Whitesburg KY

Moments and Memories of WHS


To The Cumberlands

Beautiful mountains, how proud you rise.

Your lofty summits, they touch the skies.

Your rugged cliffs and wild grapevines,

Your charming peaks all covered with pines,

Your beautiful forms ‘neath a silvery moon,

‘Twas only those that attracted Boone.

‘Twas you Pine Mountains and your foothills,

Your winding brooks and gushing rills,

All filled with fish in waters clear,

All those so attracted the pioneer

That Kenton, Hooker, and Daniel Boone

Made you their choice, made you their home.

Beautiful mountains! God’s masterpiece!

Bargain with no other for my release.

Ever keep me where true love abounds

In hearts proportioned to thy mounds.

Let me always wander along thy creeks,

And winding paths to all thy peaks,

Where the purest air and sunshine divine

Embrace the form of the Lonesome Pine.

William Leonard Stallard

Former WHS Faculty Member

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