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Whitesburg cheerleaders
place third in
Southern Regional

At 1:00 a.m. on Friday morning, November 8, 1980, the Whitesburg High Varsity Cheerleaders left Whitesburg for Columbia, South Carolina where they were to compete in the Southern Regional of the United States High School Cheerleading Championship. The squad received the invitation to the regional after an outstanding showing at the Universal Cheerleading Camp at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee this past summer.

The cheerleaders arrived at Columbia, South Carolina at approximately 10:00 a.m. While waiting to check into their rooms at the Holiday Inn City Center, the cheerleaders were very excited to learn that the Doobie Brothers were also staying in their hotel. The cheerleaders succeeded in getting their autographs and talking with several members of the band.



On Saturday morning the cheerleaders were in competition with fifty-one squads in the varsity division. The squads were from Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. The cheerleaders performed a three-minute routine consisting of sidelines cheers, gymnastics, pom-pom routine and building pyramids with floor cheers. When the results were announced and the cheerleaders heard the P.A. announcer say, “Third Runner-Up Whitesburg!” they were thrilled beyond words. They realized that all of the long and hard practice sessions had finally paid off. At 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning they boarded their “baby bus” for the long but happy ride home.

The Boys’ Varsity Cheerleaders are Margie Hogg, Delana Ison, Heather Buntin, Brenda Williams, Dottie Fields, B.J. Maggard, Jennifer Noble, Telena Short, Kaye Gose, Michele Reedy and Lisa Gibson.

(The above article from the December 11, 1980 Community Press)



WHS announces top honors

Teresa Nichols, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Nichols of Sandlick, is honored as Valedictorian of the 1981 graduating class. Teresa is an active member of the Math Club, having won second place at Clinch Valley College, and was a Grand Marshal at the 1980 Graduation.

Teresa is enrolled at the University of Kentucky for the fall term with plans to major in Computer Science.

Victoria Johnson is honored as Salutatorian of the 1981 Whitesburg High School graduating class. Vickie, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lindberg Tolaver of Partridge, has been an active member of both the marching and the concert bands for four years. She received an excellent rating on a solo performance at Pikeville College.

Vickie is enrolled for the fall semester at Georgetown College, where she will receive a Pastor’s Christian Leadership Scholarship. Her plans are to major in engineering and later to continue her studies at the University of Kentucky.

Senior Will Part III

I, Lesa Neace, will my joke collection to Betty Fields. I, Pam Sumpter, will my booth in T.J.’s to Lisa Holbrook. I, Teresa Nichols, will my long hair to Brenda Williams. I, Stephanie Sexton, will my ability to get a boyfriend and hold onto him to Karen Maggard. I, Kim Collier, bashfully will my sweet personality and charm to Linda Morris. I, Rosalee Polly, will my big mouth to Gary Mullins. I, Edwina Howard, will my ability to “stop” and “hold it right there” to Tiphanie Bates, who needs all the selfcontrol she can get. I, Laura Adams, will my ability to get sick at track meets to Karen Buntin. I, Andre Roberts, will my ability to grow a beard to Jamie Creech and Ernest Chandler. I, James Snell, will my optimism to Morgan Blair. I, Anita Niece, will my back booth at T.J.’s to Keith Ivan Sturgill. I, Debbie Stidham, will my ability to skip with permission and still get caught to Russell Spangler. I, Deidra Adams, will my ability to wreck cars to Ginger Adams. I, Odessa Collins, will my seat in Mr. Ison’s office to Dickie Spangler. I, Roger Collins, will my ability to miss two days of every week and still pass to Danny Gilbert. I, Beverly Fields, will my ability to go over Thornton Bridge to Kitty Gish. I, Gene Yinger, will my ability to miss one hour of school and take three hours to get an excuse to Gary Jones. I, Rodney Slone, will my two lunch groups to Debbie Hatton. I, Terry Honeycutt, will my football jersey to any incoming freshman who thinks he can fill my place. I, Lisa Bentley, will my ability to continuously stay in trouble in band to Maronda Maggard. I, Doug Raleigh, will my red hair to Paul David Sturgill in hopes that someday he will become a man. I, Lisa Honeycutt, will the body in my hair to Bonnie McAuley. I, Tammie Sexton, will my chickenpox to Tiphanie Bates. I, David Howard, will my ability to pick winners to Mike McNeely. I, Lance Whitaker, will my ability to get greasy to Randy Tolliver. I, John D. Huff, will my height to Jenny Huff. I, Marty Collins, will my ability to make it to the prom on time to Greg Hall in hopes that he makes it there at least one year.

Students and faculty were asked what they did over the summer break. The following are some of their responses. I went swimming and waterskiing at the lake- Tammy Bentley. I rode a helicopter. -Michell Sexton. I spent the summer in the hospital-Dewana Frazier. The most I did was make my daughter get her driver’s license-Mrs. Thomas. I went to baseball camp at Morehead for a week, went to Mammoth Cave, and worked around the house-Mr. Roe. I went to Gatlinburg-Claude Little. I went to Washington and I got to see Rosalynn Carter and Amy Carter- Ray Gish. I went to Atlantic City, Pennsylvania, and Maryland-Ingrid Imperial. I visited U.K., Berea, and flirted, and went to Cherokee Lake-Sherry Waller. I played baseball and went swimming-David Bailey. I taught three Bible Schools- Tammy Swanner. I cut grass, played tennis, and I went waterskiing-Chris Combs. We went to Washington, D.C., and toured the Smithsonian Institution and Arlington National Cemetery- Mrs. Arthur. I went to cheerleading camp and 4-H camp and went swimming-Beth Lucas. I went to Florida-Ellis Maggard. I hijacked a plane to Cuba and got caught over the Atlantic Ocean-Mr. Salyers. I went to a peanut butter chewing contest and got beaten by a kid with three rows of teeth. I also went to a health spa on women’s day and got run out-Danny Gilbert. I spent half of the summer at Clinch Valley College and the rest of it I loafed-Nancy Huff. I went to Siberia and mushed huskies across unfrozen lakes-Angie Miranda.

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