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Baccalaureate sermon

An address which will be an inspiration for higher living in the minds of the eighty-five young boys and girls of the Whitesburg High School Graduation Class was the Baccalaureate delivered by Rev. W. H. Poore, of the Methodist Church on Sunday evening. He chose for his subject “Thou Hast Given Him Dominion”, and among the beautiful thoughts expressed were these: “You have the right to soar like Eagles, or to crawl like worms.” He made you to have dominion, but he gave you the right to choose the heights or to dwell in the gutter.” “The tragedy of the insect world would for a caterpillar to die before it became a butterfly, the tragedy of the human world is for a man to fail to achieve the heights for which he was intended.” “Masters and captains are Kings, because they choose.” “Lying close to every majestic soul are enemies-prejudice, intolerance-fear, lustselfishness, materialism, worry, appetite for drink, which would become your master if they could, then you would become slave instead of kings.” “As kings, you will find the hardest place to rule is right in your own hearts.” Mr. Poore addressed the class as “Your Majesties” and he said, “There are certain laws for your majesties to obey, laws of the universe, moral and physical.” In closing he said, “So, as Kings, and queens put on your royal purple, don the crown, mount the throne, take the scepter because as the Psalmist said, and humanity’s history bears it out. You were made to have dominion.”

(The above from the May 21, 1942 Mountain Eagle.)

Whitesburg Jackets opens schedule with Belfry

Kickoff – 1:30 p.m.; Referee, Hacker, Jenkins; Umpire, Clyde Alley, Morehead; Field Judge, Buster Tucker, Fleming.

Probable line-up for the Jackets

Dave Fields, LE; Ray Day, LT; Carrel Hogg, LG; J.D. Sergent, C; Clyde Daniels, RG; Dale Mullins, RT; Harlan Morton, RE; Dee Dawahare, LH; Paul Little, RH; John Edwards, BB; James Thornberry, FR; Dudley Parsons, LE; Darius Auxier, LT; Joe Tom Mullins, LG; Jack Hall, C; Cecil Caudill, RG; Spence Harris, RT; Kiethil Reynolds, RE; Paul Pigman, LH; Junior Keith, RH; Jack Little, BB; Paul Taylor, FR.

Whitesburg will start one of the above line-ups in the opening game with Belfry High Friday, Sept. 12 on Lewis Field. This week’s practice will decide which of the lineups the Whitesburg coaches will use to start.

Coaches Fields and Addington believe that a win over Belfry would help the confidence of the Jackets considerably and baring further injuries, the Whitesburg eleven might break even on their 9-game schedule.

(The above article from the Sept. 11, 1941 Mountain Eagle.)

What my years in high school have meant to me by Harlen Morton

During my all-too-brief stay of four years in Whitesburg High my first conception of the meaning of high school has been greatly altered.

Time was when to me high school was symbolic of hard work, work and more work; for I was deathly afraid that I possessed neither the talent nor the perseverance to overcome the obstacles which barred the way to a high school diploma. In my fancy an enormous mountain had been made of a tiny molehill.

Before too much lapse of time I learned to accept every course as a definite challenge and I derived a fierce joy in scoring high marks on my tests. In this respect HIGH SCHOOL has meant and means, “A Challenge.”

“HIGH SCHOOL” means “confidence”; it means “work” it means “learning and new knowledge”; it means a “fight”; it means and is a “source of boundless joy and happiness” to know that you have reached the end of a four-year trail. The sensation is that of going on a long voyage to some country of whose riches you may freely partake. After seasickness once or twice and being off your charted course a time or two you arrive suddenly, after much painstaking care and great exertion of strength at your destination. You are excited and happy. In this respect “HIGH SCHOOL” means “a fuller life”.

Strangely enough you find that your classmates, and your friends are more than idly curious and are actually interested in your progress. Since this fires you with a zeal and a high ambition, then “HIGH SCHOOL” means “POWER.”

