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Moments and Memories of WHS



World viewers

Recently nine Whitesburg students, Mr. Burkich and several hundred other people from all over Kentucky made a trip to UK to the Worldview ’76. They listened to lectures, saw two films and discussed world policy. Those attending from Whitesburg were Rachel Breeding, Melody Moore, Joan Hall, Jimmy Hatton, Eddie Creech, Herbert Maggard, Gaither Frazier, Debbie Hammock and Viva Hollan. The trip was sponsored by the UK Patterson school of Diplomacy and Internal Commerce and Rotary Clubs. Jackets sting Tigers

Even though the Homecoming ballgame was played on Friday, it really began the day before in one of the better pep rallies of the year. The school was pretty fired up and the team didn’t let anyone down. The Jackets put it on the Tigers 35-6. The scoring was fairly even for the Jackets as Couch, Meade, Yonts, and Cooke scored one touchdown each. Greg Sexton took an interception in to score, Ison kicked 3 extra points and Joe Gose caught a two-point conversion. The game consisted of some fine running and passing as the team gained 346 yards, with Morgan completing 9 out of 14 passes for 165 yards and 2 touchdowns. Ison was the leading rusher for the night. The defensive unit also displayed a lot of talent. “Tank” led the defense with 11 tackles and 5 assists and Cornett followed up with 7 tackles and 5 assists. The defense was good for 4 interceptions; Morgan, Sexton, Ison, and Cornett had one each. The Jackets dressed 36 boys and played them all quite a bit during the game. The younger boys and freshmen took over the half and played a good ball game as they held Mullins from scoring. Johnny Ison played his first game as a defensive back and played a fine ball game.

All District players

Being named to the All- District is a great honor for a basketball player. Ten players are chosen for this team and Whitesburg provided three of them. The Jackets’ three seniors were honored with these awards. Jeff Couch is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Garland Couch of Ovenfork, Ky. He has played basketball for four years for the Jackets. He plans to start work at Scotia after graduation. Eddie Creech is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Creech of Partridge. Ky. He has competed in basketball for four years. Eddie plans to attend college after high school. Jimmy Hatton is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hatton of Whitesburg, Ky. He has played basketball for four years at WHS and plans to attend a small college after high school.

Class history-Part 1

August 1972 brought a new breed of freshmen to the campus of Whitesburg High. During the four years that followed, many of the new students dropped out, got married or transferred. Many made a name for themselves by participating in various school activities.  The 1972 season started with Richard Brown, Eddie Creech, Duane Profitt, Mark Larkey, Jeff Ison, Jeff Couch, Steve Frazier, Bruce Outlaw, Jay Bates, Jimmy Hatton, Jack Adams, Curt Webb, Jimmy “Tank” Mullins, Cecil Halcomb, James Gibson, Herbert Maggard, Monty Williams, Jesse Fox, Danny Stidham, Troy Holland, and Mitchell Hall playing on the freshman football team. Randy Hall was the manager. Freshmen attendant s for Homecoming were Leslie Mullins, Bridget Pratt, Evelyn Crawford, and Diane Boggs. Freshmen class officers were Darlene Caudill, Bruce Outlaw, Frenchy Martin, and Kathy Baker.

John Ramsey, Carol Little, Belinda Mason, Lola Potter, Diane Holbrook and Tammy Greene were members of the band. Tammy Greene served as majorette while Belinda Mason was field commander. B-Team cheerleaders were Felisha Sturgill, Brigette Pratt, Leslie Mullins, and Billie Fairchild. Tammy Collins was the alternate. The freshman B-Team basketball players were Jimmy

Hatton, James Ratliff, Herbert Maggard, Steve Frazier, Eddie Creech and Cecil Halcomb. The only 9th grader to play on the varsity baseball team was Duane Profitt. Belinda Mason, Les – lie Mullins, Linda Caudill, and Felisha Sturgill were on the track team. Student recognition

Jimmy “Tank” Mullins, tackle of the W.H.S. football team, has an unusual hobby. He makes race cars. He said the reason he makes them is because it’s a nice sport. He intends on doing his cars, when he’s old enough which will be next year. This has been his hobby for two years. Right now, Dude Sturgill races his cars.

Liz sews it up

Elizabeth Casolari, a student at WHS, placed 2nd out of nine people in a sewing contest in state competition April 22. She was judged on an outfit she made by how it was constructed and how well it fit. Liz is a 16-year-old junior who is involved in band, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A., Pep Club and the Library Club. She is also a member of the junior softball team.

(The above articles from the 1976 Yellowjacket Yearbook and Black Kat Newspapers)

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