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Moments and Memories of WHS

R. DEAN SQUIRES Principal 1927-40

R. DEAN SQUIRES Principal 1927-40

Black Kat dedication

The advantages which we have had during our four years in high school have been due in a large measure to our principal. In our success, he has praised; in our failures, he has understood us. For his ideals we respect him; for his ability, we admire him; for his fairness to us, we love him. As a small token of our appreciation we, the class of ’31, dedicate this May issue of the Black Kat to R. Dean Squires.

The seniors as we see them

“To know her to is love her” is an appropriate phrase that is quite suggestive of the sweet personality of Caryl Breeding, who has been a luxury as well as a necessity to the senior class of ’31. Activities, member of Girl Reserve and Glee Club, society editor of Black Kat, class poet.

Jolly and bubbling over with laughter and fun is our own Gay Webb, who has made life worth living for four long years, and has lent sunshine for the cloudy days. Activities, president of senior class, member of Boy’s Hi-Y and Glee Club, Valedictorian.

Surely some good fairy endowed her with the wisdom of Jove and the cheerfulness and optimism of a sunbeam, for Bonnie Banks was, without doubt, born under a lucky star to possess such traits as these. Activities, member of the Girl Reserve, honor student.

Sparkling and vivacious, with a winning personality, a sense of humor and a cheerful smile for everyone. This original and remarkable girl is no one else but Roberta Stidham. Activities, president of Girl Reserve, member Glee Club, Editorin Chief of Black Kat.

“Still waters run deepest,” and that is the way of Astor Hogg, who says little but hears much. He is on the spot when needed and has ever been a helpful ingredient which has gone to make up the senior class. Activities, the ladies’ man.

And here comes our dear little Gladys Hall, a perfect blond with demure dimples and glorious smiles to tinge the practical things of life with romance. Activities, member of Girl Reserve.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” just a roundabout way of saying that Nora Hall, with her blond beauty, will not cease to be a joy to us even after we have drifted out into the world. Member Girl Reserve.

How could we ever have done without this matterof fact boy with his wise remarks and his helpful suggestions? They call him Carl Taylor. Hunt him up. Activities, member Hi-Y and an old bachelor.

Lenville Kincer is an easy-going old sport who is as bright as he looks, and that’s a-plenty. Member of Hi-Y.

Abbot Holbrook has proved a faithful member who will be loved and remembered by all his classmates. Hi-Y member.

Good! The most original boy! The best sport! A friend to all! A contagious smile! A cheerful word! And have you not guessed? It’s Klair Back. Boys’ Hi-Y, Glee Club, Band, Joke Editor of Black Kat.

Emerson Yonts could well be termed “Old Standby” for he has stood by us though thick and thin and has helped our class to succeed in all that it has undertaken. “Gone, but not forgotten.” Activities, treasurer senior class, president of Boys’ Hi-Y and business manager of Black Kat.

Corinne Adams, with her soft, brown eyes and her blond hair, has captured our hearts and won our admiration. Treasurer Girl Reserve, member of Glee Club.

Lake Collins has proved a friend indeed, and with her sunny smiles and her cheerful disposition, has won a host of them. Activities, Girl Reserve.

Who could surpass Alta Logan with her jolly ways and her delightful chuckles? She has helped to make life brighter. Girl Reserve.

Yes, and here’s another who has added her share to joy and fun, with her witty remarks. Eva Morgan has produced much sunshine. Girl Reserve.

Who is this chap with his thoughtful look and his wise sayings? Benjamin Franklin? No. Andrew Franklin. Activities, Boys’ Hi-Y. ere

Th are such things in life that are precious and priceless and one of them is Lillian Fugate, a dainty Miss of 13, who has in some mysterious and unknown manner penetrated the vast realms of school life and has emerged victorious. Girl Reserve.

Here’s to Edith Baker, a charming wisp of a girl who can with one look from her frank, blue eyes transform an observer into an admirer. Member of Girl Reserve, secretary of senior class.

Eureka! The intelligence, the common sense and the talent of this modern boy, who calls himself Robert Bentley, has won admiration and respect. Activities, Athletic Reporter for Black Kat.

Who could ask for a better sport or a more handsome boy than Cecil Day, who has been worth his height in gold? Activities, Boys’ Hi-Y.

Like Brutus, he has the noblest of them all; how could we have been steered safely though our senior year if it had not been for Archie Craft, with his lively interest and his true sportsmanship? Activities, former Business Manager of Black Kat.

If you hear the soft caroling of a melodious voice and don’t know its owner, just search for a while and your gaze will alight upon a tumbled mass of goldenbrown curls encircling a piquant little face of which the owner is Miss Nora Polly. Member of Girl Reserve.

An ideal girl, who tries to make others happy regardless of herself, is Derella Mullins, and she succeeds so well that happiness reigns wherever we find her. Member Girl Reserve.

Woodrow Taylor, who left us at Christmas, is an intellectual little chap and has afforded lots of fun and pleasure. Boys’ Hi-Y.

Next to appear upon the scene is Ralph Brashear, tall, athletic and handsome, with a magnetic smile and penetrating blue eyes. Boys’ Hi-Y.

Could Wilgus Bowen be compared with Shakespeare’s Romeo? Probably for he is as good looking and has the grace and air of Romeo.

Edward Long is a boy of an individual type. He is fond of playing pranks, yet he is of a quiet and reserved nature which is rather deceiving and leads us to believe that mischief was the last art of nature, but beware! Member Hi-Y.

William Ford is a gallant youth who possesses the ingenuity and the ability to become as great as that other Ford. Boys’ Hi-Y.

Grover Taylor, with his twinkling brown eyes, is so mischievous that no one could help but laugh when he is near.

Clinton Kincer is another who was with us just half the year. He was an asset to his class and his helpfulness has been missed.

Who says that the little things are not the most important? At least our least is the most important. We wonder how so much common sense, so many brains, such a good disposition, such wonderful talents, so much laughter and joy and so much consideration for others could be encased in the one small person of Paul Vermillion. With all these wonderful qualities and a million more, he is an ideal boy. Activities, Hi-Y, Band, Glee Club, Vice- President of senior class.

An involuntary exclamation bursts from the lips of those who gaze upon the loveliness and sheer beauty of Golda Combs. Furthermore, her personality is just as wonderful. Member Girl Reserve.

Alvin Profitt is a conscientious worker who never shirks but takes an interest in his schoolwork.

We were all sorry to see little Nell Combs fall from the old ship and start a new kind of life so soon who stood at the head of her class. Activities, former assistant business manager of Black Kat, Girl Reserve.

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