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Moments and Memories of WHS

1955-56 Orchids and

1955-56 WHITESBURG HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TEAM — Pictured are (front row, left to right) Chad Back, Phillip Pee Back, Donnie Gail Sexton; Daryl Boggs, (second row) Wendell Meade, Robert Meade, Basil Sexton, Billy K. Banks, Darrell Stidham, Jimmy Jones, (back row) Assistant Coach Ed Moore, Darrell Caudill, Morrell Blair, Jimmie Darrell Blair, Rex Polly, and Head Coach Ernie Trosper. This team was the 53rd District champ and 14th Region runner-up.

1955-56 WHITESBURG HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TEAM — Pictured are (front row, left to right) Chad Back, Phillip Pee Back, Donnie Gail Sexton; Daryl Boggs, (second row) Wendell Meade, Robert Meade, Basil Sexton, Billy K. Banks, Darrell Stidham, Jimmy Jones, (back row) Assistant Coach Ed Moore, Darrell Caudill, Morrell Blair, Jimmie Darrell Blair, Rex Polly, and Head Coach Ernie Trosper. This team was the 53rd District champ and 14th Region runner-up.


Orchids to the “Team” for defeating Hazard. Onions to the lunchroom for serving soup beans. Orchids to all class officers. Onions to all English teachers for making us write so many essays. Orchids to Miss Adams for letting the shorthand class have a holiday. Onions to Miss Raleigh or any other teacher for not refusing to keep noon hour study hall. Orchids to Wanda, Phyllis, and Peggy for typing for the Black Kat. Onions to Johnny and Don Woodford — for criticizing everybody’s work for the Black Kat. Orchids for John Preston’s manual training classes for painting the rooms in the high school building. Onions to the people who have an onion breath. Orchids to Mr. Boggs for dividing the assembly. Onions to the freshmen. Orchids to the band and Mr. Elias. Onions to the crowded halls. Orchids to the student body for backing the team. Onions to Mr. Collins for rumbling about the Black Kat. Orchids to the people who made the honor roll. Onions to Mr. Boggs for not getting our rings in quicker. Orchids to Janet for selling the most magazines. Onions to Mr. Trosper for keeping fourth period study hall in too long. Onions to Doug (Punk) Polly for always wanting his name in the Black Kat.

Principal 1953-1957 Kendall Boggs

Principal 1953-1957 Kendall Boggs

(The above article from the October 1955 Black Kat.)

Speech class presents


The speech class presented three one-act dramas, three humorous monologues and one reading.

The first play was “Escape by Moonlight”. It was the story of a girl who lost her lover, and it affected her mind badly. As time went on she thought she saw him and he wanted her to commit suicide. She finally jumped from a 20-story window with him. Ramona Sparks played the leading role and she did a brilliant job of it. Co-players were Charles Music, Gerald Mullins and Eloise Reynolds, who also turned in notable performances.

“The Last Page” was the story of a young man who was framed and sentenced to die for a slaying he didn’t commit. During the confusion his wife committed suicide and proved his innocence by the last page of her diary. Selected critics have praised Miss Janet Ison for her very dramatic performance in this play. She was surrounded by a very competent cast, consisting of John Rodgers and Douglas Polly.

“Highness” portrayed a Russian officer who found his childhood love while trying her for a crime of disposing of some of her own jewels. With the help of a scrubwoman, they escaped from the Kremlin. The scrubwoman was killed by a haughty guard for causing him to lose a prisoner. This play was chosen as the play to go to the festival in Pikeville. We are sure that we will be proud of this cast. Phyllis Ann Hall played one of the most wonderful roles the author has seen in the high school field. Don Webb, Charles Adams and Betty Pratt all gave very impressive performances that are actually better than anyone expected, so now we must recognize these people as real stars.

Song dedications

“Jealous Heart,” Lona Lykins to Jim Jones; “If I Give My Heart To You,” Margaret Day to Sonny Webb; “Hearts of Stone” The Turtle Club. “Hearts and Flowers,” Bobby Marlowe to Carol Brown. “Brokenhearted Me,” Gerald Mullins to Betty Pratt. “My Heart Cries For You,” Ava Martin to Dwight Baker. “Heartaches,” Virgil Kincer to Phyllis Eversole. “Two Hearts,” Billy Banks and Christine Banks. “Beware My Foolish Heart,” Bill Hacker to Iva Lee Johnson. “Heart of My Heart,” Jimmie Blair to Elana Holstein. “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” Johnny Taulbee to Nancy Bell. “Your Heart and Mine,” Jewell Logan and Ison. “Blue Heart,” Ronnie Bentley to Nancy King. “Take My Heart,” George Kincer to Betty Caudill. “You Took My Heart,” Robert Meade to Rebecca Pace. “Deceitful Sweetheart,” Ramona Sturgill to David Lewis.

(The above articles from the February 1956 Black Kat.)

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, the following students were elected as class officers: Seniors: President Jimmie Jones; Vice President Rex Polly; Sec./Treasurer Daryl Caudill. Juniors: President Ralph Polly; Vice President Donnie Gail Sexton; Sec./ Treasurer Bobbie Sumpter. Sophomores: President Wilmoth Kincer; Vice President Wanda Collier; Sec./ Treasurer Donna Spangler/ Bruce Adams. Freshmen: President Charles Martin; Vice President Carlos Wagner; Sec./Treasurer Bobbie King.

