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Moments and Memories of WHS



Whitesburg gym is
dedicated Tuesday before
large crowd (1949-50)

The new Whitesburg gymnasium, nicely decorated with flowers, evergreens, and gay colors and with a large welcome sign displayed, was the scene of a large gathering for a superbly executed program and dedication of the new building Tuesday afternoon of this week.

First the invocation was given by Rev. Marion E. Parker, followed by introductory of V.D. Picklesimer, member of the State Board of Education. Mr. Picklesimer praised the new building and those responsible for its existence, also citing other improvements such as five other new county school buildings, the lunchroom now caring for thousands of school children, these being made possible during the administration of Martha Jane Potter and the school board members.

Miss Potter was introduced and told how the building had progressed, the cornerstone being laid in May, 1948, and that her dream of a finer and better school system had come true, that it had been a pleasure for her to serve. She stated that it was her hope that the building would stand as a symbol of the finer and greater things of life. She then introduced Mrs. Ruth Tolliver and the Whitesburg Glee Club who gave a very fine selection.



The Jenkins and Whitesburg School Bands gave selections, the Jenkins Baton Twirlers doing a specialty act.

The names of school board members were read, the present members including Ben A. Adams, chairman; Kerney Day, Ray Collins, Willie Bentley and Pearl Dixon.

Former members included Hassel Stamper, Willie Crase, Dr. E.G. Skaggs, Randall Maggard, Silas Cox, Jim Whitaker and Frank Blair. Most of the above mentioned members were present.

Mr. Sandford of Henderson, Commissioner of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, greeted the gathering. He stated it was his pleasure to serve some 500 high schools in Kentucky and that he had previously served as coach, principal, and superintendent and knew the struggles of those who serve in these capacities. He stressed the importance of physical education and contrasted the diff erence between yesterday’s education and today’s.

The new building was then presented by Miss Potter to Prof. Millard Tolliver who accepted it in behalf of Whitesburg High School and pledged to keep it up to par in every respect. The meeting adjourned with music by the bands.

(The above article from the December 15, 1949 The
Mountain Eagle.)

Whitesburg wins district

The Yellowjackets won the 53rd District basketball tournament Saturday of last week by defeating the Jenkins Cavaliers 35 to 32. High point men for Whitesburg were Tolliver and Sexton with 9 each. Adams paced the Cavaliers with 11 points.

The first game played last Wednesday saw Jenkins defeat Kingdom Come 36 to 38. Belcher was top scorer for the winners with 9 points. Fields was high point man for Kingdom Come with 11 points.

The second game on Thursday was a defeat for Stuart Robinson at the hands of the Yellowjackets. The final score was 54 to 35. Duncil was high scorer for Whitesburg with 22 points.

The championship trophy was presented to Whitesburg, and Jenkins received the runner-up trophy. Stuart Robinson School received the sportsmanship trophy for its fine showing of sportsmanship in the tournament.

(The above article from the March 8, 1950, Mountain


Enrollment at
Whitesburg High reaches
585 this year, according
to Principal Millard
Tolliver (1946-1953)

Regular classes for this year’s school term were started last Wednesday at Whitesburg High and Grade School’s and the students have been meeting every class period since, according to Millard Tolliver, Principal. Labor Day was not a school holiday.

The total enrollment this year was 585 for the high school and 512 for the grades. In high school there are 206 freshmen, 180 sophomores, 100 juniors, and 99 seniors.

The Whitesburg schools have 33 teachers this year. The following new classes have been added to the curriculum: art (last year there was an Art Club but no classes in the subject), two classes of sociology for the seniors and two classes in general business for the sophomores. The commercial department has been enlarged this year with five classes in typing and one in shorthand. There are 135 taking typing, Mr. Tolliver said, and 25 taking shorthand.

Every student of Whitesburg High School started taking physical education classes Tuesday of this week. The classes meet twice weekly and onefourth credit a year is given for the course. The physical education classes are being held in the new gym, recently completed.

The Home Economics Department is holding classes in the new gym, Mr. Tolliver said.

Several new teachers have been added to the high school faculty. They are Ruth Edmiston Harrison, Jason Holbrook, Mrs. Blain Polly, Junior Profitt, and Venon Whitaker. The teachers who will return are Hugh Adams, Pauline Amburgey, Edgar Banks, Carlice Breeding, Paul Boggs, William Collins, Viola Cook, Bonnie Day, Ann Dugan, Isaac Hogg, Ray Pigman, Vera Raleigh, Leonard Stallard, Jeanette Lewis and Ruth Tolliver.

The lockers for high school students will have combination locks this year so no student need to purchase a lock before coming to school. The lock will be loaned as a part of the rental price of the locker. The use of combination locks will eliminate lost keys and damaged lockers. Millard Tolliver, Principal.

The Whitesburg Yellowjackets will have their first football game of the season this coming Friday when they meet the Prestonsburg team on the Whitesburg field. Forty-eight boys are out for football at Whitesburg High this year.

(The above article from the Sept. 8, 1949 Mountain

During commencement week, there will be an art display by students. The exhibits will be shown in downtown store windows. Miss Pauline Amburgey is the art teacher. The entire junior and senior classes of Whitesburg High School have been invited to be guests of Sam Isaac at the Alene Theatre this evening (Thursday). After the Junior- Senior Banquet, the entire group may attend the movie “Dangerous Profession” starring Pat O’Brian, Ella Raines, and George Raft. It is hoped that this will become an annual event, Mr. Isaac said.

(The above article appeared in The Mountain
May 4, 1950.)

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