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Moments and Memories of WHS




Shannon Adams b. 5/15/39: Pals-Ramona and Mattie; Favorites: Teacher- Miss Raleigh; Food-Potato Salad; Drink-Water; Movie Star-Rock Hudson; Singer Elvis Presley; Song-“All Shook Up”; Color-Green; Expression-“No kidding”; Ambition-Secretary; Parting Advice-“Keep plugging on until you will be the ones to march up to get your diploma”; Activities-Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Virginia Banks b. 7/22/39: Pal-Janice and Eleanor; Favorites: Food-Hoe Cake; Drink-Milk; Movie Star-Tab Hunter; Singer-Pat Boone; Song-“ Don’t Forbid Me”; Color-Blue; Expression Shoot; Activities-FHA 1, 2, 3, 4.

Donald Collier b. 5/11/38: Pals-Ralph, Denton, Ben and Harold; Favorites: Food-Fried Chicken; Movie Star-Rex Allen; Singer Harold Ogelvie; Song- “Me and My Mule”; Color- Pink; Expression-“Dumb ole thing”; Ambition-Go to Washington; Secret Ambition To get out of this world alive; Activities-Wildlife Club 2, 3, 4; Parting Advice- “I will leave my chair in English to Daniel Morgan Craft.”

Annaleigh Combs b. 6/25/39: Boyfriend-J.G.; Favorites: Teacher-Miss Raleigh; Food-Shrimp; Movie Star-Tab Hunter; Singer- Frank Sinatra; Song-“On My Word of Honor”; Color- Black; Secret Ambition-To teach English; Activities- Pep Club, Speech Club, Music Club, Bible Club, Black Kat Staff, Glee Club; Honors-All Festival Chorus, Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class, Vice-President of Music Club, Sports Editor and Gossip Editor of the Black Kat Staff, Senior Play Cast; Parting Advice-“Have fun while you are here, because four years pass faster than you think.”

Patricia Craft b. 10/16/37: Boyfriend- Wally Hall; Pal-The gang; Favorites: Teacher-Mr. Taylor; Food- Chicken; Movie Star-Jeff Chandler; Singer-Tommy Sands; Song-“On My Word of Honor”; Color-Blue; Expression“ Might as well, can’t dance”; Ambition-To get a date with a certain person; Secret Ambition-To go to Dayton; Activities-Glee Club, FHA, Tri-Hi-Y, Music Club, Wildlife Club; Honors- To be a senior at WHS.

Willard Hall, Jr. b. 3/15/39: Best Pal-Johnny Adams; Favorites: Teacher- Mr. Collins; Food-Ham; Drink-Milk; Movie Star- Marilyn Monroe; Singer- Elvis Presley; Song-“All Shook Up”; Color-Yellow; Expression-“Awe bull”; Ambition-To get a job and make a million dollars; Secret Ambition-To fool girls; Activities-Pep Club 1, 3, 4; Parting Advice-“Don’t pull any stunts unless Mr. Banks and Mr. Boggs are covered.”

Nan Lou Holbrook b. 1/ 2/ 39: Boyfriend-John Bates; Best Pal-Christine Potter; Favorites: Teacher Mrs. Day; Food-Steak; Drink-Coke; Movie Star- James Dean; Singer-Fats Domino; Song-“Why Can’t You”; Color- green; Expression“ Oh! my gosh”; Ambition-To get married; Activities-Pep Club 1, 3; Wildlife 2, 4; Parting Advice- “Stay ahead of your English teacher.”

Charles Morgan b. 11/11/38: Best Pal-Boyd Hamilton; Favorites: Teacher Mr. Preston; Singer-Sonny James; Song-“ Young Love”; Color-Black; Ambition To take life easy; Parting advice-“Don’t be as mean as I have been.”

