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Class Prophecy – Part III: Our class reporter, Eager Eighty, just entered the school cafeteria for the 20th year reunion of the Class of 1980. Eager says that some of our class have unusual occupations. Tony Bates is an FBI agent and Cyrus Boggs is growing cypress trees on Kingscreek. Tom Dollarhide is the leader of the mob in New York. Michael Collin is also in New York as the editor of the New You Times. Tracie Breeding has followed in her mother’s footsteps as Dr. Nash’s nurse. Donnie Fields is now on his third world tour as the renowned pianist Liberace. Rene Hall has just published a book on how to pronounce people’s names. Lenora Martin is telling Santa all she wants is her two front teeth. Tammy Niece now has an entire wardrobe of blue jeans. Carol Webb quit Burger Queen and is the owner of several MacDonald’s chains. Bobby Roe is the chief photographer for Playboy magazine. Ricky Watts and Tim Maggard are training their horses to be entries in the Kentucky Derby. Pam Webb is hoping to go to her first prom.

We are greatly honored to have the President of the U.S. Tim Sturgill, and Vice- President Brenda Trent with us. He has promised to give us an update on the situation in Iran. Incidentally our own Mike Shepherd is the commander of troops in Ethiopia. Eula Holbrook, who is a five-star general, is commander of all the Armed Forces. The distinguished Mayor of Whitesburg, Jody Stallard, is also with us. We are also honored with the presence of several religious leaders: Terry Walters, the newly appointed Pope; Michael Warf, an outstanding member of the Moon Church; and Jeff Polly, the leader of a church in Africa who has built his own city called Pollyville.

James Adams, who is the Ranger at the Daniel Boone National Forest, reports that Jerry “Squirrel” Amburgey is gathering nuts for winter food and Danny “Frog” Ison is jumping from lily pad to lily pad. James tells us that he has trouble with Norma Lewis trying to cut down all of his trees for her carpentry work and Nolan Roark setting the trees on fire to prove that he is fire resistant. James says that during the big storms he finds Bart Profitt freaking out to God of Thunder. Anne Leslie and her boyfriend, Blade, were seen traveling through the forest with Helen and Porky York on their Harley Davidson. Louise Cook has been missing for several years and James says she may be lost in the woods.

And the walls “almost” came tumbling down

At 2 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 1, all students were evacuated from the old high school building due to the threat of a chimney slide. Approximately 150 students and 7 teachers were told to leave the building after it had been determined that the structure had become unsafe. In trying to track down the cause of smoke and soot which had been seen escaping into the school all week, it was discovered that the chimney has moved almost two inches from the wall. Mr. Holbrook said his biggest concern was the possibility that the whole retaining wall has been affected, not just the chimney.

Temporary arrangements have been made to accommodate high school students in other high school buildings. Meanwhile the following classes are being held in the WHS gymnasium, English, and cafeteria buildings and cannery.

Mrs. Bates is teaching typing classes in room 23, while Mrs. Day’s art classes and Mr. Frazier’s history classes are held in the cafeteria along with Mrs. Lester’s and Mrs. Asher’s reading classes. Mr. Henrikson’s American Government classes are taught in the gymnasium. Mr. Salyers is the only teacher that does not have a room, so he therefore is using empty classrooms of different teachers during their planning period. These classes will most likely be permanent until a new building can be accomplished.

Ring Dance controversy settled

There has been much controversy about when the 1979 Ring Dance would be held and who would play. The Senior Committee decided on two possible dates for the dance, Dec. 1 or Dec. 22. There was a meeting of all the seniors and they voted to have the dance on Dec.1, 1979, even though the cheerleaders will be out of town. The seniors also voted to have Tony Ison and his “Big Red Disco Machine” for the entertainment because a band would be too expensive and we need the money for the senior trip. All the seniors are anxiously awaiting Dec. 1 so they can get their class rings.

Ladies sink Cavaliers

On Monday, Dec. 3, the WHS Lady Jackets competed against the Lady Cavaliers. The Lady Jackets strutted their stuff and really played a very good game.

Starting for Monday night’s game was Lynn Perry, making the highest number of points for the game —19 in all. Others scoring were Tif Bates-15, Nancy Huff-9, Mona Combs-6, and Judy Mason-6. Wanda Howard and Julie Boggs also contributed in scoring for the game.

The Lady Jackets made 56% of their free throws, making 9 out of an attempted 16.

The final score for the game was Whitesburg 61, Jenkins 34.

Kat Tales — from the Dec. 20, 1979 Black Kat

As the Christmas season spreads the universe and a new year is approaching at a rapid pace, one must accept his victories and failures with dignity. Looking back, one must realize that he has grown a year older and has matured to a certain extent. When one makes his New Year’s resolutions, it is his duty to the fullest extent within man’s grasp.

Seniors are proudly displaying their new class rings and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their school jackets. To underclassmen, this may appear to be nothing other than common occurrence: but to seniors, who will soon leave behind their friends and teachers to conquer new areas of life, the possession of a ring symbolizes their school spirit and hours of hard work, and is a token of the memories that will remain with them forever.

During the course of this year, students at WHS have been faced with many changes. We have had to cope with a new administration, absentee regulations, and the chaos caused by the closing of the old high school building. Each day has presented a new challenge with all of the pride that could be administered from our bodies. We have made mistakes; but, most importantly, we have learned from those mistakes and have grown wiser in the process.

The upcoming year will undoubtedly bring many new problems to be faced by the people that encounter them. When one is able to solve his problems without causing harm to himself or anyone else during the process, then he can proudly proclaim that he has reached complete maturity.

The above articles from the 1980 Yellowjacket Yearbook and the Black Kat Newspapers.

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