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School year 1951-52

Thursday morning, Sept. 6 at Activity period there was great confusion. The lockers were to be assigned to students for two dollars a locker. Students were running all over the place like wild people trying to find someone to go in on a locker. After they had fi- nally pushed, knocked and broken line, the lucky few succeeded in securing a locker before they sold out.

Then came the confusion of finding in which building or floor the locker was. After that, came the finding and working the combination, which was a new thing for the freshmen.

Then the bell for third period rang and all settled down for third period of torture and all was quiet once again. (H.P.)

Wednesday — the first big day of school for the freshmen, Miss Dugan and the Future Homemakers of America entertained the freshman gals with drinks and a personally conducted tour through the Home Ec. Department. The F.H.A. gals and the rest of the school now extend a welcome to the freshmen and hope you will be as happy and as proud of our school as we are. (S.F.)



The Kat visited the third period manual training class, which is taught by one of our new teachers, Mr. John Preston. There are two classes, which together consist of 47 students. Already these classes have made a science table for Mr. Banks’s room, a nice table for the library. They are now working on a fence for the grade building. In the future the boys are planning to make smoking stands. (The Kat wonders why!!!!)

On asking how they liked this course, the following answers were gleamed from the class: Merrel Salyer: “I like it.” Doug Roberts: “Fine thing.” Gene P. “I think this is heck.” Jack Hammock: “We need some women.”

Man on Campus. Buddy Fields of the freshman class has been chosen Man on Campus by members of the journalism staff. Buddy has blue eyes, brown hair, height 5 feet, 5 inches, weight 130 pounds and is 14 years of age. He is a member of our football team, goes out for basketball, and is a Boy Scout and a member of the Presbyterian Church. His favorite food is milk; favorite song, “Come to my House”, hobby is football; and he likes to sleep during his pastime. His courses include English, civics, science and algebra. Girls, he isn’t “Hooked Yet”.

School Belle The belle on the W. H. S. campus this month is f reshman, Anna Lois Mullins. She has blond hair, blue eyes, weight 120 pounds; height is 5 feet and 2 inches and is 13 years old. Her favorite food is chocolate pie; favorite song is “Too Young” and her hobby is reading. Anna’s favorite pastime is seeing movies. Her classes are English, math, civics, home ec. and the Glee Club. She prefers the masculine type of man and she hasn’t found him yet! So some of you tall, dark and handsome boys “get on the ball!”

The Whitesburg School band had its first meeting on September 6, and made its first public appearance at the Prestonsburg football game. This year, the band looks promising both in concert and marching. Other appearances have been at the Pikeville game, and a concert Saturday night, September 29 in the auditorium. Look for the band to lead the parade at the county fair!!!!

Girls’ Glee Club: 96 girls were accepted this year by Mrs. Tolliver to sing this year. This is the largest number of girls who have ever come out for the Glee Club. “The girls are wonderful and all love to sing and their first public appearance will be the county fair!!” states Mrs. Tolliver.

(The above article from the September 1951 Black Kat.)

October 1951

Coronation of King and Queen of Halloween Carnival

Thursday Night, October 24, at 8:30 o’clock in the grade auditorium, our principal, Mr. Millard Tolliver, crowned Gay Banks and Nadeane Amburgey, the winning representatives of the junior class, as King and Queen of the Halloween Carnival for1951. The coronation took place in the “land of the Rainbow”, a fantastic scene of a beautiful rainbow, a huge pot of gold at its end, flung across the background, against a deep blue sky. Streamers of silver hung all around, which represented rain.

Billy Wayne Wright and Janette Hall of the first grade were dubbed “Prince and Princess” of the Grades, by the reigning pair.

The royal couples sat beneath lovely dainty rainbow colored umbrellas and were entertained by the Girls’ Glee Club in the following selections: “Over the Rainbow,” “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows,” and “One Little Cloud.”

The attendants to the King and Queen were seniors Doug Roberts and Jan Combs; sophomores Hershel Sanders and Yvonne Hall; freshmen Bert Bach and Lois Mullins.

Runners-up for Prince and Princess were eighth grade, Eloise Reynolds, Gary Fields; seventh grade, Eleene Adams, Doug Polly; fifth grade, Waynelle Corbitt, Joe Ramsey; sixth grade, Barbara Wright, Charles Hall; fourth grade, Freida Moore, Nath Lucas Jr.; third grade, Dalna Rene Price, Martin Lewis; second grade, Gordy Lewis, Jeannie Nolan.

Class Officers: To be chosen as an officer for your class is one of the highest goals to be reached during your school life. Not many of us are allowed that honor. The chosen few in the upper crust of their classes are: seniors: President Alleen Sumpter, Vice President Eddie Collins, Secretary Ruth York, Sgt. At Arms Herbert Caudill; juniors: President Tommy Taulbee, Vice President Ivan Hall, Secretary Barbara Lewis; sophomore: President Bobby Adams, Vice President Truman Collins, Secretary Ella Louise Polly; freshmen: President Buddy Fields, Vice President Arnold Hatton, Secretary Sharon Williams.

