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Moments and Memories of WHS




Class colors chosen

Two beautiful colors, which shall always be remembered as our class colors. White represents honesty, sincerity, purity and the rules by which we must operate. The red always represents our lifeblood, which is our strength and power to come to school each day, to study and to graduate. Whatever we strive to do, we must do with determination, thinking not only of the present, but the future as well.

Senior ambitions

Martha Sue Adams, Nurse. Dana Baker, become a secretary. Bobby Bates, to become a beachcomber in sunny Florida. Mina Breeding, Music Teacher. Delma Gilley, become a secondary school teacher. Billy Stout, finish college and get married. Gary Sturgill, to be an engineer. Johnny Mack Trent, Jet Pilot. James Wagner, Mechanic. Cheryl Webb, Housewife. Janie Holbrook, Beautician. Kenneth Frazier, to go through college and be a worthwhile citizen. Wilma Lee Bryant, an artist. Liz Hunsaker, not to disappoint my mother and father. Rhonda Austin, Veterinarian. Tim Adams, to own a drag strip. Bennie Dent, to get the most out of life. J.B. Eversole, Teacher. Lois Kilbourne, Airline stewardess. Patty Lee, Nurse. Darrell R. Gilliam, to be an engineer. Berton Noble, Forester. Glenda Potter, to become a Beautician. Wanda Ingram, to become a registered nurse. Fulton Combs, Lawyer. Larry Collins, to make Judy happy. Wanda Cornett, to be a nurse and housewife. Nora Lucille Caudill, a lawyer.



From the desk of the Principal

As we approach the end of another school year, I feel that I can truly say, “We have done well.” As we bid adieu to the class of 112 seniors, we realize we are losing many of the strongest and best leaders of our school, but we are confident that as they graduate others will fill their places. The days have passed swiftly, as do all days when we are busy and happy with our duties. Many areas of education have been covered. New fields have been opened. New phases of the science program have been developed. Whitesburg High School students have represented us well at speech festivals, in sports, clubs, science exhibits, scholarship tournaments, conferences. Our faculty compares favorably with any in our state and Dr. Cierley, University of Kentucky, had this to say: “We commend you, again, on the fine, well-qualified and dedicated faculty you have at Whitesburg . . . the quality of personnel in your school is by far its most outstanding feature.”

May we remember the motto of our senior class of 1962 and make every effort possible, “To make us a name.”—Jack M. Burkich.

Driver’s training proves successful

Under the training of Mr. Wm. Richardson, 31 students have completed successfully the driver’s training course and passed the driver’s test receiving their licenses. Namely: Martha Sue Adams, Gladys Collins, Archie Ray Fields, Willie Lucas, Gaynell Morris, Gordon Perry, Jackie Walker, Ramona Adams, Sherry Adams, Tommy Absher, Faith Armstrong, Pricilla Boggs, Wanda Collins, Sharon Day, Sue Hoskins, Wanda Ingram, Barbara Moncrief, Johnny Trent, Arena Yeary, Linda Sturgill, Johnny Thomas, Gail Sexton, Gail Whitaker, Carmolyn Blair, Gary Banks, Pauline Collier, Enos Fields, Charles Craft, Yvonne Bates, Wanda Cornett and Ronald Adams.

Song dedications from the May Black Kat

Seniors to Underclassmen, Funny How Time Slips Away. Fulton to Sue Combs, Falling in Love. Rocky to Lorraine, Puppy Love. Sammy to Barbara, I’ll Take You Home. Peggy to Paul, Soldier Boy. Senior boys to Ted Cook, Revenge. Bill Stout to Mary Ann, Baby, It’s You. Journalism Class to Mrs. Combs, Little Twister. To Brother Eddie Maggard, Precious Memories. Stevie to Cecilia, It’s Going to Work Out Fine. Mrs. Combs to Fult, Ramona, Sandy and Sammy, You Talk Too Much. To Mr. Estep, Miss Adams, and Mr. Bentley, You Better Move On. Jackie to Charlotte, If You’ve Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody. Jenny to Timmy Adams, Let’s Get Together. Billy Mitchel to Lakie Wright, Baby, It’s You.

Distributive Education is successful

A new field has been added to the school curriculum, Distributive Education, under the supervision of Mr. Troah Campbell. Members of the class receive special class training in selling, business administration and meeting the public, at the same time they are employed in the city by business places cooperating with the school in training these young people, paying them for their services. The following firms have employed D.E. students: The Bank of Whitesburg, Dawahare’s, The Bargain Store, Cardinal Restaurant, Mountain Eagle, Main Street Service Station, WNKY, Western Auto, Kermit Superette, Whitesburg Farm Service, Depew’s Service Station, Mitchell’s Superette, Quillen Drug Store, Hilltop Superette, Messenger Florist, Dairy Dream, Whitesburg Insurance Agency, and Pigman Cleaners.

The students in the new class are Shirley Mullins, Linda Sturgill, Darrell Gilliam, Comey Wright, Cora Caudill, Hershel Hensley, Lena Wampler, Mildred Stidham, Mildred Delvin, Billie Steve Whitaker, Leonard Boggs, R.F. Sparks, Enos Fields, Gayle Whitaker, Doris Stidham, Ira Eldridge, Raymond Bates, and Johnny Brashear.

(The above articles from the 1962 Yellowjacket Yearbook and Black Kat Newspapers.)

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