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This year three teachers are retiring from Whitesburg High School. Mr. Preston M. Armstrong, who taught for 25 years at WHS, was a teacher of science. Mrs. Joy Wray Breeding, a teacher of English, has taught at WHS for 27 years. Mrs. Mary Emma Lewis has taught English and history at Whitesburg. These three teachers have devoted a total of 79 years toward the education of students and on behalf of the 1982 Yellow Jacket staff, we express our appreciation for their teaching and guidance throughout the years.

Awards Day,

June 11, 1982

Dugan Award – Karen Halcomb; Harris Award – Mark Cornett; English – Kim Arthur, Denise Hylton; Math – Kim Arthur; Writing Award – Kitty Gish, Karen Halcomb; Science – Kitty Gish, Karen Halcomb, Kim Arthur; Library – Elizabeth Masters; Social Studies – Denise Hylton, Shannon Adams; Typing – Kim Arthur; Biology – Mark Cornett; Art –Vickie Cornett, Linda Morris Boggs, Kitty Gish; Home Economics – Brenda Williams; Distributive Education – Sherry Barker, Theda Webb; Physical Education – Mark Cornett; Yearbook Editor – Sherry Barker; Yearbook Staff Seniors – Sherry Barker, Theda Webb, Valerie Ison, Ramona Reynolds; Black Kat Editor – Kitty Gish; Black Kat Staff Seniors – Kitty Gish, Kim Arthur, Karen Halcomb, Shannon Adams, Denise Hylton, Elizabeth Masters; Band Vocalist – Dawn Craft; Band Award – Angie Miranda; John Phillip Sousa Award – Karen Maggard; Top ten percent – Kim Arthur, Kitty Gish, Karen Halcomb, Denise Hylton, Sherry Barker, Shannon Adams, Heather Buntin, Vita Dollarhide, Paul D. Sturgill, Maronda Maggard, Theda Webb, Ephraim Imperial, Anthony Day, Delana McCool, Elizabeth Masters, Debra Parsons, Susan Cornett, Mark Cornett, B.J. Maggard, Brenda Williams, Jennifer Noble, Ginger Adams Walters, Renee Jenkins; FBLA Poster Contest – Deronda Halcomb, Vickie Cornett; HOSA Club $ 50 bond – Anthony Day, Janet Ratliff; HOSA 3rd place poster display – Anna Looney; HOSA 1st place Physical Health – Elizabeth Ison; HOSA 2nd place Medical Spelling – Leigh Adams; HOSA 3rd place Extemporaneous Speaking – Lisa Holbrook; 12 years Perfect Attendance – Deronda Halcomb, Anna Looney, Derrick Kuracka; Math Association of America Winner – Paul D. Sturgill; National Merit Scholars – Kitty Gish, Elizabeth Masters; Woman’s Club Scholarship – David Holbrook; Eastern University Scholarship – Heather Buntin; Union College – Karen Halcomb; Alice Lloyd – Kim Arthur, Sherry Barker, Karen Halcomb, Denise Hylton, Paul David Sturgill; Baseball Award – Randy Frazier; Boys’ Track – Greg Polly; Boys’ Cross Country Award – Greg Polly; Girls’ Track – Brenda Williams; Girls’ Cross Country – Billie Jo Hatton; Girls’ Basketball – Judy Mason, Terri Adams, Teresa Sexton, Julie Boggs, Billie Jo Hatton; DAR Good Citizen Award – Karen Halcomb; Miss Yellow Jacket – Kim Arthur; Yearbook dedication – Mr. Richardson; Valedictorians – Kim Arthur, Kitty Gish, Karen Halcomb.



The 1982 Junior-Senior Prom was held at Whitesburg High School Cafeteria on May 1, 1982. The theme was “This One’s For You” and music was provided by Driftwood, a band from Breathitt County. Tony Sergent gave the welcome and the response was given by Randy Blair. Ephraim Imperial and Alice Baker were crowned WHS Prom King and Queen.

Senior Superlatives: Eye Catchers – Dottie Fields, Greg Hall; Personality Plus – Pam Brashears, Ephraim Imperial; Most Talented – Dawn Craft, Derrick Kuracka; Jacket Jokers – Judy Mason, Greg Hall; Most Popular – Deanna Profitt, Randy Frazier; Most School Spirited – Sandy Maggard, Daniel Martin; Most Athletic – Judy Mason, Randy Frazier; Most Fashionable – Tammy Holbrook, David Gibson; Most Courteous – Deronda Halcomb, Mark Cornett; Nicest Smile – Dottie Fields, Randy Tolliver; Most Studious – Diane Collier, Mark Cornett; Best All Around – Deanna Profitt, Morgan Blair.

