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Moments and Memories of WHS




More of the Class Will

I, Robert Spangler, will my buff body to Todd and Travis Maggard.

I, Jill Adams, will the ability to shut his mouth to Brandon Cook.

I, Lisa Frazier, will my ability to keep my mouth shut to Tonya Kiser.

We, Tabitha Brown and Angie Burton, will the ability to find a girlfriend his age to Travis Bolling.

I, Roger Day, will my devoted love and caring heart to Karen Evans.

I, Kris Watts, will the ability to grow hair to Audie Fields.

I, Lathie Bolling, will all my book collections to Wendy Keel.

I, Eric Collins, will my ability to irritate anyone in under 5 minutes to Eric Collins, the underclassman.

More of the Class Prophecies

Charles Vance will be a preacher.

Cindy Begley will reach the height of 5’1”.

Kim Fleming will be a fighter on national television.

In ten years Rebecca Meade will still be working in the office and talking on the intercom.

Bridgette Sexton will be run over by a shopping cart at Super Thrift.

Renae and Shawn will be managers of Super 8 and hand out keys.

Felisha Ison will work at the health department.

David Cook is still wrecking cars.

Melody Sexton will dress as Bugs Bunny to take pictures with kids at Warner Brothers Studios.

Tennille Blair will become the first woman on Orlando’s basketball team.

Amy Banks will be a mime on the streets of New York.

“I Wonder” by the editor of The Jacket Journal

As graduation approaches, I wonder where we’ll be in ten years. Will any of us still be friends? Will any of today’s couples be together then?

With the excitement of graduation, college, and the beginning of a new life comes the sadness of leaving the old one behind. As my mother and I look through her old yearbooks I hear her endless chatter of, “That’s your friend so and so’s dad. He married this girl on page…” or “That’s Bob, he passed away last spring.” As I look at her face, watching as each emotion passes with each memory, I wonder if one day my daughter will sit beside me as I recall my high school years.

Looking toward the future, I smile at the thought of my friends becoming doctors, teachers, and politicians. Then I’m saddened by the thought of the fate that some of us will suffer, an early death, divorce, failure.

So, fellow seniors, our futures are beginning soon. I wish everyone the best of luck. I hope each and every one lives a storybook life with a happily ever after ending. God bless you all.

(The above articles from the Yellowjacket Yearbook and The Jacket Journal Newspaper)

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