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Jimmy Banks b. 02/14/1949: Future plans go to college.

Becky Boggs b. 05/13/1948: Future plans- IBM school; Advice-Be a cheerleader, join clubs, learn people.

Johnny Brown b.03/22/1948: Future plans go to college; Advice-Get into anything you can but don’t get caught.

Jane Davidson b. 07/12/1948: Future plans attend MSU; Advice-Listen to the advice from other seniors, then do what you want to do.

Gary Fields b.5/28/1948: Future plans-vocational school; Advice-Enjoy yourself.

Lavenia Ison b.03/07/1948: Future plans attend Eastern College; Advice Make good grades and live it up.

Bobby Polly b. 02/03/1949: Future plans to attend college; Advice-Have fun and go on the senior trip.

Nina Spangler b. 03/27/1948: Future plans work and go to school; Advice Stay in school, work hard and have fun.

Larry Casolari b. 01/01/1948: Future plans attend college; Advice- Don’t get caught if you skip class.



Brenda Collins b. 12/22/1948: Future plans attend college; Advice- Study hard but have fun.

Larry Crase b. 01/30/1948: Future plans attend college; Advice- Know it before they ask.

Cindy Hatton b. 01/02/1949: Future plans attend college; Advice-Do your best in everything and recognize opportunity when it knocks.

Whitesburg High students visit Oak Ridge Atomic Center

Seventy-two Whitesburg High School students visited the federal atomic energy installations at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Saturday.

They toured the Museum of Atomic Energy, where they saw a film, “Petrified River”, and demonstrations of static electricity, uses of isotope reactors, uses of isotopes in medical research, and how radioactive materials are handled with mechanical hands.

The students also visited the Oak Ridge National Laboratory where they saw various reactors, including the first reactor (graphite reactor) built in 1942 under Stagg Stadium, Chicago, that gave rise to the atomic bomb.

The tour to Oak Ridge is an annual event for interested students, and is sponsored by Ed Moore, a teacher.

Chaperones included Mrs. Ed Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Varon Campbell, and John Preston.

From the desk of the principal

Education in a changing world is the picture of Whitesburg High School for the year 1966. Our government is doing its best to see that this generation is lifted out of poverty. Boys and girls are being given an opportunity to get an education. This year the NYC program has helped 174 WHS students stay in school. It will continue through the summer. The Upward Bound program will offer 15 students five weeks’ summer in culture and education on Eastern Kentucky College campus, and 25 freshmen and sophomores the same training by Alice Lloyd College at the SR campus at Blackey. A summer term is offered again at WHS also a summer reading improving program will be directed this summer. It now appears that any worthy student who has ambition and potential will be able to continue his education through high school and in college. President Johnson said, “Lack of education is one of the basic causes of poverty. To the best of my knowledge, there is no place in the world where well-educated people are really poor.”

Congratulations to the seniors and looking forward to seeing all the underclassmen next year. I wish everyone a good summer.

(The above articles from the 1966 Yellowjacket Yearbook and Black Kat Newspapers)

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