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Moments and Memories of WHS



What is your best pickup line you have ever used? Top three responses: 1.) Milk has done your body good. 2.) Are you tired? “Why?” ‘Cause you been running through my mind all day. 3.) Did it hurt? “What?” When you fell from heaven.

What is the favorite pep rally activity? 1.) Fleming-Neon rallies. 2.) Building class pyramids. 3.) Cheerleaders.

Have you ever faked an illness so that you could stay home because you didn’t study for a test? Out of 125 students, 85% said yes; 15% said no.

Top three snow day activities: 1.) Sleeping late. 2.) Watching TV. 3.) Playing in the snow.

As you enter your senior year, what is the one thing you look forward to the most? 1.) Graduation. 2.) Senior trip. 3.) Parking on the school hill. 4.) Ruling the school.

How do you get up in the morning for school? Out of 100 people surveyed: 65% said their parents woke them, 32% said their alarm clock, 3% said they woke up on their own.

What do you know now that you wish you would have known when you were a freshman? 1.) There were really no elevators. 2.) You are not allowed to go downtown for lunch. 3.) Don’t pick on seniors. 4.) Don’t try to impress anyone.

What is the most creative excuse you’ve ever used for being late to class? 1.) The bell rang before I got here. 2.) I was in the bathroom. 3.) I had locker problems.

What has been the most difficult adjustment you have had to make coming to high school? 1.) Finding my way to class. 2.) Getting used to more people. 3.) More homework. 4.) Longer classes.

What was the biggest news topic this year? 1.) Clinton and Lewinsky. 2.) Mono. 3.) McGuire and Sosa. 4.) School shootings.

When you walk into a class and there is a substitute teacher, what is your first thought? 1.) Easy class. 2.) Nap time. 3.) Free day.

Famous Bart Frazier Quotes: “I’m on my soapbox again”. “Take out your Illustrious ever-expanding boundaries of knowledge.”

An interview with Mrs. Thelma Garrett on her yearbook dedication:

1. What has been your saddest moment at W.H.S.? The loss of Lorna Dixon, a fellow teacher.

2. What has been your most embarrassing moment? I came to school with a pair of bedroom shoes on which had a hole in the toe.

3. What made you want to become a teacher? I love children and have always loved books.

4. If you could give one piece of advice for future teachers, what would it be? Be patient, kind, and treat all kids the same. Never give up on a child.

5. After retirement, what do you feel you will miss the most about W.H.S? The students and the “family” of teachers I have come to love and respect.

6. If you could change one aspect of W.H.S. what would it be? I would have all the students loving to read.

7. How do you feel teaching has inspired your life? Teaching has taught me that life goes much better when students want to learn. Teaching has also made me a more understanding, accepting person.

(The above articles from the 1999 Yellowjacket Yearbook)

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