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Whitesburg High graduate elected to high Jaycee post


Stuart Lewis, a 1969 Whitesburg High School graduate and a member of the Harlan County Jaycees, was elected management development and training vice president of the Kentucky Jaycees at their state convention held recently in Owensboro. Approximately 1,000 Jaycee members from local chapters across the state were in attendance, including Robert Lewis from the Whitesburg Area Jaycees.

Stuart has been a Jaycee member for 10 years, having served as local chapter president of the Pikeville Jaycees and most recently as regional director for the South East region. He is district sales manager for Cogar Mine Supply Inc. of Beckley, W.Va. And he and his wife, Mary, reside at Rosspoint in Harlan County. He is a native of Whitesburg and is the son of Emery and Ethel Lewis.

(The above article from the June 4, 1986 Letcher County Community Press.)



Senior Awards Day: Delta Alpha Scholarship – Angie Mullins; Alice Lloyd Memorial Scholarship – Alisa McCall; Mountain Heritage Scholarship – Alisa Mc- Call; Christian Appalachian Scholarship – Monoka Venters; Woman’s Club Scholarship – Craig Webb, Durand Brooks; National Defense Award – Renna Sexton; English Award – Angie Mullins; Creative Writing Award – Carmella Webb; Drama Award – Leslie Frazier; Edgar Banks Science Award – Srini Rao; Math Award – Srini Rao; Social Studies Award – Jimmy Craft; Editor Award Black Kat – Follace Fields; Biological Science Award – Wendy Williams; Editor of Annual – Carmella Webb, Angie Mullins; John Phillip Sousa Award – Lisa Whitaker; Harris Award – Michael Jackson; Dugan Award – Carmella Webb; French Award – Monoka Venters; John M. Schuster Memorial Scholarship – Michael Jackson; Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship – Follace Fields; Band Award – Jennifer Ison; Basketball Award – Durand Brooks; Baseball Award – Danny Benson; Hazard Community College – Scholars for Excellence Award – Carmella Webb, Monoka Venters, Srini Rao; DAR Good Citizen Award – Carmella Webb.



Whitesburg DECA students to attend national conference

Debbie Brock and Wanda Watts, senior DECA members in the Whitesburg High School Chapter of the Distributive Education Clubs of America, will be attending the National Career Development Conference.

They are among the 150 students that have earned the right to represent Kentucky by participating in competitive events at the conference. The meeting will be held in Atlanta April 24-27 and is expected to have over 6,000 DECA members, state advi- sors, and local advisors in attendance representing all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam.

Wanda Watts is employed at Food World of Whitesburg as part of the cooperative training program under the supervision of Larry Whitaker.

Debbie Brock is employed by Walmart of Whitesburg through the cooperative program and is supervised by Bob Hayes.

Watts will be participating in the entrepreneurship event and Debbie will be entering the Pepsi Learn and Earn project.

(The above article from the Letcher County Community Press, March 20, 1986.)

Senior Favorites: Movie – Rambo; Actor – Sylvester Stallone; Actress – Sally Field; TV series – The Cosby Show; TV Commercial – Snuggles; TV Rerun – MASH; Hangout – Pizza Hut; Food – Pizza; Drink – Pepsi; Color – Blue; School Activity – Lunch! Book – ‘Gone With the Wind’; Soap Opera – Days of Our Lives; Cartoon – Bugs Bunny; Comic Character – Garfield; Song – Oh Sheila; Female Vocalist – Tina Turner; Male Vocalist – Phil Collins; Sport – football; Sports Personality – Kenny Walker; Car – Porche; Musical Group – ZZ Top; Album – No Jacket Required, Phil Collins; Magazine – Seventeen.

