our DECA Chapter in the regional, which will be held next semester. If she gets first or second place she will go to state.

(The above articles from the 1976 Yellow Jacket Yearbook and the Black Kat Newspapers.)

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