Whitesburg KY

Moments and Memories of WHS


Part I of the 
Senior Class Will 

I, Kirk Cornett, will my backhanded spring to Stephanie Reedy, my toe-touch to Kim Wright.

I, Kim Lucas, will my ability to make my boyfriend pick just me instead of three or four girls to Kim Wright.

I, Donna Brown, will my ability of being daddy’s little angel and getting along with everyone to Shelley Cook.

I, Candy Kincer, will my ability to gain an extended vacation on the senior trip to Nikki Boggs.

We, the Goonies, will our ability to party to no one; we’re taking it with us.

We, Tammy Callihan and Wanda Fields, will our ability to pick on Sgt. Downs to Janice Watts.

I, Kelvin Polly, will my ability to hit trucks head on, tear off fenders and not hurt little Mark Caudill; and to top that not even stop and call the cops, to all accident victims to come. I, Jennifer Sexton, will my natural blonde hair to Misty Breeding.

I, Mark Caudill, will my height to Scott Boggs because he needs it.

I, Craig Ison, will my parking space to Joe Baker; but be careful it’s right beside Mr. Jones.

I, Beth Shepherd, will to my brother Everett a girlfriend, unlike the others who have made him feel unloved and disrespected.

I, Dale Thomas, will my ability to throw an average of two interceptions per game to Lenville Bates. I think it will be a turn for the better.

I, Stephanie Collins, will my French perfection to Darin Combs and my ability to sneak in and out of a window in less than five minutes to Matthew Polly.

I, Mike Burton, will Heather Swisher the ability to make Mike McCall paranoid while dipping Skoal in class.

I, Ronnie Sexton, will my ability to argue with the teachers to Randy Hammonds.

I, Johnny Reynolds, will my love for the Louisville Cardinals to Keith Arroz.

I, Allen Sexton, will my party time to Shawn Cook.

I, Renee Sexton, will my ability to fight and win to Dana Patterson!

 We, Karen Short and Tracie Boggs, will our ability to stay on the elevator on the senior trip and not get off on the ninth floor to Nikki Williams and Jennifer Short.

I, Bart Frazier, will a carton of eggs to Eric Polly; I also will Jacket Joker to Joel Webber.

I, Greg Hampton, will my ability to drive safely to Brian Tidd because he needs it.

I, Mike Frazier, will my charm to Manny Morrell because he has no style at all.

Beta Club news

The Beta Club has chosen its new members. They were chosen based on grades and grade point average. There are 27 new members this year. Stephanie Wright, Amy Patterson, Tracy McBee, Charles Matthews, Bobby Bentley, Bart Frazier, Shelly Jackson, Keith Rose, Sandy Meade, Karen Short, Jeff Hylton, William Bledsoe, Elanor Abalos, Rosa Halcomb, Joel Webber, Elijah Fleming, Jimmy Hall, Matthew Polly, Chuck Noble, Jerry Nantz, Shawna Benge, Melissa Adams, Chris Perry, Travis Bagby, Cyndee Reynolds, Craig Abinatti, and Ray Collins were all selected.

The Beta Club will attend the National Beta Club Convention on Dec. 2 in Louisville. During the Mountain Heritage, the Beta Club, along with the academic team parked cars to raise money. There will be other fundraisers during the year .

Dear Santa, please bring me . . .

A diamond watch, fur coat, diamond ring, bracelet and gorgeous eyes! Signed: Lisa Caudill.

Anything but I prefer a red convertible IROC-Z with a black top (five speed). Signed Kim Brown.

A good- looking girlfriend and a car to drive her in. Signed Tom Brennan.

A new car and a new wardrobe. Merry Christmas, Santa! Signed Tracy McBee.

A Ferri 380 GTS and a Ferri Testerosa, and also if possible, a Lamborghini. P.S. Also an exception letter from the University of Kentucky. Signed Hatler Kiser.

Whatever you want, because I am not picky. Signed Jamie Stidham.

A trip to the Bahamas, Good Education, Diploma, and a Scholarship to Alice Lloyd College. Signed Tra- vis Day.

A new house for when I get married. Signed Cynthia McCall.

Two plane tickets to Hawaii and a lot of money. Signed Colin Fultz.

A 350 Warrior 4-wheeler. Signed, Toby Maggard.

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