Carol Joyce Morton b. 4/24/38: Boyfriend-Al C. York; Best Pal-My pals; Favorites: Food- Chicken; Drink- Milk; Movie Star-Richard Egan; Singer Frankie Laine; Song- “ Moonlight Gambler”; Color-Blue; Expression- “Good-night”; Ambition- Telephone operator; Secret Ambition-To hook a man without him knowing; Activities-FHA; Honors- Winner of Homemaker test; Parting Advice-“To get your grades in school and still have fun, don’t get caught playing hookey.”

Donald Lee Polly b. 4/11/38: Girlfriend-Still looking; Best Pal-Jimmy Holbrook; Favorites: Teacher Mr. Caudill; Food-Steak; Movie Star-Marilyn Monroe; Singer-Fats Domino; Song-“Blue Monday”; Color Black; Expression-“You know better”; Ambition-To graduate from this school; Secret Ambition-To be a rambler; Parting Advice: “Eat, drink and be merry, for next year you may die”.

Betty Pratt b. 11/28/38: Boyfriend-Lenville Jones; Best Pal-The gang; Favorites: Teacher-Mrs. Hall and the Combses; Food-Anything chocolate; Drink-Chocolate milk and milkshakes; Movie Star-Frank Sinatra; Singer Ray Charles; Song-“All Rhythm and Blues”; Color- Black; Expression-“Shore”; Ambition-Make Lenville a good wife and learn to cook like mother; Secret Ambition-Write a novel; Activities Beta, Speech, F.H.A., Library Club two years, Correspondent for “On the Hill” in The Mountain Eagle; Honors-Editor of the Black Kat and the “Yellowjacket”; Speech Festival 1956-57, State Speech Festival ,1957, Third prize in Composition of Segregation, First Prize in Public Speaking on Integration, First Prize Forest Conservation 1956, $10 prize on Essay 1957; Parting Advice- “Take speech. Write your theme on a person. Have all the fun you can get by with. Be loyal to your gang.”

Wanda Lee Slone b. 4/1/38: Boyfriend-Donny B. Kincer; Best Pal-Mert, Pat, Betty; Favorites: Teacher- Mrs. Hall; Food-Baloney; Drink-Pepsi; Movie Star- Jimmy Dean; Singer-Perry Como; Song-“Blue Monday”; Color-Blue; Ambition- Housewife; Secret Ambition Being Donny’s wife; Activities-Bible Club, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club; Spectator Sport-Football; Parting Advice-“To Janice Webb, Dotty Polly and Pat Franklin, be good and try to make A’s in your senior year.”

Senior class play scheduled

“The Angell Brats,” a family comedy in three acts, will be given by the Senior Class of Whitesburg High School Tuesday night.

The performances, directed by Miss Vera Raleigh, will be held in the Grade School Auditorium. Admission is 50 cents for students and $1 for adults. A performance is scheduled at 10 a.m. on Tuesday for the student body.

Betty Pratt describes the play

“See Ronald Collier as Doctor Angell try to elude Arminta Ison, Julia Adams and Pat Fulton, who are three old maids out to catch a man. See Janell Callahan and Rodney Kincer as Hydrangea Iodine Jimpson and Epedemic Apocolypse Peters, two servants in the Angell household. They’re engaged, but why doesn’t someone tell the girl next door? Norma Stallard and Don Walker make very cute kids, but Inez Pratt, their big sister, gives all the family trouble when Ben Arnold Everidge and Buster Raleigh are vying for her attentions. She’s a ‘cat’ so she takes the one who can jitterbug. Annaleigh Combs is a scream as the maternal grandmother and along with Andy Boring, her ‘boyfriend’, they really upset the applecart.

“ The only thing that keeps the Angells together and going is the plain secretary to Doctor Angell and housemaid to the Angell brats. She is portrayed by Kathy Adams. And does she surprise everyone! Be sure to see the biggest show of the season! Who will catch Ronald Collier, alias Dr. Angell, or will he be caught? What will happen to Inez and her ‘boyfriends’? Don’t miss this — you’ll always regret it.”

The above article from the May 2, 1957 Mountain Eagle)

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