Whitesburg KY

Moments and Memories of WHS



James Adams b. 1-12- 1940; Food- Meatloaf ; Drink-Milk; Ambition-To be an engineer; Member of the Science Club 2,3,4.

Barbara Lavon Bowen b. 5-2-1941; Food-Fried Chicken; Drink-Lemonade; Song-“Don’t Let Go”; Expression-Ah, Heck; Ambition To be a stenographer.

Bruce “Sonny” Webb b.10-24-1939; Food-Cornbread and Buttermilk; Drink-Country Club; Song- “Rosemary of Swanton”; Expression-Come on Baby; Baseball 3,4; Track 3,4; Wildlife Club 4 years; Halloween King Candidate 3; Black Kat Staff 4; Sec. of Class 3; Basketball 4 years, Capt. 4; Music Club 4; Pep Club 4 years; W Club 4; Grand Marshal 3.

Ann Statzer b. 10-25- 1940; Food-French Fries; Drink-Lemonade; Song-“All I Have To Do Is Dream”; Expression- How About That; Ambition-It’s a Secret; Chorus 3 years; All- Festival Chorus 2; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Pep Club 4 years; Black Kat Staff 4.

Charles Glenn Kincer b. 12-19-1940; Food-Chicken; Drink-R.C.; Song-Lollipop; Expression-None; Ambition President; Band 1,4; Wildlife Club 2; Chorus 2; Music Club 3.

Joyce Flo Moretz b. 2-10- 1940; Food-Hamburger; Drink- Chocolate Milkshakes; Song-“Searching”; Expression-Shoot; Ambition To be a certain person’s wife; Science Club 2; FHA 3,4; Sec. F.H.A. 4; Beta Club 3,4; Library Club 4; Vice President Library Club 4.

Billy “Rover Boy” Golden b. 11-9-1940; Food-Banana Pudding; Drink-Milk; Song- “Cupie Doll”; Expression- Gee Whiz; Ambition-Engineer; Library Club 2,3; French Club 4; Pep Club 1.

Earnestine Craft b. 5-9- 1940; Food-Hamburger and French Fries; Drink-7- Up; Song-“Dream, Dream”; Expression-Good Gosh; Ambition-Make Jim Happy; Pep Club 4 years; Science Club 1,2; Bible Club 1,2; Wildlife Club 3 years; Chorus 1,2.

Carl (Cossy) Pigman b.4- 9-1937; Food-Roast Beef; Drink-R.C. and Milk; Song- “The World in His Hands”; Expression-Try and See; Ambition-Businessman; Music Club 4 years; Pep Club 4 years; Band Manager 4; Chorus 1; Explorers Club 4.  

Mary Lou Short b. 3-16- 1939; Food-Anything you have; Drink-Pepsi; Song- “Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On”; Expression Bless Goodness; Ambition Secretary; Bible Club 3,4; Pep Club 4; Science Club 4.

Marlon Marion Sexton b. 7-21-19??; Food-Fried Chicken; Drink-Milk; Song- “Wish You Were Here”; Expression-Why Not? Ambition Be a Success in Life; Football 1; Basketball 1; Wildlife Club 1,4; Hi-Y 4; Publicity Advisor of Hi-Y Club 4; Library Club.

Sylvia (Silvie) Owens b. 9-20-1939; Food-Taters and Onions; Drink-Branch Water; Song-“It Don’t Hurt Anymore”; Expression- Corn, Corn; Ambition-To marry a million dollars; F.H.A. 4 years; Chorus 1,3; All Festival Chorus 3; Vice- President F.H.A. 3,4; Black Kat Staff 4.

Parting Advice from some of the Seniors to W.H.S. Students: Study from beginning and get all lessons teachers assign and everything will be much better-Vivian Gibbs Back. Study harder, pay attention to your teachers-Billy Ray Maggard. Always enjoy your days here in W.H.S. but remember to put some effort into studying –Joyce Flo Moretz. When you are asked to do anything the best thing you can do is to do it if you can, and if you can’t, try anyway-Carl Pigman. Hope and pray for the best-Dan Polly. Try and not get any unexcuses-Ruby C. Polly. Here’s some advice from me to you, if you have a lover, to her or him be true. -Jo Ed Prewitt. Get into all the activities and clubs you can and really try to do your best. -Douglas Ray Sexton. The future is what you make it. Why not make a success out of it? -Marlon Marion Sexton. If you plan to graduate, start writing on your theme when you are a freshman so you will be sure to have it by graduation. -Christine Sumpter. Always respect your teachers and you will never regret it. -Marie Wells. If you plan to chew gum in Miss Raleigh’s class, better start saving your money now-Ann Statzer. Underclassmen, meet your teachers halfway and you’ll find they are human too. In all they’re pretty nice- Shelby J. Wright. Try not to get too many un-excused absences, believe me they hurt-Phyllis Collins. Don’t chew gum in Miss Raleigh’s class or it will cost you 20 cents a chew, and don’t put it on her seats. Don’t bring your car to school unless you are a teacher or a principal. Don’t throw snowballs in May. Don’t let Mr. Preston hit you with a two by four. Don’t lock Mrs. Polly in the library-Harry Hickey “Goose” Combs.


Whitesburg vs. Hazard

Whitesburg ventured to Hazard to meet defeat for the fourth time in a row by a score of 69-62. Whitesburg started strong with their new boy Branson showing the way. But Branson collected 4 fouls in the first half and that hurt Whitesburg. Hazard took advantage of this and increased their lead. Marty Blair collected 22 points for the Jackets. Baker and Smith were the big guns for Hazard.

Whitesburg vs. Fleming-Neon

The Whitesburg Yellowjackets finally broke a four-game streak by defeating the Fleming Pirates 60-57. This was the first defeat in ten games for the Pirates. Whitesburg’s big guns for the night were Stanley Branson and Marty Blair as they collected 18 and 17 points respectively. Leading Fleming in a losing cause was their fine guard Ross Chaney. The “B” Team also defeated Fleming’s “B” Team 53-37. These boys have looked good all season as they have been defeated 3 times all season and these games were by narrow margins. Keep up the good work, boys.

(The above article from the May 1958 Black Kat and the Yellowjacket Yearbook)

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