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The Wedding of the Year

The Whitesburg High Home Economics class held a mock wedding at the First Baptist Church in Whitesburg on Dec. 11. The wedding turned out beautifully and everyone executed their part superbly. The participants of the wedding were: Scott Adams-Father of the Bride; John Hayes- Father of the Groom; Patricia Holbrook-Mother of the Bride; Lisa Shepherd- Mother of the Groom; Lisa Bates-Bride; Terry Howard Groom; Jimmy Craft- Preacher; Ricky Lucas-Best Man; Durand Brooks-Usher; Jeff Holbrook-Usher; Keith Sparks-Usher; Sharon Sexton-Maid of Honor; Sherry Scott-Flower Girl; Jeanie Adams-Flower Girl; Tammy Sparks- Flower Girl; Michael Jackson and Frankie Eversole-Sang; Kim Fields-Guest Book.

Jackets beat Cougars at

Elkhorn City 21-12

The Whitesburg Yellowjackets evened up their record with a 21-12 win over the Elkhorn City Cougars on Aug. 30.

Whitesburg’s offense overpowered the Elkhorn City defense. Whitesburg gained 212 yards running the ball. Senior Tailback Danny Benson carried the ball 22 times for 101 yards while freshman, Junior Matthews rushed 11 times for 79 yards.

Whitesburg’s first touchdown came on a long drive from inside their own 20- yard line. The drive ended with Junior Matthews running for a touchdown. Whitesburg scored one more time in the first half on a 17-yard pass from Michael Jackson to Codell Gibson. Whitesburg led 14-0 at the half, and added one more touchdown in the fourth quarter on a 20-yard run by Danny Benson.

Whitesburg’s defensive play was also good. Whitesburg’s first two scores came after the defense caused and recovered Elkhorn City fumbles.

In the 4th quarter senior safety Jerry Tyree added an interception and Whitesburg ran out the clock.

Senior wills

I, Tim Smith, being of not so sound mind but fairly sound body, will my car stereo and my ability to “jam” to Dale Thomas, and my ability to skip to my brother Keith.

I, Angie Mullins, will my weird clothes to Justine Richardson, my big mouth to Candy Nantz, my sense of humor to Mr. Sexton, and my natural hair color to Mrs. Lester.

I, Wendy Williams, will my football jersey to Brian Bledsoe, and my permanent seat in the library to Frankie Eversole.

I, Lisa Whitaker, will my ignorance and my coordination to Doris Banks and my ability to laugh at Mr. Welch’s jokes to Barbara Whitaker.

I, Mike Maggard, will my locker number 131 to Scott Brown.

I, Michael Jackson, hereby bequeath my Ninja quickness to Keith Smith and Steven Combs, and my ability to talk my way out of anything to Clay Mullins, Steve Slone, and Kevin Hollon.

I, Jack Holbrook, will my looks, Skoal, and nickname to whoever wants them, because I’m the best.

Rondall Baker and John Hayes leave their mastery of Pre-Calculus skills to Junior Matthews.

Beulah Lewis leaves her ability to eat baby food on HOSA trips to Virginia Brock.

I, Philip Bentley, will my two lunches to Larry Maggard.

I, Scott Adams, will my fleetness of foot to Roger Mason.

I, Jimmy Craft, will my expert driving skills to Lynda Ferguson.

I, Durand Brooks, will nothing to anyone because I’m selfish.

I, Angie Wilson, will my ability to drive Coach Roe and Mr. Smith crazy to Paula Wilson.

I, Stephanie Plymale, will my thunder thighs to Coach Bell’s bird-legs.

We, Stephanie Plymale, Angie Wilson, and Leslie Frazier, will our 3-day suspension to Beverly Bates, Barbara Whitaker, and Lynda Ferguson.

We, Lisa Whitaker and Carmella Webb, leave our “neat and organized” locker to Candy Nantz and Barbara Whitaker.

I, Sandy Morris, will my “artificial” suntan to Doris Banks.

Whitesburg High School to Participate in Sweet 16 Academic


Whitesburg High School will participate in the first Sweet 16 Academic Showcase, a scholastic competition being held in conjunction with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association’s Boys’ Basketball Tournament. The Showcase will involve a series of regional competitions to culminate in Lexington March 19-22, with sixteen finalists in each category.

The Showcase will give students who excel academically an opportunity to participate competitively and be recognized publicly for their achievements.

The academic areas of competition are arts, journalism, English composition, computers, math, speech and general academics.

Four regional competitions will be held with each region composed of four KHSAA basketball regions. One individual or team from each school may enter each area of competition.

Belfry falls

On Jan. 23, the Lady Jackets played host to the Belfry Pirates. Whitesburg jumped out in the first quarter with a 21-14 lead. At halftime, the Lady Jackets went to the dressing room with an 11-point lead at 39-28. The Lady Jackets never lost the lead and went on to destroy the Lady Pirates of Belfry with a final score of 79-62. Stephanie Potter led the scoring with 24. Regina Holbrook had 22 and Angie Phipps had 12. The rest of the Whitesburg scoring were Connie Brown with 7, Sandy Luther and Beth Banks both had 6 apiece and Justine Richardson threw in 2.

(The above articles from the 1986 Yellowjacket Yearbook and the Black Kat Newspapers)

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