Whitesburg KY

Moments and Memories of WHS



William Harold Craft, b. 5/17/45: Sweetheart – Olive Fields; Favorite Song – My Coloring Book; Ambition – To be an engineer; Parting Advice – Do unto others as they do unto you only do it first; Favorite T.V. Show – Beverly Hillbillies; Favorite Actor – Sandra Dee.

Darlene Adkins, b. 8/29/45: Sweetheart – William Blair; Favorite Song – Don’t Say Nothing Bad About My Baby; Ambition – Beautician; Parting Advice – Have as much fun as possible, you’re only a high school senior once; Favorite T.V. Show – Andy Williams Show; Favorite Actor – Fabian.

Doug Ison, b. 9/18/45: Sweetheart – Rosa Lea Bates; Favorite Song – Baby Work Out; Ambition – Big time spender; Parting Advice – Be a Casanova all your life; Favorite T.V. Show – Car 54; Favorite Actor – B.B.

Saundra Whitson, b. 1/ 10/ 45: Sweetheart – Buddy Spangler; Favorite Song – Twenty Miles; Ambition – Attend college at L.M.U. and take my pick; Parting Advice – Have fun, you’re only a senior once; Favorite T.V. Show – Ozzie and Harriet; Favorite actor – Ricky Nelson.

Bruce Sexton, b. 03/26/45: Sweetheart – Sharlet Breeding; Favorite Song – I Can’t Stop Loving You; Ambition – To become a teacher; Favorite T.V. Show – Eleventh Hour; Favorite Actor – Liz Taylor; Parting Advice – Have fun before you are a senior because then you have to really work — go on your trip.

Joyce Coleen Rogers, b. 8/14/45: Sweetheart – Watson Bentley; Favorite Song – Ginny Come Lately; Ambition – To become a beautician and marry a rich man; Favorite T.V. Show – Beverly Hillbillies; Favorite Actor – Alan Ladd; Parting advice – Skip all you can but don’t get caught.

Gary Pace, b. 6/12/45: Sweetheart – Brenda Sue Collins; Favorite Song – Here I am Drunk Again; Ambition – Attend college and become an engineer, get married and enjoy life; Parting Advice – Have fun but also study. The more you work; the easier work becomes. (Do what you please but don’t get caught); Favorite T.V. Show – Empire; Actor – John Wayne.

Pebble Kiser, b. 03/23/44: Favorite Song – You’re the Reason I’m Living; Ambition – To go to business school and be a millionaire; Parting Advice – Study and keep your grades up, but have a good time all four years of school. Be sure you go on the senior trip; Favorite T.V. Show – Bonanza; Favorite Actor – Troy Donahue.

 Talbert Frazier, b. 10/20/46: Sweetheart – Sonja Boggs; Favorite Song – If You Want to be Happy; Ambition – To be wealthy and successful; Favorite T.V. Show – Beverly Hillbillies; Favorite actor – Juliet Prowse; Parting Advice – Really live your senior year and make what you can of it, have a ball. You know what I mean.

Maurleen Collier, b. 12/5/44: Sweetheart – Colan Collins; Favorite Song – Let’s Go Steady Again; Ambition – To make a good housewife; Parting Advice – You can still go on your senior trip and be engaged and not break up. (And have a ball!); Favorite T.V. Show – Bonanza; Favorite Actor – Tony Curtis.

Roger Blair, b. 01/20/45: Sweetheart – Sherry Conaster; Favorite Song – Pipeline; Ambition – Orthodontist; Favorite T.V. Show – Walt Disney; Favorite Actor – Ann-Margret.

Lovell Marie Crase, b. 6/22/45: Sweetheart – Budky McIntyre; Favorite Song – Down Yonder; Ambition – Go to college and become a Home Ec. teacher; Favorite T.V. Show – Beverly Hillbillies; Favorite Actor – Marlon Brando; Parting Advice – Be good.


Danny Lucas, we see you look happy these days. Could it be because of Lavonia Morgan?

Pat Sturgill, we hear you will hate to see graduation come. Why? Could it be because all the good-looking boys will be graduating?

Cleta, don’t you know you are supposed to say “Yes” sometime? Don’t let Winston be a bachelor the rest of his days. Go ahead, we know it’s the real thing.

Well, Maurleen, will you be wearing more than the engagement ring after school is out? Good luck to you and Colan.

Have you noticed it seems to be the real thing for Jackie Walker and Gerald? Good luck.

Hey! Judy Wright, we hear you are getting letters from Germany, could it be by Paul Pike?

Paul Prince, the Kat would like to know why the band trips aren’t so interesting any more. Could it be because Michael Bentley and Barbara Yinger are going steady?

Why did Pebble have such a good trip? Could one reason be Elman Blair.

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