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Moments and Memories of WHS

Senior class officers are (left to right) Emerson Spangle,r Treasurer; Cristi Honeycutt, Secretary; Missy Cook, Vice President; Yolanda Creech, President.

Senior class officers are (left to right) Emerson Spangle,r Treasurer; Cristi Honeycutt, Secretary; Missy Cook, Vice President; Yolanda Creech, President.


New English teacher is welcomed on hill

Whitesburg High School welcomed a new English Teacher this year. Replacing Mrs. Thomas is Ms. Debra Wright. Ms. Wright grew up at Payne Gap, Kentucky and attended Fleming-Neon High School. After graduation, she continued her education at Alice Lloyd College and Morehead State University, majoring in English and math.

Although Whitesburg High School was always her rival, she finds the students are more concentrated on their schoolwork and have more respect for themselves as well as their fellow classmates than what she had anticipated.

Future Homemakers attend Lees Junior College

The Whitesburg Chapter of Future Homemakers of America attended the Fall Regional Meeting at Lees Junior College Sept. 27, 1989. The purpose of the meeting was Officer Training Sessions. Regional Officers from nine counties, chapter officers from fourteen chapters, and advisors attended this meeting. Guest speakers were the State Secretary and State Treasurer of FHA.


The members from Whitesburg attending the meeting were President – Gina Sturgill; Vice-President – Jennifer Taylor; Secretary – Angel Adams; Treasurer – Tina Sexton; Reporter – Vanessa Adams; Historian – Sharon Short; Parliamentarian – Nikki Boggs; Recreation Leader – June Sexton. Gina Sturgill, Regional Secretary, and Angel Adams, Regional Recreation Leader, were in charge of training students in those offices. Lynn Maggard and Amy Banks attended the meeting as representatives of the club members.

Mountain Heritage chess tournament

This week was a landmark time in Letcher County. It not only marked the beginning of fall on the Autumn Equinox, the 22nd, but it also brought us to the end of the Mountain Heritage Festival. As the festival ended, we also saw the completion of the remaining tournaments. Included in these was the annual Mountain Heritage Chess Tournament.

Three students from WHS competed in this tournament, Joel Webber, Robert Soto, and Rory Caudill. Joel won the first-place trophy in the high school section, while Rory Caudill won second in the open section. Robert Soto also played in the open section.

Cross-country meet

The first cross-country meet of the 1989-90 season was held Sept. 9 at Asbury College.

The girls’ team finished seventh out of ten schools. They were led by the fourtime all-state runner Shondra Cates, who finished forty-first out of 150 runners. Other top finishers were seniors Lisa Wilcox, Heather Swisher, and Kathy Sparks.

The boys did extremely well, finishing eighth overall out of twelve schools. The boys’ top finishers were Mike Jacobs, Terry Hammonds, Mike Morris, Tim Pease, and Clay Howard.

The second meet of the season was held at J.J. Kelly High School in Wise, Va. The girls ran well, winning first place with a total score of 17, which was twelve points away from a perfect score. The team leader, Shondra Cates, came in first place. Heather Swisher, Amanda Boggs, Lisa Wilcox, Kathy Sparks, Hillary Swisher, and Rene Miles all placed in the top ten.

Mr. Craft joins staff of WHS faculty

Whitesburg High School has added a new science teacher to the faculty, Mr. Rocky Craft. He attended Whitesburg High School and graduated in 1983. He graduated from Alice Lloyd College in 1987 and worked at Knott Central High School as a substitute until 1989.

Mr. Craft married Michelle McCall on June 10 of this year. Some of you may remember Ms. McCall as a secretary for the guidance counselors.

Mr. Craft loves Whitesburg High School. He feels like it’s his home. He gets along with the teachers and students. He feels that he isn’t new anymore; he’s just a part of the school.

His interest includes fishing and hunting. He also plays musical instruments.

We, the staff of the Jacket Journal, would like to welcome Mr. Craft to our school and wish him a great first year.

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