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Moments and Memories of WHS



Donald Brown: Favorite Food and Drink-Oysters and Country Club; Favorite singer-B.F. Franklin; Pet Peeve-Mrs. Franklin; Song-Amazing Grace by Mr. Preston

Karen Martin: Favorite Food and Drink-Fried chicken and Iced Tea; Favorite singer-Percy Sledge; Secret Ambition-To become a registered nurse; Pet Peeve-Would you believe this?; Favorite Song-Sweet Dreams.

Patricia Holbrook: Favorite Food and Drink-Hamburger, French Fries and Pepsi; Favorite Singer-Jim Nabors, Nancy Sinatra; Secret Ambition-Work in the Peace Corps; Pet Peeve-For people to gossip; Favorite Song-So Happy Together.

Lana Watts: Favorite Food and Drink-Pizza and Mountain Dew; Favorite Singer-The Supremes; Secret Ambition-Airline Stewardess; Pet Peeve-Troublemakers; Favorite Song-Good-Night My Love

Elaine Eldridge: Favorite Food and Drink-Pizza, Strawberry Ice Cream and Pepsi; Favorite Song-I Think We’re Alone Now; Favorite Singer-Tena Mason; Secret Ambition-Private Secretary; Pet Peeve-Homework.

Larry Sparks: Favorite Food and Drink-Pizza and Pepsi; Favorite Singer-Percy Sledge; Secret Ambition-It is a secret; Pet Peeve-Chewing Gum; Favorite Song-Warm and Tender Love

Joe Fields: Favorite Food and Drink-Steak and Water; Favorite singer-Monkees; Secret Ambition-Be a Millionaire; Pet Peeve-When I want it, I can’t get it; Favorite Song-Girl Watchers Theme.

Faye Burke: Favorite Food and Drink-Potato Salad and Coke; Favorite Song-Baby I Need Your Loving; Favorite Singer-Johnny Rivers; Ambition-Hairdresser; Pet Peeve-Anne Mae Burke.

Evelyn Sexton: Favorite Food and Drink-Cheeseburgers and Milk; Favorite Singer-Monkees; Secret Ambition-I’ll Never Tell; Pet Peeve-Going to study hall; Favorite Song-Coming Home Soldier.

William Collins: Favorite Food and Drink-Rice and Pepsi; Favorite Song-Bring It On Home to Me; Favorite Singer-Percy Sledge; Secret Ambition-Actor; Pet Peeve- Gabby Women.

 Rosemary Ingram: Favorite Food and Drink-Spaghetti, Banana Split and Pepsi; Favorite Singer-Dean Martin; Secret Ambition-Laboratory Technician; Pet Peeve-Quizzes; Favorite Song-My Cup Runneth Over.

Linda Holbrook: Favorite Food and Drink-Ham and Coke; Favorite Singer-Loving Spoonfuls, Secret Ambition-To Be A Secret Agent; Pet Peeve-Can’t get a date with James Bond; Favorite Song-Secret Agent Man.

Whitesburg High School Beta Club Says “Thank You” to Mrs. Stephen Combs for her work: The Beta Club of Whitesburg High School gave a benefit talent program recently, using as their theme the Valentine holiday. Miss Karen Martin was emcee for the show, which was a hilarious affair. At the conclusion of the program Miss Martin presented their sponsor, Mrs. Stephen Combs, with an attractive pin and praised her highly for her outstanding work and helpfulness to members of the club through the years. Mrs. Combs is retiring as club sponsor and is taking a leave of absence from her work as high school teacher.

(The above article from the February 2, 1967 Mountain Eagle)

At the mock Youth Legislature held in Frankfort last Saturday, Gerald Combs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Forrester Combs, was appointed to the cabinet as Senate Minority Leader. He received a plaque for outstanding leadership in the mock Senate. This is the first time anyone from Whitesburg has been so honored at the Youth Assembly. Both the Tri Hi Y and the Hi Y worked their Senate bill through both houses and committees to have it vetoed by the Governor. This was outstanding because only five bills reached the Governor, two being vetoed and three passed.

(The above article from the April 13, 1967 Mountain Eagle)

Graduation Friday: One hundred eighty-six seniors will receive diplomas at commencement exercises at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Whitesburg High School.

Dr. Mahlon Miller, president of Union College, Barbourville, will deliver the commencement address.

Valedictorians of the 1967 class are Stephen Combs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Combs of Marlowe, and Judy Hammock, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hammock of Whitesburg.

Seniors have returned from the annual trip to Washington, D.C. and New York City and have held their annual prom.

This week they are winding up schoolwork and receiving copies of the Yellowjacket, the school yearbook.

(The above article from the May 18, 1967 Mountain Eagle)

Happiness Is: Doing things for others-Vivian Rose Fields; Being healthy and doing things you enjoy Nova Fields; Receiving something you have been wanting all your life-Jewell Collins; Being able to move about freely-Carolyn Colinger; A state of mind that makes all the everyday problems and difficulties seem small-Jenny Galloway; Being able to share your love with others-Marie Ann Bentley; Having parents who love and protect you-Mary Cornett; Being able to go home from school and eat supper, wash dishes, and get ready to go to the ballgame, all in one night-Bernita Whitaker; Staying up late and watching TV or going on a hunting or fishing trip –Darius Fugate; The last day of school-Gale Collins; Coming home to a sweet little mother and father and knowing that regardless of the many mistakes you make they’ll be there by your side-Donna Webb; Liking and being liked; or a cool breeze on a hot summer day-Karen Whitaker

The Whitesburg Yellowjackets, trying to prove who were the best Yellowjackets, defeated the Hindman Yellowjackets, 72-60. At the end of the first quarter, Whitesburg led by a small margin of four point (15-11). At halftime Hindman was in the lead by three points (31-28). At the end of the third quarter Whitesburg was back in the lead by fourteen points (51-37). We kept in the lead through the fourth quarter with a win of twelve points. Ricky Collins led in scoring with 24 points. Next was William Wright with sixteen points, Bobby Blair with fourteen, Chalmer Craft with twelve, and Jay Fields with five. Rickey and Bobby led in rebounding with fourteen rebounds each.

(The above articles from the 1966-67 Black Kat Newspapers)

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