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Moments and Memories of WHS




Gerald Combs receives honor 

At the mock Youth Legislature held in Frankfort last Saturday, Gerald Combs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Forrester Combs, was appointed to the cabinet as Senate Minority Leader. He received a plaque for outstanding leadership in the mock Senate. This is the first time anyone from Whitesburg has been so honored at the Youth Assembly. Both the Tri-Hi-Y and the Hi-Y worked their Senate bill through both houses and committees to have it vetoed by the Governor. This was outstanding, because only five Senate bills reached the Governor, two being vetoed and three passed.

Prayer – By Nika Stallard

She was too young to understand/ The problems of the World/But with bowed head and folded hand/She whispered to her Lord.

Her words lacked the eloquence/of Senators and such/But it was plain for all to see/That she was thankful, very much.

She thanked Him for the food she ate/The roof above her head/And then as tears poured from her eyes/This little girl said



“My brother is in Vietnam/ He fights a war for peace./People say, and I believe/That it will never cease.

Watch over him ‘till he’s back here/And I can feel his presence near”/And then her voice changed in tone

“Be with Mother and Dad— Heaven’s their home.”

Gale Collins: Favorite food and drink-eggs and peach soda; Favorite Song- Happy Together; Favorite singer-The Supremes; Secret Ambition-Go with the women; Pet Peeve-Take a test.

Jewell Collins: Favorite food and drink-green beans, Pepsi; Favorite Song-The school fight song; Favorite singer-The Monkees.

Pauline Collins: Favorite food and drink-honey buns, pickles and Pepsi; Favorite Song-Baby I Need Your Loving; Favorite Singer-Johnny Rivers; Secret Ambition-I ain’t gonna tell; Pet Peeve- Nosy people.

Doris Ann Conner: Favorite food and drink-fried chicken and RC Cola; Favorite Singer-Elvis Presley; Secret Ambition-A great big secret; Pet Peeve-None.



Mary Cornett: Favorite food and drink-chili and 7-up; Favorite Song-Close Your Eyes; Favorite Singer- Paul Revere and the Raiders; Secret Ambition-To be a doctor; Pet Peeve-To lose my temper.

Phyllis Hall: Favorite food and drink-Pepsi and pizza; Favorite Singer-Dean Martin; Favorite Song-Crying Time Again; Secret Ambition To be a movie star; Pet Peeve-Silly boys.

Teresa Hall: Favorite food and drink-chicken and milkshakes; Favorite Singer- The Monkees. Secret Ambition Missionary preacher; Favorite Song-When a Man Loves a Woman; Pet Peeve- Boys who act like horses in the hall.

Castella Niece: Favorite food and drink-hamburgers, French fries and Dr. Pepper; Favorite Singer- Persey Sledge and The Monkees; Favorite Song-Warm and Tender Love; Secret Ambition-Social worker; Pet Peeve-Being stood up.

Alene Sexton: Favorite food and drink-hot dogs and Pepsi; Favorite Singer The Monkees; Favorite Song-Searching, Searching for Baby; Secret Ambition- None.



Drucilla Sexton: Favorite food and drink-fried chicken and root beer; Favorite Singer-The Supremes and Petula Clark; Favorite Song-This Is My Song and The Happenings; Secret Ambition-I’m not going to tell, it’s a secret; Pet Peeve- Nosy people.

John Craiger: Favorite food and drink-hamburgers and beer; Favorite Song- Little Bit Me and Little Bit You; Favorite Singer-The Monkees; Secret Ambition- Live to be 100; Pet Peeve- Have my favorite girl talking to another boy.

Tommy Fields: Favorite food and drink-ham and pineapple-grapefruit juice; Favorite Singer-Roger Miller and Elvis Presley; Favorite Song-It’s Crying Time Again; Secret Ambition- Accountant CPA; Pet Peeve- Someone who talks about what a player should do and what he shouldn’t do, and they have never even played a game in their lives.

(The above articles from the 1967 Yellowjacket yearbook and Black Kat Newspapers)

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