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Moments and Memories of WHS



1956 “On the Hill”

Last Friday we had a Speech Club meeting. Miss Ann Daniel, the secretary, reported on the bills and read the constitution, drawn up by the vice president, Harold Cook. The club is preparing for the speech festival in February.

Seniors had a special meeting to discuss plans for financing the Washington, D.C. trip. Many moneymaking projects were discussed.

Boy, Friday, was an exciting day. A pep meeting in the auditorium and did everyone yell! See what happened. The Yellowjackets rolled over Benham with 60-32 victory. This was wonderful, but you can bet Coach Trosper will still keep up the hard training with beating Carr Creek as the main objective.

The school was entertained by two Scot Highlanders, who did many songs and dances and told us of their customs. They invited us to come to Scotland, where they said everyone walks about twenty miles per day.

Monday all clubs met and arranged programs for the next semester.



Well, it’s great to be a senior. We’re really strutting around. Mr. Seal (the ring man) brought our beloved rings and no one is seen wearing gloves this week. A few of the students bought class pins too. There are 156 seniors on the hill who are very happy and the griping about them has ceased.

The senior band members wish to thank the Band Booster Club for voting to buy them jackets. They will be something like the boys’ football jackets, except some will have as many as ten stripes on the sleeve.

The team had a practice session Tuesday night gave Kingdom Come a bad defeat. At one point of the game the score was 40- 14. This only means when district tournament time comes, we’ll have to be on our toes; they’ll fight harder.

Miss Raleigh gave the themes back to seniors and each and every page had a red mark, which means we have to re-write our whole themes by Friday. This will account for the absence of the seniors who will be home at work, for the next few days.

Whitesburg is truly the “Knoll of Knowledge” and to prove it our teachers make our studies interesting.

These next few lines go to praise a man who plays a very important part at Whitesburg High School. It would be hard for the school to get along without him. I have taken a few courses under him during my high school days and wow! these physics and chemistry tests were really rough. I overheard a college student say, “Mr. Banks helped me ready myself for college more than anyone.” A visitor at Whitesburg School from the Veterans Bureau, Mr. Rose, who attended Eastern College with Mr. Banks, remarked that Mr. Banks was one of the most brilliant scientists and mathematicians who had attended Eastern. Hats off to Mr. Edgar Banks, an indispensable teacher! (We’ll probably have a big chemistry test after he reads this).

(The above article from the December 15, 1955 Mountain. Eagle)

Ardella Potter; b. 9-9-38; Best Pal-Mary Jo Day; Ambition Secretary; Hobby- Collecting pictures of Hank Snow; Favorites: Teacher Miss Adams; Song-The Great Pretender; Subject- Shorthand; Food-Chicken; Color-Blue; Expression- How about that? Clubs-Old Maids Club.

Paul York; b. 9-13-38; Best Pal-Roy Perry; Wife- Gertrude M. York; Ambition To be a successful husband; Hobby-Basketball; Favorites: Teacher-Miss Raleigh, Mr. Stallard; Subject Bookkeeping; Song- Love, Love, Love; Food- Fried Chicken; Color-Red; Expression-“Is that right?”

Charles Lee Adams; b. 7-29-38; Best Pal-Ronnie Bentley; Girl Friend-A gal named Sandy; Ambition- To be as rich as Rockefeller; Hobby-Knives and guns; Favorites: Teacher-Mrs. Combs; Subject-Speech; Song- “He”; Food-Southern Fried Chicken; Color-Black and White; Expression-I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might degrade or incriminate me; Honors-Senior at WHS; 4 years in the band, Three years in chorus and music club for four years.

Charles Music; b. 01-04- 38; Best Pal-Jim Jones; Girl Friend-Nadine Holland and all the rest; Ambition- To be an announcer; Favorites: Teacher-Mrs. Hall; Subject- Speech; Song-Sincerely; Food-Chicken; Color-Red; Expression-Well, all right; Honors-President Hi-Y, Honor Roll, Pep Club, 3½ years in the band; 4 years in Chorus; 2 years in Football, 1 year in Basketball, 3 years in Track, Clubs-Hi-Y, Speech, Science, Pep Club.

Mildred Nadine Necessary; b. 07-07-1937; Best Pal- Janice Hall; Boyfriend-.J.B. Brashears; Ambition-To be a nurse; Hobby-Writing letters to my boyfriend; Favorites: Teacher-Jim Preston; Subject-History; Song-“Tall Man”; Expression-“See you later”; Honors-President of Bible Club, 1; Chorus, 1; Clubs-Bible Club 3.

Patsy Ashbrook; b. 10- 21-38; Best Pal-Martha Collier; Ambition-To make myself a good future; Hobby Collecting pictures of friends; Favorites: Subject- Shorthand; Song-The Great Pretender; Food-Ham and mashed potatoes; Color- Blue; Expression-I’ll be a monkey’s uncle; Honors- Speech Club, Bible Club for two years.

Cecil Barnett; b. 8-12- 35; Best Pal-Bill Hacker; Girlfriend-Hester Caudill; Ambition-To marry Hester and go to Florida; Hobby Going to the drive-in; Favorites: Teacher-Mrs. Day; Subject-Bookkeeping; Song-Heartbreak Hotel; Food-Fried chicken; Color- Blue or green.

Donelda Breeding; b. 8- 13- 38; Best Pal-“ The Gang”; Ambition-To be a famous; Hobby-Collecting Jackie Gleason records; Favorites: Teacher-Mr. Jack Taylor; Subject-Speech; Song-My Funny Valentine; Food-Spaghetti and meatballs; Color-Yellow; Expression-Well alright ; Honors-Secretary of Music Club; Five years in band; One year in Chorus; Clubs- Music, Speech, and FHA.

Johnny Doyle: b. 07- 28-38; Best Pal-“Preach an Dude”; Girlfriend-Love them all; Ambition-To get an “A” in Journalism; Hobby Collecting Stan Kenton Records; Favorites; Teacher Jim Preston; Subject- Women, Song-Artistry In Rhythm; Food-French fried shrimp; Color-Fire Truck Red; Expression-“Now look out”. Honors-All-Festival Band, Beta Club, Dance Band, 4 years in Band; Clubs-Beta, Music, Turtle Club.

Joe Cook; b. 02-21-38; Best Pal-Muggs; Girlfriend- Old Mean Thing; Ambition- To ride a motorcycle across the Pacific; Hobby-Wrecking Muggs hot rods; Favorites: Teacher-John Preston; Subject-World Geography; Food-Pizza; Color-Pink; Years in football-3.

Wanda Stamper; b. 2-23- 38; Best Pal-Billie June; Ambition-Nurse; Hobby- Collecting records; Favorites; Teacher-Miss Raleigh; Subject-Typing; Song-It’s Almost Tomorrow; Food- Ham salad; Color-Blue; Expression-Gosh, oh! Honors Four years in Chorus; Clubs-Old Maids, Wildlife, Glee Club.

Helen Ogelvie; b. 03- 20-38; Best Pal-Nancy Lou McCloud; Boyfriend-Anthony Webb; Ambition-To be a practical nurse; Hobby- Reading (on movie stars); Favorites: Teacher-Miss Raleigh; Subject-English; Song- “I’ll Be Home “; Food- Chocolate pie; Color-Red and Black; Expression-Oh, my goodness; Chorus, 4; Clubs-Old Maids and Wildlife.

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