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Moments and Memories of WHS




Senior class history

-Part I

We entered Whitesburg High School in the fall of 1977, excited at being in a new environment and being called “greenhorns.” Our class officers were: President-Erbie Pratt, Vice President-Tammy Creech, Secretary-Baron Mullins, and Treasurer-Sheila Boggs. The freshman representative in the homecoming was Sarah Frazier.

A lot of the class participated in sports. There were eight freshmen football players who assisted in winning the district tournament. Nine freshmen boys played basketball, who were runners up in the 53rd district. Three girls were members of the girls’ basketball team. The boys’ baseball team were district runnersup; the team had three freshmen players. The girls’ track team had six freshmen who won third place in the region and boys’ track had five freshmen. They finished fourth in region.

Our sophomore year at W.H.S. was one filled with new experiences. As sophomores we had more prestige as students and this was reflected in our class officers who were: President-Greg Hogg, Vice President-David Blair, Secretary-Edwina Howard, Treasurer-Teresa Dunn. Also, our class was represented by Sheila Boggs in the homecoming and her escort was Greg Creech.

Our sophomore year also brought a new aspect to the band, the flag corps. Those in the corps were Teresa Brown, Cecilia Webb, Audrey Napier, Tammy Creech, and Lisa Honeycutt. Other band members were Mary Smith, Lisa Bentley (rifle), Vicki Johnson, Melinda Combs, and Joe Banks. Our athletic teams did very well. All in all, our sophomore year was a year that we will remember for its newness and originality.

As juniors, our class was on top of the list. We had a great time and became even closer as a class. Our class officers were Tim Lucas- President, Sarah Frazier- Vice President, Tammy Creech-Secretary, Teresa Davis-Treasurer. They stood up for our class well in these offices.

There were several clubs our class participated in that year. In the FBLA, there were four junior members. The FTA had one junior, the DECA Club had seven juniors, and the Drama Club had two juniors in it. Other clubs we participated in were the FCA, the Pep Club, the Math Club, the French Club, and the Hi-Y Club.

Our 1980 varsity cheerleaders were Teresa Davis, Margie Hogg, and Delana Ison. They did a great job cheering our football and basketball teams on to victory. The basketball team had three junior members and the football team had twelve. The girls’ basketball team had three junior members who played their best for W.H.S. There were also three juniors who played baseball.

The band contained three juniors playing instruments, one junior member of the rifle corps, a junior field commander, and six junior flag corps members. They competed in competition at Pikeville and participated in all-festival.

Our track team did an outstanding job in 1980. There were four boys and four girls of our class on the team. They performed their best at all competitions and came through shining like the stars they were.

Our junior year at W.H.S. was exciting and fun-filled. It will certainly be remembered for a long time in our minds and in the minds of our sponsors.

Dance follows game

After the Homecoming game on Friday, Oct. 24, the Whitesburg High School Band boosters sponsored a homecoming dance at West Whitesburg Elementary School gym featuring Tony Ison.

The gym was specially decorated for the occasion. Most of the fans of the victorious Jackets came out to celebrate. Favorite entertainment at

Whitesburg High School

Group: 1. The Silver Bullet Band 2. Queen 3. The Commodores 4. Devo 5. AC/ DC 6. The Eagles 7. The Little River Band 8. Air Supply 9. Supertramp 10. Styx.

Actor: 1. Burt Reynolds 2. Dustin Hoffman 3. Warren Beatty 4. Christopher Atkins 5. Clint Eastwood 6. Roger Moore 7. John Voight 8. Charles Bronson 9. Robert Redford 10. Sylvester Stallone.

Actress: 1. Sally Field 2. Loni Anderson 3. Brooke Shields 4. Jane Seymour 5. Jane Fonda 6. Barbara Streisand 7. Marsha Mason 8. Katharine Hepburn 9. Bette Midler 10. Victoria Principal.

TV show: 1. “Dallas” 2. “Dukes of Hazzard” 3. “Saturday Night Live” 4. “Soap” 5. “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” 6. “Little House on the Prairie” 7. “Charlie’s Angels” 8. “Woody Woodpecker” 9. “The Jeffersons” 10. “WKRP In Cincinnati”.

Summer 1980 is gone; memories linger on

What did you do this summer? Members of the Black Kat staff canvassed the student body to find out. Here are some of the responses: “I went to Tennessee.” -Susan Cook, Fr. “I went swimming and went to the Fair.” -Moneaki Hall, Fr. “I worked, went to a Bob Seger concert, went to Prestonsburg and band practice. I partied and met Ralph Adams.” -Shelsie Page, Jr. “I went to the races mostly.” -Mark Lewis, Jr. “I courted all summer.” -Anna Sexton, Sr. “I went swimming and rode a moped.” -Dianne Hylton, Fr. “I spent a week in Indiana.” -Duke Pratt, Fr. “I went swimming and rode a motorcycle.” -Harold Trent, Fr. “I went to Lexington to the Horse Park.” -Jenny Huff, Fr. “I went to the pool and I worked.” -Teresa Nichols “EVERYTHING!” -Greg Lucas, Fr. “Went to South Carolina and stayed with James — in Greer, S.C., to be precise.” -D.A. Combs, Soph. “I stayed in Tennessee mostly and went water skiing.” -Greg Hogg, Sr. “I caught up on all the reading I could. Really that’s about all I did. I didn’t do anything outstanding.” -Miss Whitaker. “I went to Louisville and cheerleading camp. I also went swimming.” -Annette Combs, Fr. “I don’t know. I played ball.” -Todd McLean, Fr. “I went to Ohio and visited my cousins.” -Chris West, Fr. “What did I do this summer? Ah, I didn’t do anything.”-Vernus Sturgill, Sr.

(The above articles from the 1981 Yellow Jacket Yearbook and the Black Kat Newspapers.)

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