Whitesburg KY

Moments and Memories of WHS


Happiness is… 

The yearbook staff asked students to complete this phrase. Here are some of the answers they received. Happiness is – Going steady with two boys, one attending vocational school in the morning, and the other attending in the afternoon. Finding a wallet on the street with $5.00 inside and no identification card. Sliding down the walk from the high school building to the English building in the winter. Running yourself to death in the evening in hopes you’ll get a seat on the bus. Walking down the hall without getting elbowed, kicked, or stepped on. Receiving a grade you didn’t expect. Not having to borrow paper from a classmate every day. Knowing how to do your math homework without cheating. Failing a test when the teacher says it doesn’t count. Filling in all the blanks on Mrs. Day’s health test. Getting to go on the senior trip. Sharing one’s food in the lunchroom.

Freshman Orientation Day held

On May 6, 1971 at 9:30 a.m. in the grade school auditorium Freshman Orientation Day was held on the WHS campus. The purpose of Orientation Day is to acquaint incoming freshman from various grade schools in the county with the WHS campus before the fall term. Orientation Day began with an assembly in the grade school auditorium. Master of Ceremonies for the event was Eddie Newell. Devotional was given by Chester Holbrook, welcome by Vice-Principal U.G. Horn, and group singing by Myra Alice Wright and Jayne Robinson. Speakers and their subjects of discussion were: Nancy Kaye Adams-extracurricular activities; Jenny Burkich-school publications; Bill Martin Collins-a freshman’s view of WHS; Dean Collins-why stay in school; Eddie Fields-sports; Judy Fleenor-school regulations; Pam Honeycutt-band; Billy Ison-vocational school; Susan Smith-cheerleading; Linda Tyree-history of WHS; Wayne Watts-course of study; Mike Wright-don’t waste your time in school.  

Tours of the campus began at 11 a.m. Students were divided into sections with each group having a senior as a guide. After the tour of the campus and lunch students returned to the auditorium for a band concert presented by the WHS Band with Miss Mina Breeding, as director. The WHS Chorus sang, Where Do I Begin, theme from Love Story, Can’t Help Loving That Man, One Hand, One Heart. Members of the chorus are Teresa Caudill, Sharon Hansel, Judy Fleenor, Joyce McCall, Rosetta Kiser, Sue Newsome, Opal Lewis, and Jayne Robinson on piano. Sharon Hansel, Teresa Caudill, Judy Fleenor and Jill Brown entertained the students with their version of We Are One In the Spirit.

(The above articles from the 1971 Yellowjacket Yearbook and Black Kat newspapers)

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