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More of the senior will 

I, Missy Polly, will my wits and charm to my cousin Linda Newman. I, Adrienne Spangler, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Renee Hart who needs it. I, Elizabeth Decker, will my ability to make good grades in English to Darhonda Brashears. I, Michelle Reedy, will my ability to be late for homeroom every morning and not get in trouble to Tim Smith. I, Dougie Holbrook, will all my t-shirts to Randall Sexton. I, Mark Cook, will my ability to have a party that ends with a boom to Eddie Morton. I, John Adams, leave my ability to run the halls and get away with it to Donnie Boggs. I, Mary Combs, will my favorite sitting spot in the bathroom to Melissa Maggard. I, Jeff Brashears, will my nonexistent place on the honor roll to Rick Brashears. We, Leshia Adams and Cora Morton, will our ability to put up with Mr. Welch’s rotten jokes to Tabitha Mullins. I, Thelma Witt, will my ability to eat well at Wendy’s after ballgames to Sandy Brown. I, Teresa Wright, will my seat in nursing to Darhonda Brashears. I, Gloria Terracciano, will my credits in English to my sister, Alicia. I, Telena Short, will my ability to skip school and to lie in the sun without getting caught to Mary Page Polly, in hopes that she’ll have a great suntan for the prom. I, Jerry Shepherd, will my ability to leave the school hill and not return to Jamie Creech, in hopes that he is as successful as I was. I, Karen Buntin, will my ability to quit track after getting the 110 percent award to Rhonda Burke. We, Greg Burton and Greg Lucas, will our ability to give Mrs. Day a hard time to Jeff Collier and Jimmy Stephens. I, Pamela Adams, will my ability to endure D.A. Combs’s insults with dignity to Lisa Jenkins and my ability to sleep through pre-calculus and still make A’s to Mary Page Polly. I, Carolyn Sargent, hereby will my relationship with my best friend to Travis in hopes that they get along better.

Prophecy for the
Class of ’83

 The year is 2003 and the Whitesburg High School Class of 1983 has just had its 20-year reunion. We, D.A. Combs and Mister Polly, have complied an alphabetical list of the class members and their respective occupations.

Betsy Adams has just had her first country hit, called “The Tears of My Heart Run Washed Out the Bridge of My Nose.”

Damaris Adams is now a famous painter living in Paris, France.

Leshia Adams and Cora Morton now own their own Yearbook company called the Good Book Year Company.

Ricky D. Adams makes baseball caps.

Ricky G. Adams now has his own line of fishing rods and reels called E-Z Catch.

Barry Amburgey is the proud owner of Whitesburg’s second McDonald’s.

Mark Bates landed the Space Shuttle 797 on Mars three years ago and is now trying to find his way back.

Gary Boggs became the first USFL football player to have his jersey retired. No one else wanted the number after he finished.

Patricia Baker is now in charge of the Red Cross in the Eastern United States.

Tiphanie Bates is now doing M&M’s commercials, her one line being “Bok! Bok! Thanks Easter Bunny!”

Jimmy Benson is responsible for Mark Bates being lost. He told him to take a right turn instead of a left.

Laronda Baker just opened up twin cinemas at Colson.

Judy Bentley is writing her autobiography.

Rhonda Bentley is now a hairstylist at Command Performance.

Juanita Boggs has invented a self-propelled vacuum cleaner.

Roger Boggs just received his master’s degree from Alice Lloyd College in Plantology.

Barbara Boyd now lives in Pittsburgh, Pa., and is vice president of a steel company.

Heather Bradshaw lives in Louisville, and is an avid Louisville fan.

Jeff Bradshears is now writing army books with help from Marty Brown.

Tommy Brashears now owns the Ford dealership in Whitesburg and is in direct competition with Timothy Brown, who owns the GM dealership.

Karen Buntin became the first woman president of Eastern Kentucky University.

Faculty edges seniors in O.T.

The annual student-faculty basketball game was held on Monday, May 2, pitting the seniors, winners of the interclass tournament, against a team composed of some of the school’s more athletic faculty members.

The seniors made it into the game by first defeating the juniors, and then the sophomores. The teams were composed of students who did not play on the school’s basketball team.

The seniors vs. faculty game was a very physical one, with most of the fouls being called against the seniors. The senior team, ably coached by Donald McCall and Mark Powell, got into foul trouble early in the game, but still managed to hold a comfortable lead at halftime.

Not to be outfoxed, faculty coach Buddy Roe apparently gave his team some much-needed words of encouragement during halftime. Though crippled by the loss of Mr. Henrikson, a major factor in last year’s faculty win, the faculty team managed to pull out another victory in overtime.

The new vice-principal, Mr. Slone, showed what he was made of, sinking some crucial baskets in the second half. Slone stole the show with a deadly series of baskets from the foul line area and also pulled down a few rebounds.

The game was a very exciting one, and it was a tough contest right down to the wire. The faculty team won by a 5-point margin in overtime.

Classics dropped

The English Department has dropped the “Classics” course, a grueling nine-week course in which students read several books considered to be masterpieces of world literature. Department Chairperson Mrs. Lester says that the books normally read during Classics will be absorbed into other English classes. The nine-week spot previously occupied by Classics will be filled by Grammar III, which Mrs. Lester says will help boost the ACT scores of WHS juniors and seniors.

Students provide their definition of Friendship Is . . . Candi Banks-A big hug at the end of a bad day. Judy Wright-Being there during the good and bad times. Donald Blair-Having someone you can go to with your problems. Angie Brashears-Listening when I needed you. Renna Sexton- Being together at special times. Missy Starnes-Caring for the other instead of yourself. Carolyn Frazier- Having someone to cheer you up when you’re blue. Jim Sergent-Someone to do things with when you get bored. Monick Wampler-People who are always there for each other. Michelle Ihrig-Being able to confide in someone. Tabitha Mullins-Finding comfort in a friend’s words. Mark Sturgill-The special closeness between two people. Mark Boggs-Sticking together through thick and thin. Peggy Wagner-Being able to keep a secret. Jamie Estep-Having a shoulder to cry on. Pat Sturgill-Sharing your blanket with someone at a cold game. Debbie Imperial-Sharing your Coke with someone that has a cold.

(The above articles from the 1982-83 Black Kat Newspapers and the 1983 Yellowjacket Yearbook)

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