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Moments and Memories of WHS



Senior Will-Part III 

I, Monica Eldridge, will Kathy Napier my ability to get through school without killing anyone.

I, Thomas Collins, will Mrs. Roark my artistic ability.

I, Markie Halcomb, will all the underclassmen my dark skin so they don’t have to go to the tanning bed.

I, Anthony Hall, will Chris Caudill my driving and skipping abilities.

I, Everett Shepherd, will Owen Gibson my muscles so he can go on the weight meets next year.

I, Jessie Richmond, will Mr. Williams my collection of tank tops.

I, James Sexton will Anthony Lewis my ability to build an awesome, overpowered Dodge.

I, June Michele Sexton, will whomever my ability to keep Mr. Gibson in line.

I, Sheila Smith, will Lisa Brown my ability to be nice.

I, Jennifer Stephens, will Rhonda Todd my straight hair.

I, Jessica Webb, will Stanley Shelton my nice and clean lockers in the top of the annex building.

I, Deanna Nichols, will April Hogg to skip Pep Band and go to Fleming-Neon ballgames.

I, Stephanie Pease, will Scott Collins my ability to park without getting caught.

We, LeAnna Tolliver and Jennifer Taylor, will Betty King and Lena Gibson our ability to laugh at Mrs. Sparks’s corny jokes.

I, Anna Slone, will Michelle Collins my close friendship with Everett Shepard.

DECA holds awards banquet 

On May 11, the Whitesburg High School DECA held their annual banquet. After weeks of preparation, the banquet was a success. The chapter chose as their theme, “DECA, the Key to a Successful Tomorrow.” There were over 250 students, merchants, teachers, parents and school officials present. President Brian Sumpter opened the meeting and gave a very warm welcome. A slide presentation was shown of regional, state and national winners. Merchants were then recognized for their continuing help to the DECA program. A local school board member, Ray Back, was also given a briefcase for his support of the DECA Chapter. President of FHA, Gina Sturgill, gave a welcome on behalf of her Chapter. Senior members were presented with DECA pens by the Chapter Advisor, Bennett Welch.  Parents of those seniors graduating were then recognized and given a rose. The farewell was then given and Mr. Welch was given a plaque with all the seniors’ pictures on it.

Newly elected officers for next year were installed. They were: President-Brian Sumpter; Vice-President- Jim Scott; Secretary-Doris Bowman; Reporter-Honey Sergent; Treasurer-Janice Smith; Parliamentarian- Michele Maggard.

Cross country meet

The first cross-country meet of the 1989-90 season was held Sept. 9 at Asbury College in Lexington.

The girls finished seventh out of 10 schools. They were led by the four-time all-state runner Shondra Cates, who finished 41st out of 150 runners. Other top finishers were seniors Lisa Wilcox, Heather Swisher, and Kathy Sparks.

The boys did extremely well, finishing eighth overall out of twelve schools. The boys’ top finishers were Mike Jacobs, Terry Hammonds, Mike Morris, Tim Pease, and Clay Howard.

The second meet of the season was held at J.J. Kelly High School in Wise, Virginia. The girls ran well, winning first place with a total score of 17, which was 12 points from a perfect score. The team leader, Shondra Cates, came in first place. Heather Swisher, Amanda Boggs, Lisa Wilcox, Kathy Sparks, Hillary Swisher, and Renee Miles all placed in the top ten.

The boys, also performing well, placed second out of five schools. The boys were led by Mike Morris, who finished fourth. Mike Jacobs, Tim Pease, and Terry Hammonds finished fifth, sixth, and seventh respectively.

(The above articles from the 1990 Yellowjacket Yearbook and the Jacket Journal Newspaper)

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