It is while in high school that you grow in a moral and spiritual, as well as physical, sense. This makes for a well-rounded education and when examined in this light, you find that on “HIGH SCHOOL” is engraved the word “CULTURE.”

However, after reaching the country of our destination we are surprised to find that there are other countries a good distance beyond which will pay rich dividends if we go on. Some will not go farther but let us hope that many of us will again brave the tempests to attain this greater end — which is college. In this way “HIGH SCHOOL” means “A BRILLIANT FUTURE.”

However true these things may be, I sincerely believe that we should utilize our high school education to its greatest extentwhich is: A Priceless Steppingstone into The Future.

(The above article from the May 21, 1942 Mountain Eagle.)

Lunches served at school cafeteria

One of the most beneficial additions to the Whitesburg schools in recent years, we believe, is the new cafeteria opened this week at the school under the sponsorship of the Parent-Teachers Association and the supervision of the W.P.A.

The purpose of this lunchroom is to see that all school children have a wellbalanced noon meal, and especially to provide a hot meal for those coming from the country, who would ordinarily have to eat a cold lunch, or buy a more expensive meal in town. About 150 have been served each day since the opening. Most of these pay ten cents for each meal, although to the underprivileged children, these meals are furnished at no cost. An investigation is being conducted to determine just how many of these children there are, and meal tickets will be furnished them. At the present time there are only between 10 and 15 children availing themselves of this particular service.

At the beginning of this project, Mary Earle Lewis was chosen Treasurer, and buyer, and Mrs. Creech of Blackey, was employed by the WPA to cook and prepare the meals. About $150 worth of equipment was purchased by the PTA, and the first $25 has already been repaid, the lunchroom is making expenses, and seems assured of a successful year.

(The above article from the Dec. 18, 1941 Mt. Eagle.)

Eastern Kentucky

Hi-Y Clubs meet

Whitesburg High School Hi-Y Club will be host to the Eastern Kentucky District Older Boys’ Conference beginning Friday afternoon and closing Sunday. Theme of the conference is “A Youth to Match the Times.” Registration and assignment of delegates to homes will be at 4 p.m. at the school. A Fellowship Dinner will be given at 6 Friday evening. Mr. E. S. Wiseman, State Secretary of Y.M.C.A., will be the principal speaker. Mr. A. P. May, District Secretary, will also be present. Meetings will be held through Saturday and Saturday evening, closing with church service at the Methodist Church. The three ministers of Whitesburg will speak throughout the conference. It is an honor to this city to have the privilege of entertaining these very fine young men from other schools and the conference will leave a lasting impression for good in our community. Mr. Leonard Stallard is sponsor of the local Hi-Y Club.

(The above article from the Nov. 13,1941 Mountain Eagle.)

Valentine party;

Home Ec. girls entertain

Future Farmers

Friday night at 7:30 on Feb. 13, the Whitesburg Home Ec. girls entertained the Future Farmer boys in the new farm shop building.

This unlucky superstitious night suggested a very interesting program which was well planned and carried out with lots of fun by the Home Ec. girls.

The party began by crowning the King and Queen of Hearts and the King and Queen of Superstition although there were few who were superstitious among the prosperous Home Ec. class and the young farmers of our county. Many appropriate games were played in highest of interest. After the games, every member of the party took part in an oldtime country square dance led by some of the farm boys. Everybody enjoyed themselves until the last, but our honorable principal, Mr. Tolliver, was overwhelmed with joy during the dance although his wife wasn’t present. The Future Farmer Band furnished the party with music during the dance.

After the dance refreshments were served by the girls of the Home Ec. Class, which showed the farm boys that the girls were doing splendid work and there were real cooks among our student body.

In behalf of the Future Farmer Chapter I want to thank the entire Home Economics Class and their instructor for the entertainment and I wish to express my sincere appreciation of the effort and work they put forth in order to have this party with the highest of entertainment. Burnis Banks, Chapter President of Future Farmers Club.

(The above article from the Feb. 19, 1942 Mountain Eagle.)

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