Whitesburg KY

Moments and Memories of WHS

From the May 1959 Whitesburg High School Black Kat.

Popularity poll: Miss Whitesburg High, Margaret Bach; Mr. Whitesburg High, Glenn Ihrig; Girl Most Likely to Succeed, Donna Adams; Boy Most Likely to Succeed, Frankie Craft; Best Dressed Girl, Beth Lucas; Best Dressed Boy, Gyles Williams; Handsomest Boy, Gary Kincer; Prettiest Girl, Romona Fulton; Best Personality Girl, Jo Lark; Best Personality Boy, Charles Blaine Hall; Couple Most Likely to Marry First, Ruth Snell , Jackie Bryant; Cutest Girl, Emma Walker; Cutest Boy, Charles Frazier; Best All-Around Girl, Kay Hale; Best All-Around Boy, Gurney Maggard; Most Intelligent Girl, Judy Combs; Most Intelligent Boy, Charles Martin; Most Talented Girl, Jenny Banks; Most Talented Boy, Paul Boggs; Most Popular Girl, Mary Rogers; Most Popular Boy, Bert Combs; Best Football Player, Gerald Frazier; Best Basketball Player, Waldo Stamper; Track, Harry Polly; Most Artistic Girl, Joy Kincer; Most Artistic Boy, Carl Collins; Friendliest Girl, Shannon Frazier; Friendliest Boy, Bronnie Burke; Sweetest Girl, Phyllis Stallard; Sweetest Boy, Arnold Kiser; Cutest Couple, Judy Adams and Carlos Brown; Most Serious Minded Girl, Merita Cook; Most Serious Minded Boy, Jackson Banks; Wittiest Girl, Josephine Sexton; Wittiest Boy, Joe Banks; Old Maid, Geneva Owens; Old Bachelor, Dan Collier; Neatest Girl, Jowanda Davis; Neatest Boy, James Davis; Best Bandsman, Sherl Lewis; Best Pianist, Peggy Craft; Best Singing Vocalist, Betty Cornett; Best Actor, Nolan Webb; Best Actress, Loraine Caudill; Best Emcee, Harold Banks; Best Comedian, Hester Colwell; Best Comedienne, Mary Grace Caudill; Quietest Girl, Janice Jones; Quietest Boy, Donald Banks.

The 1959 Junior-Senior Prom

The 1959 Junior-Senior Prom was held on Friday, May 8, in the gym. The prom took place on an imaginary Hawaiian island. Lovely girls in formals and men in white dinner jackets with dark trousers came down the gangplank to a land of palm trees and artistic murals, making the gym very beautiful and realistic as a beach of Wakaki The Copper Kettle Orchestra playing soft Hawaiian strains, the tropical food, and pretty leis, also added to the atmosphere. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Mr. Senior and Miss Senior. Popular Judy Combs and Glenn Ihrig were elected by popular vote of the senior class to receive these honors, while the student body selected Mr. Porky Polly as “Teacher of the Year.” The U.S. ’59 left dock and set sail from enchanting Hawaii.

Senior Variety Show

Wednesday, May 13, at 10 a.m. we had a grand time of singing, dancing and just a little bit of everything. We had country music, rock and roll and pop. We all had a wonderful time. (At least we got out of class for a while.)

We had a lot of new talent and as a special added attraction, we had Johnny and Margaret Hall from Jenkins. (They were the most.) Everyone thought they were great! Not only that, but the senior class made $171.60.

Glenn Ihrig can be given most of the credit for the direction of the program. Our own Harold Banks won the emcee award. The announcer of WHSS, Nolan Webb, did a great job. Our Martian closed the show with his unearthly yell. Do you know who he was? No! William Daniel (Big Daddy, Butter) Collier.

Seniors 1959

To the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” played by Mrs. Rose Jones, the 154 seniors will enter the halls of the gym for graduation exercises. Special vocal music will be furnished by the Woodwind Quintette. Doris Profitt is salutatorian and Judy Combs is valedictorian.

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