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Moments and Memories of WHS

WHS Dance Band (1960-61) — Pictured are (front row, left to right) Mary Lynn Gentry, sax; Roger Blair, sax; Kay Daniels, sax; (second row) Carl Banks, trumpet; Wayne Blair, trumpet; Jack Collins,trumpet; (third row) Ronald Davis, drums; Harold Glenn Sexton, trombone, Paul Day, trombone; and Frank Bickel, trombone (director).

WHS Dance Band (1960-61) — Pictured are (front row, left to right) Mary Lynn Gentry, sax; Roger Blair, sax; Kay Daniels, sax; (second row) Carl Banks, trumpet; Wayne Blair, trumpet; Jack Collins,trumpet; (third row) Ronald Davis, drums; Harold Glenn Sexton, trombone, Paul Day, trombone; and Frank Bickel, trombone (director).

Song Dedications from the December 1960 Black Kat : senior sponsors to seniors -“Money Honey”; Annalene to Bobby – “I’m Yours”; Jan to Ed Burton – “Is There Any Chance For Me?”; Geneva to John L Miller – “Dream Lover”; Molly to Neil – “Lover, Come Back to Me”; Margie to Kenneth – “Are You Lonesome Tonight”; Katherine to John – “Last Date”; Nancy to Carlos – “Can We Be Sweethearts”; Doris to Frank Miles – “Can You Find It In Your Heart”; seniors to freshmen – “Glad You’re Here”; Mr. Holbrook to junior class – “Too Much Monkey Business Going On”; Valma to Fred – “Third Finger Left Hand”; Mr. Burkich to failing students – “Whatever Will Be Will Be”; Sharon Reynolds to Johnny Rimine – “All I Want For Christmas is Your Love”; Brenda to Dick – “Santa, Bring My Baby Back to Me”; Roger M. to Barbara S. – “Christmastime Sweetheart”; Barbara to Roger – “Silver Bells”; Marsha to Carl – “Walking In a Winter Wonderland”.



“Don Burtonites of the

1960-61 Hardwood”

John Sexton – center, senior; Marty Lewis – center, senior; Coy Gibson – center, freshman; Paul Yonts – forward, senior; Wilgus Sturgill – forward, senior; Kyle Raleigh – forward, junior; Elman Blair – forward, sophomore; Jimmy Stamper – forward, sophomore; Charles Frazier – forward, freshman; Jimmy Sturgill – forward, freshman; Daniel Adams – forward, freshman; Gary Garrett – forward, freshman; Stevie Stamper – guard, senior; Windell Sparks – guard, senior; John Reedy – guard, sophomore; Jerry Coots – guard, sophomore; Kenneth Frazier – guard, junior; Benton Gibson – guard, sophomore; Jackie Collins – guard, sophomore; Bill Sexton – guard, freshman; Jimmy Wilcox – guard, freshman; James Meade – guard, sophomore



The Whitesburg Yellow Jackets opened their basketball season with Cumberland. Whitesburg should have a good season in basketball, which is proved by their defeating Cumberland by a score of 58-39. Now let us look at the starting five for the Yellow Jackets, John Clyde Sexton, center, Jerry Coots, and Stevie Stamper, guards; Paul Yonts and Kyle Raleigh in the forward positions.

The second game, the Yellow Jackets traveled to Hindman, rated as a state team. Hindman defeated the Yellow Jackets by a score of 70 to 35. The Yellow Jackets yet have a hard season to complete and we all think they can come through and put us on top.

Homecoming Parade set

Preparations have begun for the annual homecoming parade of floats in preparation of the Lynch- Whitesburg football game. Miss Dana Adams, beginning her first year as physical education teacher at W.H.S., will be in charge of all homecoming activities. Miss Adams hopes to make this the biggest and most colorful parade ever held in Whitesburg. Bands from Lynch, Fleming-Neon, Cumberland, Benham, Hazard and Jenkins have been invited to join the Whitesburg band for this event. All civic clubs are asked to enter floats in the parade, which will start at 2 p.m. on Sept. 30. The theme of the parade will be Book Titles. A new interest will be added to the event this year when the Queen and her attendants will be chosen through a money project sponsored by the Boosters Club. One candidate has been chosen by the students from the senior, junior, sophomore and freshman classes. Votes will be counted at one cent each. The candidates for homecoming queen from each class are Sharon Reynolds, senior; Shirley Adams, junior; Virginia Carol Martin, sophomore; Carolyn Cornett, freshman.

My Best Year at W.H.S. by Steva Whitaker.

Looking back at my four years of high school there are many happy days. But I think I will always remember my sophomore year as the one I liked best. I didn’t even mind being called a “Silly Sophomore.” We were silly but that was part of the fun. The teachers were some of the best.

Class Motto by Joyce Sturgill

“ Tonight we launch, where shall we anchor?” This motto has a lot of meaning. After graduation, we don’t know what each student will do, whether they will go to a college for a higher education, get married, or just stay at home with their parents. “To everyone there openeth a high way and a low and everyone decideth the way his soul shall go.”

(The above articles from the 1960-61 Black Kat.)

<bb>Senior Ambition

<b>Randolph Scott – be a pool shark and beat Dewey Rayn; Cleve Collier – teacher; Freida Moore – be a good wife; David Profitt – live to be a hundred; Nathan Hall – engineer; John Combs – engineer; Steve Stamper – track star; David Sturgill – bum; Charles Hodge – President ; Janice Reed – typist; Ival Meade – dogcatcher; Kay Daniel – own my own clothing store; Marsha Kincer – marry Carl and interior decorator; Ritter Ann Banks – spend a weekend in Jackson; Phyllis Ann Tolliver – come back and take Miss Adams’s place; Linda Banks – not get married; Anna Belle Wright – teacher and housewife; Claudette Caudill – be rich; David Steven Combs – to make something out of myself; Arius Holbrook Jr. – to get a job, home, and a wife; Creda Joyce Baker – be a good wife; Joyce Fields – to grow two inches in height.

Senior popularity poll


Most Popular Boy and Girl – Edward Burton and Brenda Williams; Best Personalities – David Combs and Mary Lyn Gentry; Most Likely to Succeed – Marty Lewis and Sue Price; Best All Around Athlete – Stevie Stamper; Best Basketball Player – Paul Yonts; Best Football Player – Pete Frazier; Best All Around Boy and Girl – Arnold Frazier and Marearle Day; Handsomest Boy – John Combs; Prettiest Girl – Elaine Davis; Most Talented Boy and Girl – George Webb and Betty Gilliam; Best Dressed Boy and Girl – Owen Wayne Wright and Phyllis Tolliver; Best Actor and Actress – James Earl Combs and Molly Boggs; Cutest Boy and Girl – Dud Webb and Joyce Fields; Friendliest Boy and Girl – Kenneth Hall and Freida Moore Romine; Sweetest Boy and Girl – Carl Banks and Susan Caudill; Wittiest Boy and Girl – Randy Scott and Patricia Sumpter; Politest Boy and Girl – Herbert Crase and Kay Daniels; Best Scientist Boy and Girl – Ronald Ison and Ritter Banks; Quietest Boy and Girl – Kirby Hampton and Emma Meade; Old Maid – Inez Caudill; Old Bachelor – Charlie Banks.

(The above article from the May 1961 Black Kat.)

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