Football Report: Yellowjackets vs. Cumberland: On Sept. 28, the three times defeated Yellowjackets met a favored Cumberland Redskin team on the Redskins’ soil. Soon after the game started the Yellowjackets proved to be a determined team — out for a victory. The fighting Jackets overpowered the Redskins 13-6, with Tolliver scoring the touchdown and Palumbo the extra point.

Hazard Bulldogs victims to Jackets: The Yellowjackets racked up another victory on October 5, when the Jackets stung the Bulldogs by a margin of 12-0. Palumbo, captain, scored on an end around and a pass from Tolliver.

Whitesburg vs. Evarts: On October 12, the Yellowjackets edged a hard Evarts outfit by a single score of 6-0. Fairchild scored the decisive touchdown. This was Whitesburg’s third straight victory.

Yellowjackets still winning: October 19, brought the fourth straight victory to the Yellowjackets as they routed a favored Jenkins team by a score of 14 -6. Combs, the fullback, and Fairchild, the halfback, drove over for the touchdowns, with Tolliver connecting with Palumbo on a pass and Polly, halfback, running over for the extra points.

“ Moonlight Sonatas”: “Would I Love You-Tommy T. to Norma Jean Morgan. “You’re Just in Love”-Richard Day to Atlas Jean Collins. “I Still Get a Thrill”-J. W. Combs to Shannon Fields. “Be My Love”-Carroll S. to Glenda Brooks. “I Guess I’ll Dream the Rest”-Bobby Adams to Ella Louise Polly. “ My Ideal”- Ruth Adams to Jimmie Collins. “Mona Lisa”-Wiley Adams to Neal Williams. “ Bewitched”- Jimmie W. to Mary Susan Long. “ Never- the- less”- Marvin Dave to just anybody. “My Heart Cries for You”-Nellie Gibson to Ted Kinkaid. “Remember Me”- Charles Ray Webb to Ellena Adams. “Come ona my house”-Joyce Banks to Arnold Hatton. “I Get Ideas”-Herbert C. to Norma Jean Cornett. “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows”-Harold B. to Ruth Fagan. “ Love Me Forever”-Eugene B. to Jo Ann Combs. “Tell Me”- Van Roy to Lovell Sparks. “Thinking of You”-Janice S. Potter to Hankie Johnson. “Always Late”-Pinas Collier to Nancy Webb. “There ‘s Been a Change”-Willie Jean Bentley to Burnis Back. “I’m Feeling so Lonesome”- Orland Hatton to Claudette Lucas.

(The above articles from the October 1951 Black Kat.)

Letters to Santa:

Santa, Old Pal, I have been a good boy. I just made D’s and F’s; and I think that is pretty good for a freshman. There is just one thing I want and that is a “GIRL” — A streamlined 1952 Model — with all the new accessories and a shifto matic drive. Please rush, and handle with care. If you can’t send her now have her under the Christmas tree when I wake up!! Sincerely yours, Don Hughes.

Dear Santa, please bring Miss Raleigh a pony to ride, so she will quit riding the seniors so much!!! Despondently (Hopelessly), The Senior Class.

Dear Santa, Kentucky is a wonderful place to be, especially Lexington. Now that Coach Bryant is almost through with Babe Parrilli!!! Could you please bring him to me?? Dorothy Jenkins.

Dear Santa: We are not going to be selfish this year. We aren’t going to ask for anything for ourselves, but please bring our mother two sons-in-law!!!! Judith and Janice Clay.

Dear Santa: For Christmas this year I only want one thing and that is J.T. Caudill. Please see if you can borrow him from the Caudill household for me??? Billy Ann Whitaker.

Christmas Program: The largest group of singers ever to be presented in a concert at Whitesburg High gave a beautiful Christmas program in chapel on Wednesday December 19, when Mrs. Tolliver presented her ninety members of the Girls’ Glee Club; 40 from the Boys’ Chorus and 64 from the Junior Chorus. Many of the old Christmas carols and modern music selections were given. The songs were very effective with the juniors used in an impressive echo chorus. Mrs. Tolliver was very pretty in a white satin dress with a black velvet weskit. Her girls in their black suits brightened with green bow ties, while the boys with white shirts wore red bow ties. The Junior Chorus was directed by Mrs. Jones who wore a red mandarin dress.

How would you like to have a Dolly under your Christmas tree with: hair like Ruth York, complexion like Von Hall, eyes like Shirley Mullins, nose like Judith Clay, lips like Janice McClure, dimples like Mary Susan Long, teeth like Barbara Lewis, eyebrows like Joyce Bates, eyelashes like Bonnie F. Collier, figure like Jean Profitt, legs like Atlas J. Collins, hands like Shelia Moore, personality like Nadine Combs, clothes like Ella Louis Polly, talent like Ann Cox.

(The above article from the December 1951 Black Kat. )

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