What Are Those Seniors Saying Now? Teresa Bates: “Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it!” Tammy Trent: “If you can’t get over it, crawl under it.” Charles Miller: “What time is it?” Steven Bates: “Whatever tickles your pickle.” Danny Webb: “It is a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it.” Angie Mullins: “I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore!” Michael Jackson: “Life’s a beach!” Alisa McCall: “How’s life?” Jennifer Ison: “I’m not amused!” Danita Adams: “Sounds good to me.” Jeanie Adams: “Whatever” Bessie Collins: “ You don’t know me as well as you think you do!” Kelvin Eldridge: “That beats all that I ever did see!” Gary Allen: “ That’s beside the point.” Robert Hall: “That’s one for you.” Rosecondalee Hammonds: “What’s happening?” David Profitt : “Stop right there and don’t move!” Missy Bates: “Die laughing, man.” Stephanie Plymale: “I know what you are, but what am I?” Sandy Morris: “No problem!” Craig Webb: “ What’s life without a risk?” Scott Lewis: “Due to the events that have transpired recently, I decline to speak out about anything!”

Jack Holbrook: “Let me borrow some money.” Patricia Holbrook: “Oh, shut up!” Angie Lewis: “When in doubt, cheat!” Benita Stanley: “Everything I didn’t do yesterday added to everything I didn’t do today plus everything I won’t do tomorrow completely exhausts me!” Greg Coots: “ It’s casual!” Melissa Bolling: “Hey dude!!” Sonja Watts: “Oh Lord! I can’t make it through the day!” Lisa Whitaker: “Huh?” Regina Holbrook: “No pain, no gain!” Michael Maggard: “Don’t worry about it.” Debbie Brock: “You never grow old, you just die young.” Mary Brown: “Oh yeah!!!” Marsha Holbrook: “Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars!”

WHS drama class

This year’s drama class was a group that showed a lot of exceptional talent, not only in acting but also in writing. They performed three Christmas plays for the public, “The Mummers Play”, “Catch a Claus”, and “Little Match Girl”. Later in the spring they performed three other plays for the Letcher County Arts Festival and the student body, one of which was co-written by Stephanie Plymale, a member of the drama class. These plays were “The Charm”, “The Wait”, “Like Father, Like Son”. The performances would not have been possible without the direction and coaching of Mrs. Lester and Mr. Jeff Hawkins. Their freely given time and understanding are much appreciated. We hope that next year’s class will be as hard working and dedicated as this year’s members were.

Jackets take EKMC baseball championship

Spearheaded by the play of senior Danny Benson, the Whitesburg Yellowjackets captured the Eastern Kentucky Mountain Conference baseball title last week defeating Pikeville 5-1 and then downing Elkhorn City in extra innings 6-4. Danny Benson blasted a ninth inning homer with Brooks on base to seal the EKMC 1986 title.

Benson also registered an impressive game in the Pikeville win as he struck out 15 of the 22 batters he faced.

The senior players were Danny Benson, Durand Brooks, Kelvin Eldridge, and Robert Hall. Danny Benson was named All EKMC, EKMC Player of the Year, All District Team and All Region Team. Kelvin Eldridge and Robert Hall were named All EKMC. Durand Brooks and Carl Gibson were named to the All District Team.

(The above articles from the 1986 Whitesburg High School Yearbook.)

Senior Class Officers: President Teresa Bates; Vice President Tracy Adams; Secretary Vicki Sexton; Treasurer Lori Bentley. Senior Superlatives: Most Popular, Jerry Tyree and Deana Boggs. Most School Spirited, Durand Brooks and Wendy Williams. Most Courteous, Carmella Webb and Mark Blair. Nicest Smile, Rick Lucas and Tracy Adams. Best All–Around, Jerry Tyree and Kaye Day. Most Creative, Tim Smith and Melissa Reedy. Jacket Jokers, Carlos Standifer and Kaye Day. Most Dependable, Mark Blair and Carmella Webb. Most Athletic, Durand Brooks and Deana Boggs. Most Academic, Monoka Venters, Carmella Webb and Srinivas Rao. Trendsetters, Terry Howard and Debbie Imperial.

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