Athletic Banquet: The annual Whitesburg High Athletic Banquet was held on May 10 in the high school’s cafeteria. The following awards were presented: Dawahare Award – Girls – Billie Jo Hatton, Boys – Randy Frazier; Jim Brown Award – Randy Frazier; Football – All State – Randy Frazier; Honorable Mention – Morgan Blair, Tony Sergent; EKMC – Gary Boggs, Tony Sergent, Mark Bates, Randy Frazier, Morgan Blair, Ricky Smith, David Gibson. Boys’ Basketball – Rebounding – Randy Frazier, Foul Shooting – David Holbrook; Girls’ Basketball – Best field goal percentage – Billie Jo Hatton; Best free throw percentage – Billie Jo Hatton; 110% – Judy Mason; Miss Clutch – Tiphanie Bates; WHS All–American – Tiphanie Bates. Boys’ Track – Cross Country – Greg Polly; 110% – Jeff Collier; Middle Distance – Tony Day; Field Award – Stephen Burke; Spirit Award – Mark Bates; Distance Award – Jimmy Stephens; Mr. Versatility – Gary Boggs. Girls’ Track – Cross Country – Monick Wampler; 110% Karen Buntin; Field Award – Brenda Williams; Middle Distance – Monick Wampler; Spring – Anna Looney; Miss Versatility – Tiphanie Bates; Cross Country All State – Monick Wampler.

Senior Recognition: Football Players – Stephen Burke, Randy Frazier, Ricky Smith, Kenneth Burton, Morgan Blair, Greg Cornett, Bert Bradshaw, David Holbrook, Johnny Mullins.

Boys’ Basketball – Randy Frazier, David Holbrook, Sam Brashears. Girls’ Basketball – Judy Mason, Julie Boggs, Billie Jo Hatton, Terri Adams, Teresa Sexton. Baseball Players – Greg Hall, Randy Frazier, Terry Fugate. Boys’ Track – Ernest Chandler, Stephen Burke, Tony Day, David Holbrook, Greg Polly, David Brown. Girls’ Track – Anna Looney, Brenda Williams, Billie Jo Hatton, Heather Buntin. Cheerleaders – Brenda Williams, B.J. Maggard, Jennifer Noble, Heather Buntin, Dottie Fields, Sandy Maggard. Yearbook Staff – Sherry Barker, Theda Webb, Ramona Reynolds, Valerie Ison. Black Kat Staff – Kitty Gish, Karen Halcomb, Elizabeth Masters, Kim Arthur, Shannon Adams, Denise Hylton. Math Club Members – Kim Arthur, Kitty Gish, Elizabeth Masters. DECA Members – Sherry Barker, Valerie Ison, Ramona Reynolds, Theda Webb, Elisa Tyree, Regina Morris, Wendy Caudill, Jim Collins. Drama Club Members – Shannon Adams, Elizabeth Masters, Kitty Gish, Machelle Bates, Glenn Caudill, Elisa Tyree, Andy Cates, Dale Bailey, Wendy Caudill. FHA members – Julie Boggs, David Gibson, Karen Halcomb, David Holbrook, Kenneth Burton. Senior French Club Members – Paul David Sturgill, Kitty Gish, Brenda Williams, Heather Buntin, Maronda Maggard, Ginger Adams Walters. Library Aids – Christine West, Mike Niece, Mark Cornett. Offi ce Girls – Donna Mullins, Renne Raleigh, Diane Mullins, Linda Morris Boggs, Melodye Tucker, Melinda Wampler, Dawn Craft, Debbie Hatton, Renee Eldridge, Lisa Holbrook, Shelsie Page, Andrea Fields, Deanna Profitt, Martha Devlin. Senior Band Members – Leigh Adams, Karen Maggard, Ama Wright, Machelle Bates, Carolyn McPeeks, Cynthia Fugate, Angie Miranda, Paul Sturgill, Libby Masters, Andrea Fields, Shelsie Page, Debbie Hatton, Maronda Maggard, Melinda Wampler. Honor Students – Kim Arthur, Kitty Gish, Karen Halcomb, Denise Hylton, Sherry Barker, Shannon Adams, Heather Buntin, Vita Dollarhide, Paul David Sturgill, Maronda Maggard, Theda Webb, Ephraim Imperial, Tony Day, Delana McCool, Elizabeth Masters, Debra Parsons, Susan Cornett, Mark Cornett, B.J. Maggard, Brenda Williams, Jennifer Noble, Ginger Adams Walters, Virginia Jenkins. Yearbook Dedication 1982

M r . William Henry Rich- ardson, affec- tionately known as “ Trim” to his fellow teachers, has taught at Whitesburg High School for over twenty years. In the past, he taught health and driver’s education. He now teaches industrial arts. Mr. Richardson’s dedication is obvious in all phases of the W.H.S. program. Whether it is building a float, decorating for the Junior-Senior Prom, instructing students in his class, or cheering the Jackets to victory, Mr. Richardson is always there.

It is with great admiration that we dedicate “The 1981-82 Yellow Jacket” to Mr. William Henry Richardson.

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