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Whitesburg High welcomes new teachers

Mr. Stephen Sexton returned this year to teach Algebra and Plane Geometry. He received his B.S. degree at Lincoln Memorial University and his master’s degree at the University of North Carolina. Mr. Sexton, 28 years old, is happily married to the former Glenda Brooks of Thornton. They have one son, Stephen Mark, age four. When asked how he liked his position here, he replied, “just fine.”

Betty Cureton Horn, our guidance counselor, attended Fleming-Neon High School and Eastern Kentucky College. She graduated with a B.S. and a Master’s Degree. She has been married five years to Mr. Gene Horn. They have two sons, David, three, and Greg, two years old. Mrs. Horn has taught 2 ½ years at Eastern and four years at Inez. Her hobby is reading for enjoyment. Her first impression of Whitesburg High School is: “Frankly, I was highly impressed to find such a progressive school and that we had so much to offer the students.”

U.G. Horn was a graduate of Inez High School in 1949, In June he went into the service until December of 1952. He went to college at Eastern. His favorite food and drink are steak and milk; his favorite color is red. His opinion of Whitesburg High is that it is large and friendly.

Barbara Bates, the former Miss Barbara Holstein, was graduated from Whitesburg High School in 1957, where she was an honor student, a participant in many school activities, and drum majorette in her senior year. She attended Union College for two years and then transferred to U.K. where she graduated in 1962. This is her first year in the teaching profession and when asked how she liked it, she reported, “I like it very much; teaching gives me a feeling of joy from working with such a nice group of people.” Mrs. Bates favorites are: hobbies-reading and piano; sports-football and bowling; foods-spaghetti and chocolate pie; drinks-orange juice and buttermilk.

Warren Combs comes to us from Fleming-Neon High School where he taught Bookkeeping, General Business, Geography, Law and Salesmanship. He is a graduate of Fleming-Neon High School and Eastern College from which he has a B.S. and M.A. degrees in Business Education. Mr. Combs, who hails from Seco, will be 28 on October 23. Married to the former Lola Warrick, he is the proud father of a 19-month-old daughter, Lydia Kay. Mr. Combs insists that he hasn’t been at Whitesburg long enough to form any opinion, but he feels the D.E. facilities are inadequate.

Goebel Ritter, Athletic Director and Assistant Principal, was born in Richmond. He attended Madison High School and graduated from Eastern with B.A. and M.A. degrees. He attended college on a football scholarship, but he didn’t play. “Just didn’t get around to it,” he explained. He was the only four-letter man on the football team. He played three years professional basketball for the New York Knickerbockers. Mr. Ritter served 2½ years in the Marines, sixteen months of which were overseas. He took part in the invasion of Guam and Iwo Jima. After coaching one year at Fleming-Neon, he moved to Hazard where he coached for 10 years. His hobby is golf. He is married to the former Pauline Caudill of Neon. He is quoted that he hasn’t been here long enough to draw an opinion of our school, but he enjoys working with our sports programs.”

Cleo Stamper was born in Letcher County. After attending elementary school, she continued her education at Berea, Union College, Peabody College and the University of Kentucky. She holds B.S. and M.A. degrees with three years’ training beyond the Master’s. Her hobby is reading. She teaches Science and says she enjoys the work very much. She is a former member of our faculty, served as a librarian at Union College and Eastern State College, as well as a former supervisor for the Letcher County Schools. Seafoods are her favorite foods. As for sports, Miss Stamper thinks school games should be limited to weekends.

Lily Jane Collins teaches American History and sophomore English and reports that the students are easy to work with. She also says, “I like the students here because they are so friendly.” Miss Collins hobby is reading; however, she also is a music lover and sports, especially basketball. She is a graduate of WHS. While here, she was a member of the Wildlife Club, Pep Club and the F.H.A club, a cheerleader and in chorus. She was graduated from Morehead State College in 1962.

Ann Lewis, our French teacher, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Lewis. Miss Lewis is a graduate of Whitesburg High and Georgetown College with a B.A. degree. The things she would like to change at Whitesburg High are: “Longer lunch periods, a faculty lounge, so the teachers could get together and talk, because I hardly ever see anyone in the high school building, since my room is in the English building.” She likes pep rallies and thinks it’s alright for ballgames to be on school nights. The reason she thinks so is: “High school students ought to be old enough to have a right sense of values and put the right things at the right times.” Her hobbies are bowling, music and literature. Her plans for the future are to attend graduate school and get her Master’s degree. Miss Lewis’s favorite food are green grapes, and her favorite T.V. programs are Bonanza and Dr. Kildare.

Robert Collins, teacher of World Geography and Civics, is 29 years old and married. A graduate of Norton, Virginia High School and Morehead State College, he is beginning his first year in the teaching field. Mr. Collins’s favorite sport is football, favorite food-hot dogs, and for colors he loves red and green.

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