Someone is always bragging on the teachers and students, but you never hear much about the big bearing in the wheel. The man who keeps the wheels rolling and the responsibility of more than a one thousand people’s actions. The softspoken man, who, when he rises to talk, gets everyone’s attention, because everyone wants to hear him. He has no special one, instead we are all specials. He is a young man in mind and in looks and is one who knows the heart of each student, and will listen to their problems when they need his counsel. This man is Kendall Boggs, the best principal in all the land.

Those attending the Cheerleaders Conference in Lexington were Nancy King, Donna Jo Spangler, Lillian Fraley, Lona Lykins and Mary Whitaker. They were accompanied by Miss Donna Jo Adams.

Rex Polly was chosen captain of the basketball team. We know of Rex’s fine basketball ability and leadership. The team made a fine choice. He is 6’2”, browneyed, brown-haired senior. The co-captain will be the other four on the first line-up, alternating the honor.

“I Speak For Democracy” — In the elimination contest on Wednesday, Don Woodford Webb was chosen to represent Whitesburg High School in this contest. Others entering were Gerald Mullins, Joella Craft, Norma Jean Stallard, Glenda Ann Holbrook, and Harold Cook.

Song Dedications: Betty Lou Adams to Basil Sexton, “Little Ruby”; Mary Jo Day to Ely Craft, “I Wanta Play House With You”; Ardella Potter to Faron Young, “Live Fast, Love Hard, and Die Young”; Iva Lee McCray to Jose Chacon, “Wedding Bells”; Lona Lykins to Jim Jones, “O Happy Days”; Joella Craft to Freddie Collier, “Ain’t Love Grand”; Nancy Lou McCloud to Bill White, “Hurry and Bring Your Sweet Self Back To Me”; Mr. K. Boggs to Whitesburg High, “This Ole House”; Helen Jean Ogelvie to Ben Webb, “My One Sin is Loving You”; Juanita McCloud to Ovie Combs, “ I Ain’t Gonna Wash My Face for a Month” (Since You Kissed Me Last Night).

The Perfect Man: Physique like Robert Meade, Eyes like Wendell Meade, Hair like Coach Trosper, Lips like Doug Polly, Legs like Major Sparks, Personality like Gerald Mullins, Flattop like Remus Hart, Hands like Jimmy D. Blair, Voice like Jimmy Jones, Smile like Darrel Caudill, Teeth like George M. Kincer, Car like Muggs Day.

The Perfect Woman: Personality like Ann Daniel, Smile like Iva Lee Johnson, Figure like Rusty Combs, Hair like Rebecca Pace, Lips like Margaret Day, Hands like Donna Sue Reynolds, Legs like Betty Raleigh, Eyes like Betty Lou Caudill, Voice like Janet Ison, Teeth like Helen Ogelvie.

(The above articles from the November, 1955 Black Kat. ) News and Views — Betty Pratt and Lenville Jones are as steady a twosome as ever. Patsy Ashbrook, who could this Bill Brazzell be that you are all time talking about? Gerald Mullins and Pat Fulton are trying to strike up a romance, it seems. Lloyd Hodge and Bobbie Sumpter seem to enjoy being together. Ronnie Bentley makes regular trips to Stuart Robison after Faye Ison. Is it true Ronnie? Christine Cornett gets mail from Pikeville College. Could it be from Bill Jones? Harold Ogelvie and Lucille Bates make a cute couple, don’t they? Martha Lou Collier leaves us wondering if Monte Fields is her one and only!! People are wondering what happened to Jimmy Blair and Elana Kay Holstein!! What’s between Jimmy Holbrook and Shirley Stallard?? We are wondering what’s between Remus Hart and Joan Morgan!! Arminta Ison seems to like Fleming pretty well. Rumor has it that Tyrone Bentley is the reason!!

(This article from the April 16, 1956 Black Kat.)

Calendar of girls for 1956: January for Ambition; Margaret Bach, favorites: color blue; food fried chicken; sport football; boyfriend no one; song “Memories Are Made of This”; car blue Oldsmobile; expression “Gosh”. February for Beauty; Donna Sue Reynolds, favorites: color blue; food pecan pie; sport basketball; boyfriend none; song “I Hear You Knocking”; car Chevrolet; expression “Oh gee”. March for Gentle Voice; Wanda Rogers, favorites: color blue; food ice cream and meatloaf; sport football; boyfriend daddy; song “I Hear You Knocking”; car Buick; expression “Nuts, oh gosh”. April for Laughter; Shirley Ann Kincer, favorites: color red; food steak; sport basketball; boyfriend none; song “Memories Are Made of This”; car light blue Buick. May for Politeness; Tootsie King, favorites: color light blue; food oysters; sport basketball; boyfriend You’ll Never Know; song “Only You”; car Ford; expression “Oh me”. June for Smiling; Billie Steve Amburgey, favorites: color blue; food spaghetti and meat balls; sport football; boyfriend none; song “The Great Pretender”; car Cadillac; expression “Gee oh”;

(From the January 1956 Black Kat.)

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