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Moments and Memories of WHS


Squads places second 

Whitesburg High School cheerleaders won second place overall in competition at East Tennessee State University. The cheerleaders spent one week at camp this summer. After many hours spent in the hot summer sun, all their hard work finally paid off. W.H.S. cheerleaders won “best” pompom routine; they only lost District Champs by three-fourths of a point. All in all, the cheerleaders succeeded in winning four spirit sticks, the maximum number awarded to any one squad, and they also won all “superior” ribbons except for one which was excellent. The cheerleaders have been working very hard to get ready for competition in Richmond in November. After this they will go to the nationals in Greenville, South Carolina. This is a step forward for W.H.S. cheerleaders.

Freshmen toured

Orientation for next year’s freshmen was held May 13 at W.H.S. Approximately 250 eighth-grade students attended. Schools represented included Colson, Cowan, Eolia, Kingdom Come, Martha Jane Potter, and Whitesburg Middle School. The Master of Ceremonies was Chris Combs. Devotional was given by Vicki Johnson. Larry Ison, assistant principal, welcomed the students. The group singing was performed by Melinda Combs and Rhea Collins. Teresa Nichols discussed the courses available at Whitesburg. Myra Corello informed the students of extracurricular activities.

Greg Hogg and Nancy Huff discussed sports, while Delana Ison and Margie Hogg told the students about cheerleading. Lisa Bentley provided information on the Band. Beverly Fields explained the school publications. James Snell discussed the vocational school. Sherry Waller gave a speech on why students should remain in school.

The students were given a tour of the Whitesburg High School. They became acquainted with the location of the classrooms and were introduced to the teachers. Lunch was served in the cafeteria before the students were dismissed.

Four place

Friday, April 17, at the math contest at Cumberland College at Williamsburg, the following students received awards: Robert Gatton: a certificate for third place on the Algebra I test. Ray Gish: a plaque for second place on the Geometry test. Kitty Gish: a certificate for fifth place on the Algebra II test. Kim Arthur: a plaque for second place on the Advanced Math test. Whitesburg High School received the second place school certificate.

Whitesburg wins game

Whitesburg won its first district game with an impressive 33-0 victory over Johns Creek. The game took place Friday, Sept. 12, with Whitesburg obviously taking advantage of the home field.

 The Jackets proved to be too much for the Bearcats to handle. Mike Baker had 6 points but the extra point attempt failed. Baker had 5 carries for 46 yards. David Holbrook added a touchdown and also completed a 2-point conversion. He carried the ball 12 times for 113 yards. Morgan Blair came through with a touchdown and had 56 yards in 9 carries. Total yards rushing was 268.

Mark Bates completed a pass to Stephen Burke that was good for 6. Mark also completed 3 of 5 passes for 66 yards and added a touchdown on his own. Mark Powell entered the game to complete 5 out of 10 passes for 56 yards. Total yards passing was 122. Charlie Gibson kicked one extra point in the game.

The Jackets’ defense had a great night holding the Bearcats scoreless. Billy Smallwood led the Jackets in tackles with 7 and assisted in 2 others. Morgan Blair had 5 tackles while assisting in 4. Morgan and Ricky Smith each had a pass interception.

(The above articles from the 1981 Yellowjacket Yearbook and Black Kat Newspapers)

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