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Moments and Memories of WHS




New Coach Begins Work at Whitesburg High School: With the opening of the school terms here Monday, it was announced that John Horkey, a graduate of Centre College, Danville, would have charge of Whitesburg High School athletics. Mr. Horky has been in town for the past two weeks working with the boys on football, and has quite a few boys in good shape for the coming season.

The new coach has had three year’s experience as a player on the Centre team (wearing # 12) and is quite capable of handling the boys who are out to make the team. His job of trying to hold the standard of the team up to the last year’s mark is indeed a very difficult one. Only one regular of last year’s team reported back and the remainder of the team must be molded out of material which is light and inexperienced. Some of the boys who have shown promise thus far in the work are Archie Fields, Kile Campbell, Hubert Maggard, Homer Stamper, Woodrow Whitaker, Bert Day, Bill Baker, Carl Holbrook and Kirkwood Whitaker, who is the only regular to report back.



Along with molding the team, the coach had to reorganize the athletic association which was started here last year to boost high school athletics. His efforts along this line have been fairly successful and plans are now in progress to raise funds thru several drawings to be held at Passmore’s Drug Store in the near future. All folks who are interested in the high school are urged to support these attempts wholeheartedly.

Although the football schedule for this year has not been entirely completed, games have been definitely settled with Harlan, Hazard, Pineville, Jenkins, and other traditional opponents of the Yellow Jackets. An effort is being made to schedule a game with a strong opponent to be played here Sept. 16 or 17, and if it materializes the Whitesburg folks are urged to come out and look over the 1932 edition of “Yellow Jackets”. Back our boys this year folks – and you’ll enjoy their victories.

Note: This article was taken from The Mountain Eagle dated Sept. 8, 1932.

Open season on Dec. 8 Opening game with Hindman on home floor

With two week’s practice behind them, the boys up on the hill, better known as the “yellow Jackets”, are about to open up one of the hardest schedules that a Whitesburg High School team has ever attempted. Only a small squad of eligible players reported to Coach Horkey for the new team, but some real talent is sure to be shown before the season is very old. Whitesburg fans are certain to see several mighty interesting games, since the schedule, as announced, has contest booked with the following teams for the home floor.

Dec. 9 Hindman; 16 Vicco; Jan. 14- Lynch; 19- Jenkins; 24 Fleming; 28- Pineville; Feb. 4 Hazard; 17- Pikeville; 2 Harlan; 25- London.

The Yellowjackets play return games with all these teams on their respective floors since all the games are scheduled on a home basis.

Season tickets are on sale and will be on sale until after the game Friday night. Members of the squad at present are: Clayton Day, Bert Day, Lum Haynes, Patrick Blair and William Hall with Archie Fields, Carlie and Frank Webb, Howard Adams, Willie Niece, and Billie Blair as substitutes. With the start of the second semester, this squad will be bolstered by such men as Earl and Arnold Amburgey, Homer Stamper, Ray Frazier and Billie Collins, who are all ineligible at present, due to the fact that they were not in school last semester.

(NOTE: This was taken from The Mountain Eagle dated 12/08/32)

High school alumni meets

At a meeting of the Alumni Association of the Whitesburg High School, held at the office of J.L. Hayes in Whitesburg on May 10, the following officers were duly elected for the ensuing year: President-J.L. Hayes; Vice President-S.J. Hale; Secretary Jennie Caudill; Treasurer Emerson Younts.

A great deal of enthusiasm was shown by all present, and plans were made to further the interest in this organization. It was agreed that the dues for the ensuing year should be the sum of seventy-five cents for old members and fifty cents for the graduates. All members are requested to send their dues to Emerson Yonts, treasurer, or to Jennie Caudill, Secretary.

NOTE: The above articles appeared in The Mountain Eagle on May 12, 1932

Yellowjackets Defeat S.R.S.

Last Friday, the Yellowjackets of Whitesburg High won their second tilt of the season over Stuart-Robinson by a score of 6 to 0. The S.R. team outweighed the boys of WHS by 20 pounds to the man but Horkey, the boy from Centre, had his boys coached to perfection.

On the kick-off, “Little” Bill Baker received on the Stuart-Robinson twenty-yard line and ran it back to the 40-yard line. From that time up until the last quarter the game was fast and furiously fought on mid-field.

In the first part of the last quarter Bill Baker, with his sweeping end runs, and “Hub” Maggard’s mighty line plunges, succeeded in placing the ball on the two-yard line, where it was carried over on the next play by Hub Maggard.

Stuart-Robinson in this quarter resorted to a passing attack but this was smothered under by the Whitesburg boys, and the game ended 6-0.

(The above article from the Sept. 29, 1932 Mountain Eagle)

Shown below are future Whitesburg High School Yellowjackets. They are the Whitesburg Grade School class of 1933-34.

Teacher-Jennie Caudill (Back row) Marie Caudill, Ruby Bailey, Ruby Johnson,

Ruth Williams, Cora Collins, Gladys Bentley, Beulah Potter, Evelyn Sledd, Elaine Stamper, Mildred Williams, Jessie Pendleton, Helen Caudill, Carolyn Hart.( Next Row)- Logan Collins, Warren Reynolds, Claude Williams, Edgar Blair, Gatewood Hoff- man, Robert Duncan, Bobbie Adams, John Renaker, Edd Boone, Herman Combs, Earl Peters. (Next Row)- Ralph Fields, Victor Combs, Paul Crase, Ed Miller, Gene Enlow, Jack Swisher, Jack Passmore, Herbert Adams, John Palumbo, Steve Bowen.

Junior Class of Whitesburg High School Gives Play, Feb.16

“All a Mistake” in Three Acts;

Comedy from beginning to end.”

The junior class of Whitesburg High School is sponsoring a play which will be given Feb. 16 in the Whitesburg Grade School building at seven-thirty. The admission fees are 25 cents and 15 cents -15 cents being for all children and all Whitesburg School people. Tickets may be secured from members of the junior class beginning Monday, Feb. thirteenth.

The name of the play is “All a Mistake”, in three actsan uproarious comedy from beginning to end. An old maid of forty-six falls in love and gets her man-there are lunatics and attempted murders. Enough fun to fill your quarter. The proceeds are intended to be used for the funds of the Junior-Senior Banquet given in the spring.

(The above article appeared in the Neon News, Feb 10, 1933)

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