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From graduation to marriage:

From graduation to marriage:

My wedding day —

Nina Morgan Fields

Never shall I forget my wedding day! April 30, 1966, when Harold and I pledged our love together. I did not walk down the aisle of a church in a wedding gown and veil, but our wedding meant as much to us, for our love was just as sincere and true. We left home at 9 a.m. arriving at Clintwood, Virginia, about 10. We went to the Clintwood laboratory for our blood test. While we waited for our license my husband to-be, my mother, my sister and her friend and my nephew and I had our lunch. After lunch we got our test report, our license and then to the preacher, the Rev. Noah Deel, and were married. We did not have time to plan for a big wedding, because Harold was only home for one week, before leaving for Ft. Bragg, N.C. where he is Pvt. Harold Fields.

(The above article from the May 1966 Black Kat Newspaper)

Update from Nina

We have been married 52 years after dating 4 1/2 years. During high school, Eugene Horn made him sit beside me in math, so he could get his homework done. Bill Stamper made me sit beside him on the bus, couldn’t stand up, and only seat available was with him. And here we are 56 years later, living on Pine Mountain. Two wonderful children, Kevin and Milette. Three grandchildren all married, two living in Whitesburg and one living in Panama City.

Wedding bells chimed for several WHS students and turned their pretty heads from education to matrimony, including Betty Jane Clay now Mrs. Wilgus Holbrook; Betty Parsons, now Mrs. Leonard Mullins; Anna Mae Lewis, now Mrs. Ben Bowen; Carla Francis now Mrs. Edward Stallard; Kantie Adams is Mrs. Carl Profitt; Beulah Stallard, now Mrs. Glennis Sexton. But one lovely lady, still loyal to the cause of education and matrimony as well, is Miss Lucy Bach, now Mrs. Ray Pigman!

(From the September 1948 Black Kat)

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