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Moments and Memories of WHS



Miss WHS Shirley Maggard, Runner Up Esteva Collier; Mr. WHS Renious Day, Runner Up Charles Polly; Best Dressed Girl Louise Morris, Runner Up Jean Spangler; Best Dressed Boy Larry Ison, Runner Up Carl Hall; Prettiest Girl Phyllis Caudill, Runner Up Shirley Maggard; Handsomest Boy Benny Jones, Runner Up Woody Breeding; Best Personality Girl Joyce Bates, Runner Up Vanda Adams; Best Personality Boy Billy Burke, Runner Up Owen Pace; Couple Most Likely to Marry First Cheryl Collins and Bobby Banks, Cutest Girl Jean Spangler, Runner Up Louise Collins; Cutest Boy Charles Polly, Runner Up Cliff ord Sparks; Best All Around Girl Esteva Collier, Runner Up Fern Fulton; Best All Around Boy Joe Brown, Runner Up Benny Jones; Most Intelligent Girl Chesta Webb, Most Intelligent Boy Tommy Banks; Most Talented Girl Fern Fulton, Runner Up Debbie Caudill, Most Talented Boy Wayne Baker, Runner Up Renious Day; Neatest Girl Anne Lee Adams, Runner Up Lela Raleigh; Neatest Boy Roger Collier; Best Bandsman Billy Ray Cayce, Runner Up Tommy Stansberry; Best Pianist Nancy Clay; Singing Vocalist Debbie Caudill, Runner Up Brenda Kincer; Best Actor Arvus McCloud; Best Football Player Roger Kincer, Runner Up Bertram Bradshaw, Best Basketball Player Sidney Blair.



My Best Year at

Whitesburg High

by Phyllis Frazier

The best year I have spent at W.H.S. has been this year 1959-60. I did not appreciate school as I should until this year. My senior year has made many changes in my life. This year I have had more friends than any other year. I have had more fun than I have ever had in my life. If I could just live this year over, I would enjoy it even more. My advice to all juniors is to make the most of your senior year. It is your last year in high school and you’ll never forget it.

Favorite Expressions Of

Some W.H.S. Seniors


Cylene Enfusse Gosh Oh! Jimmy Everidge Gee! Clayton Fields My Foot! Jessie Faye Fields Oh, You are just kidding! Phyllis Nadene Frazier Funny! Polly Phyllis Frazier Oh Mercy! Ronnie Frazier Get off my back! Patricia Sue Freeman Man! Check that! Fern Faye Fulton Heck-o-moley! Winston Carl Gibson I think! Ruby Faye Golden Well, where you going? Albert Hall Come on, boys! Alex Hall Jr. Come on, boys! Carl Hall You old cow! Terry Hall Jimminy crickets! Charles A. Hammonds Gee! Oh! What’s next? Raymond Hart Oh yes! Bobby Hogg Peanut butter! Kenneth Robinson I don’t know! Diana Rosenbaum Holly cow! Laura Alice Sexton How about that! Norman Scott Shut your mouth! Patricia Smith Oh well!

This year’s valedictorian is Chesta Sharon Webb. Chesta is a sweet, blueeyed, blonde who has won many honors during her four years at WHS. She belonged to the F.H.A. and was district secretary two years and president in 1959. She is a member of the Library Club, French Club, Pep Club and Beta Club, serving as secretary-treasurer of the French Club and as president of the Beta Club. She was chosen as grand marshal of the senior class during her junior year and also as homecoming attendant. She has a 3.99 standing.

Emily Cook, the salutatorian of the Class of 1960, is a very studious and intelligent girl. She has been in the Bible Club for four years, the French Club and the Beta Club during her junior and senior years, having served as president of all three clubs. She has a 3.8 plus standing in her classes and has been an influence for Christian living on the campus.

My Best Year at

Whitesburg High

by Orbin Banks

My best year in school was my freshman year. When I became a freshman, I was very excited and proud, but I didn’t know where to go or what to do. However, after getting lost a few times, going up the wrong stairs, losing my study hall book and being late to class, I soon became acquainted with the rules, the teachers, the students and the buildings. Throughout the rest of my freshman year, I enjoyed the best in life with my newly acquainted friends and enjoyed the parties we had. To all freshmen, I say, “Be good, be cheerful and be happy, for this is the best year of your life”.

Pat Smith

“You could hear a pin drop” in the auditorium when the speech class was presenting a one act play “Qualifications: Good manners”, which was directed by Molly Boggs. It seemed the students were quite interested in learning anything they might need to know concerning good manners especially when trying to secure a job. Parts were played by Wayne Barker, Diana Rosenbaum, Emma Banks, Margie Barnes, Charlie Chrisman, Rosemary Craft, George Webb and Claudette Caudill.

“Cinderella Up to Date”, also teaching the importance of manners and educational culture, was presented under the direction of Dud Webb. Characters were Cheryl Collins, Carol Conatser, Betty Caudill, Neil Adams, Earnest Taylor, Barbara Stallard and Kay Daniel.

Yellowjackets Win

E.K.M.C. Track Meet

On Friday May 23, the Whitesburg track team traveled to Elkhorn City for the regional track meet. Having two events left, the mile relay and high jump, Hazard led Whitesburg 35½ to 22. Their entrants did not place in the mile relay, while our entrants won it. Our entrants were Woody Breeding, Glenn Kincer, Wayne Barker and Bobby Holbrook. Then James Devlin won the high jump. This put Whitesburg in front 37 to 35 ½.

Roger Kincer set a record on the low hurdles by running it in 21.2 seconds and also won another medal for running the 100-yard dash in 10.7 seconds. Glenn Kincer, James Devlin, Bobby Holbrook, Paul Yonts and Dean McCloud also received medals.

Ten trophies have been won by Whitesburg Yellowjackets during this year in three sports All praise to the boys and to the Coaches Moore, Burton and Gose.

Parting advice of some

of the seniors

Margaret Spence Study hard if you get Miss Wampler for your English teacher. Carl Sparks Do unto teachers as you would have them do unto you, only do it first. Hilda Cook All you girls go out for track so you can outrun the teachers when they get after you for skipping out. Larry Ison Take the hardest road and the most interesting subjects.

Jimmy Eldridge Never make hooky-playing a practice because you will get into some close corners. Donald Kuracka Get on the ball, underclassmen, while you still have a chance. Take advice from an experienced man who has gone through the same thing you are going through. George L. Adams Do your studying while you still have time. Shirley June Whitaker Study hard and make the most you can of your years in high school. Tommy Stansberry Don’t take bookkeeping if a certain teacher teaches it.

Geraldine Hall Please wear real old shoes to Washington. Heed my warning. Chesta Webb Study, learn, and be happy. Sharon Meade Get English IV under Miss Wampler because she is the greatest! Johnny B. Cornett Stay out of trouble, if you don’t want in trouble. Woody Breeding Pay all of your debts before your senior year. Work the summer before your senior year so you will have enough money. Try to get into sports. Be kind to all your classmates, never hurt anyone’s feelings. Bobby Hogg Study and earn your grades because the teachers will not give them to you. Charles Hammonds Don’t ever try to skip school because there is always someone waiting to catch you.

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