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Moments and Memories of WHS



Some of the members of the senior class were:

Lillie Mae Banks – b. 7/3/1939: Ambition – Make plenty of money; Favorite song – “This Should Go on Forever”; Favorite Expression – I guess! Parting Advice to Underclassmen – Hope your days at WHS will be as joyful as mine have been.

Jack Bryant – b. 11/17/1940: Ambition – Announcer; Favorite song – “White Lightning”; Favorite Expression – Listen son! Parting Advice to Underclassmen – Don’t take English.

Rue Caudill – b. 7/ 16/ 1939: Ambition – Nurse, maybe a Doctor; Favorite Song – “There Will Never be Anyone Else But You”; Favorite Expression – Ah, bologna; Parting Advice to Underclassmen – Please, don’t get caught with correspondence courses.

William Lloyd Caudill – b. 4/23/1942: Ambition – Playboy; Favorite Song – “I Need Your Love”; Favorite Expression – Who me? Parting Advice to Underclassmen – Don’t take your gum to school hill.

Dora Jane Bolling – b. 3/15/1940: Ambition – To Go to the Moon; Favorite Song – What Am I Living For”; Favorite Expression – Boy, oh boy!

Edward Gay Fields – b. 5/2/1940: Favorite Song – “Who Cares?”; Favorite Expression – Wow, that’s mine.

Barbara Trent – b. 6/19/1941: Ambition – Algebra Teacher; Favorite Song – “Just a Matter of Time”; Favorite Expression – Gosh! Parting Advice to Underclassmen – Shun room six if possible.

 Richard Carter – b. 1/17/1940: Ambition – Test Pilot; Favorite Song – “All Shook Up”; Favorite Expression – Gee whiz; Parting Advice to Underclassmen – Study your Literature.

Helen Richardson – b. 01/10/1941: Ambition – To make a good wife; Favorite Song – “Nobody Else but You”; Favorite Expression – Good golly; Advice to Underclassmen – Be sure not to play hooky and get a diploma.

James Casolari – b. 12/02/1940: Ambition – To graduate; Favorite Song – “Charlie Brown” Favorite Expression – You don’t say; Advice to Underclassmen – Be good in Miss Raleigh’s class, and don’t sleep.

Maxine Smith – b. 05/24/1939: Ambition – Become a nurse; Favorite Song – “Nobody Else but You”; Favorite Expression – Oh, no; Advice to Underclassmen – Don’t get caught skipping class or you will get a vacation.

Tommy Jarrett – b. 07/06/1940: Ambition – Get rich; Favorite Song – “Love Me Tender”; Favorite Expression – “Gee – whiz”; Advice to Underclassmen – Get your lessons when they are assigned.

Mar y Frazier – b. 01/10/1942: Ambition – Teacher; Favorite Song – “Love You Most of All”; Favorite Expression – I’m here to tell you; Advice to Underclassmen – All seniors to check out the library book even if they aren’t going to read it.

Neal Caudill – b. 03/15/1941: Ambition – Get rich; Favorite Song – “Charlie Brown”; Favorite Expression – Do what! Advice to underclassmen – Always make good grades (like I did).

Mary Bradshaw – b. 09/14/1940: Ambition – Mary Paul Sparks; Favorite Song – “Only You”; Favorite Expression – Oh gosh; Advice to Underclassmen – If you want to save money, better not chew gum in Miss Raleigh’s class, or 20 cents she’ll get.

Carl Collins – b. 02/01/1940: Ambition – Test Pilot; Favorite Song – “Charlie Brown”; Favorite Expression – Aw, shut up; Advice to Underclassmen – Please be kind to Miss Raleigh.

 Miss Frazier wins cake baking contest

Miss Cheryl Kaye Frazier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Frazier, is the district winner in the Home Ec. I cake baking contest, which is sponsored by the Kentucky Power Company each year. There were twelve schools represented in the contest. Miss Frazier’s prize was a Sunbeam Mixmaster. Miss Ann Dugan was awarded a portable mixer as the teacher of the winner.

The Hazard District of Future Homemakers of America met Saturday, April 25, at Hindman.

The Theme was “F H.A. Wheel of Fashion.” Skits were presented by the different chapters of the wheel, namely: manners, clothing, health, management, behavior and grooming.

A very interesting panel discussion using the topic “The Kind of Girl I’d Like My Son to Marry” was presented by five mothers with Mrs. W.B. Hall as chairman and Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Skaggs, Mrs. Marcum and Mrs. Spurlock on the panel.

A style show was presented by girls from each chapter showing correct clothing for sports, street, school, church, formals and sleepwear.

 Whitesburg has two district officers: Miss Chesta Webb, secretary, and Miss Armenda Profitt, parliamentarian. There were eight girls attending from the Whitesburg chapter, also, Miss Ann Dugan, chapter advisor and Mrs. W. B. Hall.

(The above article from the April 30, 1959 Mountain Eagle)

Champion twirler

Miss Barbara Bentley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Bentley of Whitesburg, won first place in the 11-14 age group in the Tri-State Baton Twirling Contest held here this month. She won the state championship at the Kentucky Derby Festival in Louisville last spring in the same age group. She is a majorette with the Whitesburg High School Band.

(The above article from the February 26, 1959 Mountain Eagle)

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