Whitesburg KY

Moments and Memories of WHS

Trivia 1 (answers at bottom of column)

1. This individual served as the first principal of Fleming High School before becoming principal of Whitesburg High School from 1942-1946. (A) Millard Tolliver (B) Jack Burkich (C) Curtis Reed (D) H. H. Harris.

2. The school newspaper, “The Black Kat”, was first published in: (A) 1918 (B) 1925 (C) 1938 (D) 1945.

3. The only student to be elected “Mr. WHS” twice was: (A) Don Woodford Webb (B) Hillard Howard (C) Jay Fields (D) Jeff Holbrook.

4. Whitesburg High School’s yearbook that was first published in 1944 was called: (A) The Yellowjacket (B) The Black Kat (C) The Jacket Journal (D) The Clarion.

5. The first student to be elected “Miss WHS” was in 1955: (A) Nina Sturgill (B) Margaret Day (C) Shelbia Mullins (D) Ella Yonts.

6. This man served as the first basketball coach for WHS. (A) Follace Fields (B) John Horkey (C) Beckham Combs (D) Charlie Blair.

7. The only woman to serve as principal of WHS was: (A) Helen Cooper (B) Ann Dugan (C) Cleo Stamper (D) Denise Caudill.

8. This lady served as the girls’ basketball coach, teacher, BETA Club advisor, and was also the first advisor to the “Black Kat” newspaper: (A) Rosa Jones (B) Virginia Combs (C) Mary Glenn Jenkins (D) Jeanette Wampler.

9. This student was the first basketball homecoming queen for WHS: (A) Tracy Combs (B) Vanessa Hurt (C) Jessica Yonts (D) Kelly Spangler.

10. The Yellowjacket football team played its first game during the 1928-29 school year. The head coach of this first team was: (A) Beckham Combs (B) John Horkey (C) Jack Glen (D) Millard Tolliver.

11. This WHS football team had the school’s first undefeated season (11-0) during this school year. No school scored against them until the end of the season, when Hazard scored a touchdown. This team scored 355 points and allowed their opponents only 6 points. (A) 1928-29 (B) 1930-31 (C) 1935-36 (D) 1939-40.

12. The school annual, The Yellowjacket, was first printed in 1955. The advisor to this first yearbook was: (A) Ida C. Wright (B) Ruth York (C) Dorthy Jenkins (D) Jan Combs Trosper.

13. This individual served the longest as principal of Whitesburg High School. (A) R. Dean Squires (B) H.H. Harris (C) Kendall Boggs (D) Jack Burkich.

14. The person that had the longest tenure as head football coach of the ‘Jackets was (A) Beckham Combs (B) Millard Tolliver (C) Gardner Bates (D) James Gose.

15. This publication of the WHS English department, presenting some of the best creative writing efforts, was first printed in 1962. Miss Delma Gilley won a $5 award and the honor of naming this publication. (A) The Jacket Journal (B) Lit Wit and Logic (C) Writing from the Hill (D) Creative Ideas of WHS Students.

Answers to Trivia: (1) C (2) B (3) C (4) D (5) C (6) DCharlie Blair (1922-26) (7) D (8) B (9) A (10) C (11) B (12) C (13) D-Jack Burkich (1957-79) (14) D James Gose (1969-1988) (15) B.

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